"Dear children, today your Mother has come to call each of you to remember to pray from your heart. My special children, it is your heart which carries the Love of My Son into the world. Each of your hearts is My special little spindle of Love. The unity of the hearts of My children will weave a blanket of Love to warm the soul of all humanity. I ask that you allow your Heavenly Mother to serve as the seamstress for the world, to perform My maternal duty to mend the divisions which separate My children. Your Mother asks that you allow the Love of Jesus to thread all of you into one heavenly body in the hands of God for all Eternity. Children, by accepting Jesus, you will no longer be frayed into loneliness, fear, or delusion. The time is now for you to come together as one! The coldness of the night is here and you must be kept warm in your hearts. I have come to tell you that the hearth of your souls is Jesus Christ, fueled by His Love for you. He will warm you through His Light where you will bask in His Countenance of radiant Salvation. Please open your eyes and hearts to receive His Light and Love! Your Mother loves each of you as one. Remember to pray and fast, and seek the peace in your brothers and sisters through your love for them. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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