Pray the Rosary for the End of Abortion!

The Most Blessed Virgin Mary has been speaking to humanity for centuries, offering wisdom and guidance toward peace and salvation in the Cross of Her Son. She has spoken in our contemporary era about the wayward path that mankind is presently travelling toward societal destabilization, war and ultimately, eternal perdition. Thus far, mankind has not heeded Her pleadings through Her many miraculous appearances throughout the world.

Therefore, She is elevating the intensity of Her admonishments as the Morning Star Over America in order to jostle mankind into a spiritual awakening of an unprecedented nature before it is too late. She will speak as sternly as we require Her to. This is why the Morning Star seers as messengers of the Gospel have been charged to speak in the Name of the King of kings, uncompromisingly and with a strength and power that is in union with the prophetic admonishments from of old.

During the Most Blessed Virgin's appearances, She has spoken often to them in very serious tones regarding the horror of abortion. The magnitude of its destruction and eternally damning nature is far and away above what most anyone is willing to acknowledge.

Our Lady is speaking definitively to humanity from Her queenly station beside the Throne of God as to the outrage against the laws of nature and God that is being perpetrated by unrepentant sinners. We are being placed on notice about His impending judgement against the culture of death that is being allowed to flourish in the United States of America with almost no apprecible moral opposition from anyone in any seat of authority. A simple "Will you please stop it?" is not going to be enough to terminate this diabolical rampage. Our Lady asks us to pray, fast, and sacrifice as if the existence of our country and the destiny of our souls hangs in the balance. The consequences are nothing short of apocalyptic.

The revelatory warnings by the Queen of Heaven that follow clearly reflect the Mind of God to humanity. Those who are defending a woman's right to choose would do well to heed this warning from Heaven. God has never extended to any woman the right to kill her child. Those who brazenly claim such a right, and those who act upon it, are headed for the unquenchable fires of Hell unless they repent and seek the Mercy of Jesus Christ where all things are made new. They will not be able to withstand the judgement that they will level against their own souls on the final day. Their excuses will die upon their lips.

There should no longer be any doubt or debate about the new course that we must take. Everyone should pray for a change of heart for those who are performing, advocating, defending, and procuring abortion. Pray especially for our leaders who refuse to stop it for they are soon to be held accountable by the powers of Heaven in measures beyond their ability to comprehend. Justice will be served to them through the inevitable judgement of God. If you have love, you must pray for them, that their souls not be lost to eternal damnation. Pray that these sinners realize that they can start life anew, as on the very first day of their lives as an infant. Their sins can be wiped from Creation. Our Lady says, "Sins that have been forgiven have never been committed." The history of man's sins is wiped clean within the Confessionals of the Roman Catholic Church. This sacramental power of Divine Absolution wrought from Jesus' Sacrifice on the Cross exists nowhere else on the planet but through the Ordination of a Catholic priest.

"Why do millions of mothers who celebrate the birth of Jesus kill their own unborn children?" - November 30, 1991

"My little son, I have told you that a public code is not a collection of hearts, it is a collection of minds. Therefore, the overruling of abortion must come also from a conversion of hearts, and not only by a public code. To do this, many prayers are needed. Those who refuse to pray blame the public government, an inanimate state of collective minds, for the lack of loving hearts. I have told you that the public government must set a good loving example. So many people would be converted if loving hearts of governing people would show good example. Abortion should be a violation of public laws! For this, too, we will pray." - January 23, 1993

"I tell you, My children, that those who decline to pray will be asked a litany of questions at the Final Judgment. For example, those who will not pray to end abortion will be asked if they are against abortion on the Day of Judgment. If they respond affirmatively, they will be asked why they did not beseech God to end it. If they say no, their souls will be laid bare, and they will be unable to withstand it." - May 22, 1998

"Thank you for praying to end the evil scourge of abortion." - September 26, 1998

"You understand the critical nature of the world in these final ages. Please pray along with Me in great fidelity because the end of abortion is near. The casualties of this deplorable scourge count over 40 million in your nation alone. This is because a group of people seated around a bench in 1973 spoke heresy, desecration, and murderous profanities against the Will of God! The so-called Supreme Court consists of some of the most wretched partisans to ever breathe. The mitigation of their mortal sins has been meted-out over the past 25 years into the anguished lives of incalculable numbers of innocent souls. Your prayers are helping them endure." - October 30, 1998

"My children, your dear Savior is the same. He does not believe in or condone abortion after death!" - February 13, 2000

"Today, I have come to pray with you for the changing of the leader in your country, that he will submit to the Truth in a way in which he has heretofore refused. He has been a solicitor in the Culture of Death by allowing the execution of lost sinners. Now, he is given the opportunity to preserve lives instead of destroying them. God is handing him the reigns to declare to the unborn, ‘You may live.’ At this time, his closest advisers are saying to him that this is not a compelling issue. This is why I am urging you to promise to pray for him so that abortion in all ways will be ended. He will have the rostrum in six days to tell all mothers that they must choose life with his help and through the power of God. One president cannot stop abortion because new life begins in the womb. It is the mothers who must be convinced that the little children they bear are worthy of the freedom of breath and life. I have told you before that no government can grant the false liberty to anyone to take the life of unborn children; and appointed and elected officials must refuse to provide the funding for causing the abortion of God’s littlest ones. Before I speak to you next week, this leader will have taken an oath to a secular Constitution that is far from the essence of the Truth. By upholding its covenants, he will not necessarily be concurrently living in accordance with the Will of God. Please remember that the rule of the majority can oftentimes be corruptible and displeasing to Christ Jesus." - January 14, 2001

