"My beautiful children, your Mother has come today to bless you in your acceptance of the Holy Spirit of My Son who is upon and in you. Each of you share the Love of God through His presence. As My Son comes to you, it is a time for every child to accept Jesus through the miracle of faith. Now, My children, is the time of greatest faith for those who fear! If your faith is weak, you cannot accept Jesus through His Sacrifice on the Cross. Please know that your faith is already in place in your world. You know at daybreak what brings light, but you do not run to the horizon to see if it is the sun. My precious ones, please keep faith in your hearts to believe that Jesus is with you and is alive through your prayers. Please have faith in the power of your prayers! You believe that the world is round, even though it was mortal men who told you. Throughout the ages, men have stood by My Son's Word in faith to help new generations to believe. My Son is asking that you have faith in His Return as He has told the world. It is through the Love which My Son provides that belief is possible. It begins in your hearts, little lambs! You must open your hearts to receive Love and give Love so that belief can grow from the energy of your faith. This is not an ordinary journey. Your pathways and pavements of your everyday lives will not elevate you from them. Children, your hearts must be raised in faith through the Holy Spirit of God within you to bring you to know Love and grace. Please know that your Heavenly Mother is filled with grace, which I give to you out of Love. I am your Mother who prays for your peace and Salvation. Please allow Me to bring you to My Son through My Motherly Love. I ask all of My children to make yourselves worthy to receive Him. At times, I must come to you in discipline because you are all so innocent and beautiful. Please prepare yourselves to receive My Son through the Holy Eucharist. Your Mother for all Eternity wishes you to be made pure of heart so that you can receive My Son who loves you so much. Thank you for praying to become worthy of Him. I bless you in your faith in the Spirit of God. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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