"Dear children, today I invite each of you to answer the call of peace. Many of you are hungry for peace during these days. My little ones, your Mother asks that you open yourselves to receive the Love of My Son so that you will have peace. Love and peace are united. There can be no peace without Love, because it is fed by Love. As the leaves on the trees turn their bottoms to the sky to receive a gentle rain from above, I ask each of you to turn your hearts to the heavens to receive the showering of God's Love for you. By accepting His Love, you will be nourished and will flourish and grow in strength and beauty. Each of you plays such an important part in the beauty of My Son's Creation. You hold a special place on your branch of life which is nurtured by the Almighty Arm of God. Little ones, your Mother has come today to call each of you to dismiss your trials in the loving warmth of My arms. I bring you the peace of Jesus to make you happy. Please pray the Rosary and you will live in peace. Remember that Jesus loves you and will save you from the burdens of your days when you accept His Love. Thank you for accepting Jesus as your Help and Savior! Thank you for having responded to My call."

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