"Dear children, your Mother calls you to My arms so I can teach you to love Jesus. Please be still and rest your hearts in the cradle of My Love. My children, it is important that you learn the power of prayer from the heart. You have no other way to change the world. I ask that you commit yourselves to receiving Jesus often in the Blessed Sacrament. Your prayer is strengthened through the Love provided in the Holy Eucharist. Come to Jesus, my special ones, and He will guide your days to peace through the quiet of Love. When you see the world through the eyes of Love, you will no longer see your need to be weakened through your search for earthly goods. Your search for wealth ends in Jesus. He is your final treasure and lot. My Son is your future and your destiny. My children, all that is good is in the hands of Jesus. Your Mother has come to ask you to receive His empire of Love by taking His hand. Your toils and labors are fruitless without Love and prayer. Please remember to pray and fast, and be penitent to make you pure of heart. Please concentrate on the Eucharist and not the world so you can be free to love instead of enslaved by indifference. My children, there are many ways to gain your earthly fortune, but only one way to receive Eternal Life. That is Jesus, little ones, who seeks to rescue you from the captivity of sin and hatred. When you ask Jesus, He will help you because He is Love. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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