"Dear children, today your Mother has come to call each of you to Love. I have come to ask you to pray so that Love can remain in your hearts. Each of you must be open to understand the encompassing power of Love. Please remember that Love is an Infinity beyond dimension, but still can be grasped by the most feeble of hearts. It is prayer, little ones, that helps you to see because Love is vision to those who accept My Son. Without accepting Jesus, your hearts will be blinded by indifference. Please remember that, while Love is strong and stable like a rock, it must also be tender to bend to forgiveness. Through your faith and trust in Love, you will see its fruits and gifts in your lives. My children, Love is the cause of life and the result of life, and it does not fathom a means to measure it. Love is the world and all in it and all that is not the world, but can still be held in the pulse of the human hand. Your Mother has come to ask you to open yourselves in prayer from your hearts! I ask you to share your love, as there is plenty in the world to replenish you. My children, even though Love is so strong, it is also very fragile and must be protected and sheltered in a gentle place. That is why the home of Love is the human heart, where it is nurtured and strengthened to be sent into the world to unite all as one. Thank you for praying, My children, to accept Jesus, who is that Love. Please remember that, when you pray from your heart, Love will come in while the door is open. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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