"This message comes to you from a very special person; and I have come to bring you some very good news as you move more closely to the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Christmas is a time for all of us to remember that cold winter night when Jesus came into the world as a tiny Baby. He was born as a very special little boy, who was sent into this world by God to show you how to love and to have faith in the Promise that Love will save you from all of your weaknesses, illnesses, depressions, poverty, and wrongdoings. We all must remember that Jesus was born into poverty, and He has a special understanding of what it is like to be poor. I hope that you will read this message in a quiet place and with all of your loved ones around you if you can. We also know that Christmas is a time when all families gather together to enjoy each other as a new year is about to begin. There is a very special feeling at Christmas time, and it seems to be most strong in our hearts, where our Love for others comes from. This meaning of Christmas, the memory of Love and happiness that we have shared throughout the ages, allows every heart to open in expectation of a gift from the bounty of the world through the hands of others. Do you remember when you were a child and could hardly sleep on Christmas Eve because you were anxious to know what your presents would be? And, now that you are grown, you do not seem to feel that excited anymore at Christmas? You can become as anxious as a little child again if you remember what the meaning of Christmas truly is. Yes, it did begin with giving. The birth of Jesus was the finest gift that God could give to the world. Christmas brings you the good news that, in your poverty and depression in your daily lives, you will know that your deliverance from suffering is Jesus, the same Jesus who was born in the night so long ago in a lonely place. You have no longer any worry about what you will give your loved ones and others for Christmas. The gift has already been given to you to pass on, and it was purchased by Jesus at the cost of His earthly life. The Gift is Love, My special people! Jesus died on a lonely Cross in the same way that He was born in a lonely stable. That is why Christmas is so special. That is why Love is so special. You need to also remember that, even though Jesus died so that you would have a Christmas present to give to others, that is Love, He is still alive because His Love is so strong that it conquered death. That is also what He gave to you so that you can be happy all year long, for all of your life. There are many who believe that you cannot see Jesus with your eyes. But, you really can see Jesus with your eyes! He lives in the Tabernacles of the Holy Catholic churches all over the world. He asks that you consume Him so that you can also remain alive, even after you have died. You know about the bread and wine in the churches. Jesus becomes alive in the Church where the bread and wine once were. This, too, He does because He loves you so much and He wants you to be happy and saved from all of your burdens. The little Christ Jesus came into the world at Christmas as a special child of God. He came to bring you happiness and freedom. You no longer are poor when you allow Jesus to make you rich in Love. Jesus was a very special baby, and His coming into the world showed us how special all babies are, especially those who are still in their mother's womb. These are the most special of children because they need you so much to help them to be born. You can share the Love that Jesus shared with you by doing all that you can to see that all unborn children are given the gift of Life in the same spirit of giving that God showed us in the giving of Jesus to the world. Your new beginning and new happiness will come to you very soon when you pray to God and tell Him that you love Him as He loves you. Tell Him from your hearts that you want Him to help you, too, to be happy. Go to your church and ask for a priest who will tell you how to pray and to be happy again. This is how you can make this Christmas a special time of giving, like you remember as a child. I bring this message to you to help you on your way to meeting your special friend, Jesus, whose birthday is almost here. I know Him very well. You see, I am His Mother, the Virgin Mary, who saw and bore Him into the world. I love you, too, and want to help you. I have special little helpers at a Marian Center in your town whom you can ask for help too. Like Jesus, I will be with you at Christmas and always to ask you to pray. You will become one in Love through your heart with Jesus and you will be happy forever."

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