"My precious little children, I am your Mother, who has come today to ask you to remember to pray for peace. It is always peace, little ones, that allows your hearts to be open to receive Jesus. There is no anxiety which can wound you when your soul is strengthened by prayer. Always remember that your world is built by your design to weaken and offend you. There will be many days of sorrow and grief before you. Your lives are composed of trials against the peace which your hearts need to love your brothers and sisters. My children, when you accept Jesus into your hearts, you will conquer your trials and your sorrow and grief will be turned into happiness and victory. I call each of you to be raised through the strength of Jesus and His Love in your hearts. Please come to My arms where I can help you learn to pray from your heart. There is a blessing which awaits those who understand and accept Jesus. He is the leader and the pathway, and the guide and the destiny. My children, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is your best friend. I will take you to Him because I love each of you so much. Your peace, freedom, strength, and happiness is Jesus. You are all saved by the security of Love because you are all so special. Please accept Jesus into your lives to save you through prayer. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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