"I am with you, little ones! Thank you for your prayers. I am happy that you have been pondering the birth of Jesus and the beautiful Eucharist. The anniversary of His birth has nearly come. It is good to think of the birth of Jesus, the Word become flesh, as the same birth that a recipient of the Holy Eucharist experiences as he is born into the world of Love while still living in the mortal world. This new Life is the transformation of the Christian person into holiness, a nativity for the soul. Jesus came in Love to the world as flesh in the same way He comes to each Mass as His Body and Blood. He is the same, although the Blessed Sacrament is His sacrificial Body, and the Nativity is not. Always remember Jesus' birth as the innocence of the Incarnation of Love, exemplary of all newborn Life. But, also remember that this innocence was a fruit of perfect sinlessness. The Blessed Sacrament is the resurrected Body, which is exemplary of His Sacrifice. Jesus' Life as a newborn child on that first Christmas is God's desire to show that He would like all of His children to be innocent. Each person, every soul, who enters the Kingdom of Heaven will be as innocent and unassuming as little baby Jesus. The Christ-Child is the Truth who was born in Bethlehem. Little children know only the Truth because they have not been exposed to mortal deceit and hatred. The catalyst for the return of all peoples to Truth and innocence is the Holy Eucharist. The Eucharist is the means through which each person is purified in body, mind, and soul so that the heart can feed Love to the conscience. As Jesus was innocently born in an environment of poverty, the Holy Eucharist bears each soul into self-denial and absence of worldliness. This is the miracle of the Eucharist and the miracle of Jesus' birth. He was born into the world to consume it in Love. Conversely, He comes as the Blessed Sacrament for the world to consume Him in Love..."

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