"Dear children, My beautiful children, your Mother has come today to help you to pray and bring you closer to Love. Through the Will of God, I have come to show you how helpless you are without Jesus. Please listen, children, to the words of your Heavenly Mother, given through the arc of My outstretched arms. Little ones, each of you is like a tiny wind-sail which sits in anchor to your life about you. My Love is the breeze which has come to gently move you to holiness and your destination in Jesus. Please raise your hearts so I can wisp you toward the waters of Salvation! You are all so little and cannot reach Him on your own. You are too weak to fight against the forces which burden you in mortality. You are lured to the Earth like the force of gravity by temptation and sin. Children, I have come to ask you to free yourselves from your heaviness by accepting My Son as your Savior. Through prayer, you can reach an everlasting freedom that cannot be outweighed. Please remember to pray every day, fast, do penance, and live in peace through the conversion of opening your hearts to Jesus. Remember that you must be strong in spirit to reach the purity which fights against a weakness in will. A bolt of lightning knows its destination before it reaches the ground. It follows the path of least resistance. So it is with sin, My children. The first strike of sin is temptation, begotten through the weakness of the human heart. Please pray, My lambs, so that your hearts will become perfect in Love and Virtue against the attraction of temptation and sin. Your Heavenly Mother loves each one of your precious little hearts. I ask you to please pray continuously to Jesus. Even though you are often so dependent on others, your prayers can be lifted through your own strength. Prayer is the only way you can help yourself. It requires the help of no others, it costs no earthly value, has no limits set by time, and expects only that which you choose to receive from it. My precious children, you will receive much more than what your prayers may limit. I ask you to come together to pray as My family of little ones. My Immaculate Heart opens to those who pray so that the sweet fragrance from within it can draw you to My peace. Thank you for praying to accept the Love and loftiness of Jesus. He is your Shelter, your Shield, and your Savior. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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