"Dear children, today I call all of My children to respond to the Love of My Son which grows in the hearts of the faithful. Through Love, the sins of the world are banished and replaced by holiness. Little ones, no one is borne into the world with the knowledge of hate. You grow to hate in the absence of Love. None of the children of God are taught enough about hatred to hate. Every little heart has been given the power to Love, a Love which comes through prayer. Your Mother has come to ask you to pray with Me so that your power to Love will be unequaled by any other force in the world. It is on the dwelling of Love that hatred is diminished. I ask that all of My children brighten their hearts through the knowledge that My Son has total and irrevocable Love for you. As each of you kneels to pray, you are allowing My Son to come closer to the Earth to reach your heart. Through the soft wings of Love, you are lifted from your burdens of the days and released from earthly cares. Children, your Heavenly Mother asks that each of you grant the other a smile and a prayer. My heart is warmed to see My children helping each other come closer to their Savior. It is through the lesson of Love that you are taught to be gentle. The lesson is written on your hearts by the Hand of My Son. Oh, special ones, please call yourselves to raise your brothers and sisters by touching their hearts with your Love! This is how the world is brought to peace. The most gentle touch of your hearts is done through prayer. There, you will find the gift of grace to become one with Jesus. Children, there is no higher grace than to be one with Him! Your Mother has come to help you live in grace and Love because I love you through a Heart of sweetness and peace. All I have in My Heart belongs to you. You are all so special! Your tiny feet will deliver you to My arms when you fill yourselves with Love and understanding for those who suffer. Offer them the Love of Jesus, whose Sacrifice brings deliverance from pain and the strength of Salvation. Pray and pray! Thank you for loving your brothers and sisters as My Son loves you. I bless you in the name of My Son to bring you peace. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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