"My precious little children, I have come to you tonight to deeply express My Love for the radiant hearts of My faithful children who have proclaimed My Son as their saving Shepherd. In a world filled with deep regret, sadness, and sin, the heavens have been shaken by your cries of love for our Jesus, the greatest Good News for all Eternity. Please continue to pray, My children. Your prayers are very powerful in bringing peace and Love into the world. Dear children, your prayers are strengthened by the Eucharist. Many of My children believe that the world moves from flock to flock. The world moves, My little ones, from flock to Host. Love begins within the Host and the Holy Spirit is carried into the world by those faithful children who pray to receive it. To live My messages is to pray and fast, convert, and do penance. This is how the Holy Spirit will take abode in human hearts. This is how saving graces are received, and it all begins by receiving My Son in the Host. There is no need for an endless search for My Son, My little ones. He is already in the hearts of men who receive Him, and His Love is very strong. The search for My Son begins in the hearts of all My children. Open your hearts, little ones! Remember His Love for each of you in your prayers. I will pray for each of you because you are My beloved children. Each of you has special angels who help carry your intentions to Light. Pray to them and they will help you. I will always pray for you because I love you. Each of you is as special as a little flower to My caressing arms. Pray for lasting peace and good will and that My Holy Son's Love will be accepted by you with an open heart. Many prayers were answered because of your sincere love for My Son. He will bless you and grant you peace."

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