"My precious little children, please live My messages daily by renewing your lives through prayer, fasting, penance, and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Confess to My Son all of your sins. He will forgive you because He loves you. Pray, pray, pray. His blessings are infinite to those who pray to willingly accept His Love. My special little children, receive My Son through His Creation of His Love through the Host. Its Light is His Love. All who breathe take Him in. Please, do not let sin separate you from His Light and Love. The ground is a stage for temptation, sin and impurity. Pray for sanctity, My little ones. I am your Mother, and I love you. Please do what I ask to save the world from sin. Walk gently on the ground. My winged ones will help you to be raised from the weight of sin. Your prayers bring the angels from Heaven. Pray for their help. Fast and pray. Darkness will be cast away if you pray everyday. While the stars only reflect, true Light has no imitation, only the warmth of Truth and Salvation. Pray for the Light of the Love of My Son. O' My children, please let Him in! My Motherly Love is with you always. You are My beautiful children. The Sacred Heart of My Son... There is no doubt or question in faith. You are in My prayers. Pray the Rosary for peace and find Me in your future when My pedestal is in full bloom. I need you to help My Son fulfill His Plan for the Salvation of souls. I will bless all My children who live My messages, fast and pray. I love you always. Please pray for My other children. Thank you for having responded to My call."

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