"Dear children, I am the Queen of Peace whose Immaculate Heart is filled with Love for you on this special Mother's Day. My beautiful shrines throughout the world which you have strewn with flowers bring warm and soft tears to My eyes of happiness and peace. My Son, Jesus, is touched by your pouring-out of love for His Mother. You are all so very special to us! Please remember, children, that when Jesus died on the Cross, He saw each one of your precious faces as He promised His Love into all Eternity. Little ones, Jesus knew that if He had come down from His Cross, there would have been no hope for you. Please allow Him to be close to you so that He can offer His Promise of Salvation. I ask that you receive Him in your hearts and there will always be reason for hope. Your problems are too great for you to face alone! Your sins are too many and too burdensome! Please remember, children, that all of your sins were laid on Jesus so that you could be set free from them to be made whole and pure. Your sins were His Cross. You are all too helpless without Jesus to guide you! Little ones, you do not lead your lives, but follow them on the path which God the Father has chosen for you. You must pray for the guidance you need to help you through them. Without prayer, children, your days are as fruitless as if you tried to move the Earth by reaching to grasp a handful of soil. Please spend your lives in prayer to bless the fate of God's humanity which walks upon it. My Son is with you to help you to pray and believe. He will come again into the world through a veil of clouds where each eye will see Him, even those of the blind. Your Mother is moved by your prayers and faith in knowledge that Jesus will save you through His everlasting Love for you. Children, please pray, convert, do penance, and remember that to seek Jesus is what God wants for His people. I will help you find Him because I am your Blessed Mother who comes to guide you to grace when you pray. Thank you for helping My Son save you by accepting Him through your open will. Please accept My blessing in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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