"My dear children, I have decided to come to you today to impart to you the knowledge of the terrible and destructive powers of Satan, the Evil One. You may not always recognize who he is and that is why he is so difficult to find and defeat. Satan is the darkness, the devil, the sinister one, and the doer of evil. It is very prudent that I make you aware that your Salvation is in danger if you do not pray to My Son to defeat him. Satan is a heretic and a rebel. As I have told you everything that My Son is, Satan is not. Satan is the undoing of justice, sanctity, life, peace, and happiness. You must pray, My children, to shut Satan out of your hearts, souls, and lives. Satan cannot help you get to Heaven. He will never do one good deed. He is against every good domain that My Son died for - the Savior of your souls and promise of Eternal Life in Heaven. My divine ones, you must provide yourselves with strength in numbers to shut Satan out. You must join your hearts in prayer to build a wall made of Love. A wall of Love is much stronger than Satan's wall of stone and hate. Satan has a grasp on the whole of Creation. He is bonded in the cities. He is alive through inhumanity and hatred. You must flood this hatred by tearing down his wall with prayer, prayer from your hearts. This flooding outpour must be from love for each other. Thirst for My Son, My children, and return His Love while you live. You must pray, pray, and pray and proclaim My Son as your Savior publicly and loudly. My children, your voices will be heard in Heaven if they are magnified by prayer. I pray that each of you will avoid Satan by prayer from your heart so that you can be saved from his grasp. I am here to remind you that for every soul born into the world, there is a special place reserved for it in Heaven if it is deemed worthy by My Son. He is merciful and loves you very much, and His Love is forever past Eternity. I will help you, My special ones, if you pray everyday. Pray for your souls and for the peace of My Son. My breeze will come to you and wisp gently on your hearts and will be a healing kiss of security because I love all of My children so much. My special little children from all walks of life and deed are always in My open Heart and arms. My tears of joy are always of good fragrance and sweet. Your love for My Son as your best friend and Savior lets Me weep from happiness. You can trust in His Promise and believe His Holy Word that the design of Eternity is to include every soul in it. Please live the word given to you by My Son's servants who are so special among you. They love you as Jesus loves you. They will take special care of you in the name of Jesus if you also pray for them. Thank you for allowing Me to love you and remind you of the tasks before you that are sometimes difficult to achieve. Remember always that prayer is power, the power of God in you, for you to use freely for the good of your souls. Pray to receive the goodness and Mercy of My Son. I will also pray for you and give My special blessing to you. I love you, My children. Thank you for loving My Son and thank you for having responded to My call."

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