Jesus Christ - "My brother, I am with you. I am your Savior who has come today to ask you to be strong in Love for Me. Thank you for helping My Mother. You are blessed on My birthday, too. I love you. Blessed are they who come in My Name and beg for Mercy. I have saved the world. I love you, My brother, I love you, Amen."

Our Lady - "Christmas is a time of unity. It is a time for everyone to remember the gift of Life conceived in the womb of their mothers by God. Jesus is the living presence of the preciousness of newborn Life. Unborn children are the beginning of a generation in which the Light of My Son will reflect for the next to offer and to accept. I bring you blessings from Jesus to continue His work in bringing Love to all Creation. His words to you today will strengthen you on your journey. May His Light forever be a beacon to keep you in the radiance of Truth. And, please never tire from your labors. Jesus and I are with you and ask you to remember this special time for the world. I remind you of the many waves and reflections through time that your prayers and holy acts are making possible. I now bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. I love you. Goodnight."

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