"My beautiful children, your Mother has come today to ask that you pray for peace. It is time for you to pray for those who are the enemies of peace and purity. Through the dedication of yourselves to Jesus, the world will remain full of Love. Children, please turn your hands to His so that, with Him, you may live in pardon and peace. I have come again to invite you to live My messages of Love in a world so full of indifference. The graces of God come as through a prism to light your world with the colors of promise. My special children, you find the coolness of peace in the blueness of the skies and greenery of the lands. The brightness of the sun warms your days and hearts with strength to help you grow in Love. As the gentle shower gives way to the rainbow, the precious drops of Jesus' Blood give Promise of unity and Salvation. Little ones, please open your hands and hearts to be bathed in the beauty of Eternity in Heaven by reaching out to Him. Your Mother is with you to lead you to Love and bring you peace. Please, let Me lead you to Jesus! The shadow of your days is growing ever longer, My lambs. Evening is drawing very near and I want you to be in the shelter of Jesus when night comes. Please remember that there are thieves in the night who would take you from the Kingdom of Heaven. Please come with your Mother, little children, to a retreat that is safe, warm, and Light. Remember to pray for peace for those who would deny it. There is a Blessing in the fountain of Love which I offer. Thank you for being My obedient children. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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