"I have reminded the world many times that the fulfillment of the Fatima promise in 1917 is at hand. Yes, there are graces for the world and many to come, but also there will be reprimands in other locations. The years between 1917 and 1992 have been treacherous and oftentimes filled with evil. The Twentieth Century has been particularly marred by the aggression of Satan. We have made great progress on many fronts and in many places. Prayer and conversion are defeating Satan. My precious children, we are at the threshold of the conversion of millions of souls! Jesus wishes to carry the Church, which is His Bride, over the threshold into Eternity in Heaven. We must pray that those in the Church will allow Him to elevate them. All must abandon their will and the weight of their mortal sins to be carried into His Kingdom. Many wish not to let go of their materials and wealth. Love will bring them to relinquish their earthliness. Their day will come through the Divinity of the Light of My Son, Jesus. Since the road is filled with stumbling blocks, it is better for you to not bother to look down, but to always look up to Jesus and ask Him to carry you above it in His arms. That is the beginning of the elevation of the human soul. One of the provisions of 1992 that I wish the world to realize is how helpless mankind is on his own. He must seek the hand of Jesus. Please accept His Love today and always."

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