"Dear children, today I have come again through the Love of My Son to ask you to look at yourselves and your faith. I invite you to let God be God! Please release yourselves from your tasks of the days to listen to the words of your Heavenly Mother which guide you to Jesus. I ask that you remain open to receive My Son in your lives. Children, you lose sight of God because you do not take time for Him. In your human world, My Son is diminished because you recognize only that which your hands have made. Little ones, you see but a tiny fragment of the beautiful Creation of God. Love begins on the inside of Creation. It is the heart and the conscience which follows it through the Spirit of Love in those who follow Jesus. Your mind knows only what your heart teaches it. My special ones, I ask that you allow your hearts to be filled with Love and your thoughts and actions will be holy. Please understand that Love has been created in you. Remember the little bees of the Earth who build their world in perfect symmetry. God is the architect and they are the carpenters. None of these tiny creatures knows that he is building a flawless shape identical to the next. So it is with your faith, My children. All you need to do to make your world perfect is to pray and it will become restored to the order and beauty which My Son has intended for it. Your hearts will be filled with the sweetness of honey for all to share through the Love of My Son, Jesus Christ. Children, please do not allow indifference to keep a grasp upon you. Through coldness of heart, you become the prey of temptation and sin. Please warm your hearts by praying your Rosary every day. Through prayer, fasting, penance, and conversion, the appetite of these predators will perish without satisfaction. Please pray to remain protected from the scourge of sin. Remember that when you are pricked with a needle, you first concern yourselves with the pain instead of what is flowing from your veins. Little ones, it is not the pain that will hurt you the most. I ask that you learn to recognize temptation as the pain which warns you of the loss of your lifeblood of holiness through sin. Please give your sins to Jesus and you will be healed and spared for all Eternity. In Jesus, you will be kept alive with a flourishing spirit. Your Heavenly Mother loves each of you too much to allow you to suffer the failures of human mortality. Please come to My Immaculate Heart which reaches out to you to teach the lessons of Love and Purity! Thank you for being My obedient ones. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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