"Dear children, I came to you today because I love you and My Son loves you. Many graces were afforded today by prayers from sincere hearts. My Son's Love is not a weight, distance, direction, or measure. It is many times too great for you to grasp. He knows your every desire for the good of Love and Salvation. He knows that Satan's evil is as a grindstone that slowly wears away at a constant and fine pace to steal you away from Salvation and Eternity in Heaven. My children, My Heart is so full of room for your prayers and My Son's Heart is so full of Love for you. Love cannot let you be worn to sin by Satan's grit if you pray to turn his stone to purity and Love. My Son's Love for you is the greatest form of Love. Its energy is fed by your daily prayers. The road to Heaven, My children, is a long and difficult one, where you will meet many obstacles and trials. Each of you has such little feet on such a long road, but each prayer is a footstep toward the road of Salvation's end. Multiply your prayers and your road to Heaven will pass more smoothly and obstacles will be cast away and the pathway strewn with roses. Pray and fast, My children. Pray that your hearts can be kept pure. You will be made worthy of Heaven through your example of My Son's Love. His Coming is drawing near. During this season, prepare yourselves for sacrifice so that you may be open to receive His blessings and promise. I love you and will pray for you when your hearts are pure and full of penance. Accept My Son at His Tabernacle and trust in His Love and promise. Pray for peace in your lives and for each other. Pray for those who are far from Love, My little ones. They need our special prayers to come to the offering of Salvation. Please spread My messages through your prayers for the world. My Son is with you always and I love you always. I wish you the peace of My Son and offer My Love. Please, pray tomorrow so that souls can be saved and peace can be brought to the world. With Love from My Immaculate Heart."

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