"Today is another day of prayer for the unborn who reside alive inside the wombs of their mothers. I have asked you to pray for the end of abortion many times. Let there be no question about it; abortion is an egregious sin for which remitting reparation is made through the persecution of My Marian messengers. When My locutionists are cast-aside and thrown into the dungeons of contempt, it is a prayer for those little souls who are yet to be born and for the mothers who have committed the grievous sin of abortion. Let not your hearts be troubled because you are plying Truth as a weapon for the end of infanticide every time someone offends you in the Name of My Son." - January 21, 2001

"Please continue to pray for them, and for your own country that legalized abortion, so that it will finally come to an end. I will also ask you to watch in prayerful contemplation as to the outcome of the ‘capital punishment’ that is to be inflicted on the one who is convicted of igniting a bomb in Oklahoma in which 168 people were killed. This will be a watermark for the so-called ‘new compassion’ of the one who has proclaimed that he has accepted Christ in His heart; yes, the new President who has already been responsible for so many other deaths by state-sponsored vengeance. Can you see why I weep with such agony in My Immaculate Heart when My children turn their faces away from My invitation to a higher station of Grace?" - January 28, 2001

"What else must God allow to ensure the permanent conversion of such a materialistic society? Does the awakening of the American people require the destruction of the entire continent of North America? I implore those who know Me as their Mother to warn the rest about the peril of the days to come. Is it wrong for those who believe in God to state that He is allowing the slow undoing of the United States because the American people have embraced such a culture of death as to allow the systematic abortion of 45 million little children in the wombs of their mothers? Indeed, anyone who might allow such a proclamation to pass their lips would be speaking through the power of the Holy Spirit, Himself! For those who are seeking omens and signs, for prophecies and premonitions, they should prepare to take cover. Of all the abominations for which the United States is going to have to pay a heavy price, and there are multitudes of them, the sin of abortion is the single one that will ensure the certain destruction of such a misguided nation of indifferent people. I assure you that this is coming, it is in the offing, it is imminent, and it is inevitable. Were it not for the suffering and sacrifices of so many who serve Jesus so well already during these days, it would have occurred forthrightly heretofore." - February 24, 2002

"While so many secular households are remembering their mothers today, it is a dire matter for them to end the scourge of abortion. How can the human species flourish if your unborn are not allowed to survive? There is no expediency in the horrors of abortion that is worth the price the guilty will pay before the Throne of God. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is a Just source of absolution, but He is filled with the fires of Wrath for those who spurn the Commandments of His Kingdom." - May 12, 2002

"In too many ways, the Earth is as broken as when My Jewish and Roman Catholic children were slaughtered by Naziism or confined to the ghettos so they could not hail the Judeo-Christian values that would have annihilated their captors. Worldwide abortion is today’s killing fields, and genocide and human trafficking are rampant in places whose names most Americans cannot pronounce. You must pray for their freedom and preservation, and never compromise your Christian beliefs." - December 22, 2002

"I know that it is difficult to look at the awkward ways of America with its lying and deception, materialism, lust, and outright evil works. These are in no way aspects of being a superpower in the sight of Heaven. All of this will be drawn down—and you and your brother will witness it—because the Savior you know will not permit it to remain. Please pray that the principals will incorporate only the guilty. Having an awareness that miracles do occur and hopes for the future come true, I know that you understand the necessity for the conversion of the multitudes who will stand by you in faith when the world’s dying hours arrive. What about ending the scourge of abortion? What of the throes of poverty into which so many paupers are cast by greedy Americans? All hellfire, brimstone, Justice, Wrath, and Holy Judgement will befall their lives. I tell you this because by finishing your mission, you can spread the message of Salvation before it is too late. By building your volume of works, as I indicated last week, you will have a corpus of Wisdom upon which they may depend to know what Heaven commands them to do..." - March 2, 2003

"Please pray for the errors of the western hemisphere to be brought to a halt. And, to those who are about to end one procedure of abortion, they will take their message into the streets and proclaim that the fight on behalf of unborn children has been won. Of the two-million abortions perpetrated in the United States each year, partial-birth infanticide represents a fraction of them. Sadly, you will hear politicians hailing themselves as gladiators to their voting constituents, proclaiming that they have conquered the last foothill against abortion, when in truth they will have only placed themselves in the position they were before. Do not let them deceive you. If they are real Christians, they must end abortion and capital punishment altogether." - March 16, 2003

"My Special one, these are days that you will look back upon with a feeling of accomplishment because they are milestones to the spiritual resolutions that you wish for in life. You can do no wrong when you commit your words and actions to Christian righteousness. You are unlike those hypocrites who claim to be dedicated to God, but are only liars. Why are they not lined shoulder to shoulder at the entrance of the Supreme Court demanding that abortion be declared against the law? Because they are too distracted spending their fortunes holidaying in Europe, Antarctica and the Carribean Isles, buying vehicles at $50,000 apiece, and counting their stocks and bonds." - August 15, 2003

"On the Feast of the Holy Innocents, it is imperative that you pray in union with the Bishops for the end of infanticide. Little has been done to curb abortion, and there is a great deal more to do. It begins in the hearts of mothers! We must implore women bearing children in their wombs to allow them to be born! I seek your assistance in prayer and speech to teach them the essential lesson about the sanctity of unborn life. The Church reserves this Feast to remember the little ones who were stillborn and those yet to be born. It is a time of prayer for humanity to espouse the preciousness of life. When you recall the thoughts of Mother Teresa about ending abortion and replicate her sacrifices, God will hear your call for the protection of the unborn. Why do I ask this with urgency? Because there seems to be an atmosphere of sloth in America about the subject of human life. Unborn children are aborted for convenience because their mothers will not accept the burden of rearing them. I assure you that none of the Holy Innocents is forgotten by Jesus. I have told you that grotesque will be the chastisement upon the devil’s henchmen who are taking the lives of the unborn from their mothers’ wombs. Let us pray that God intercedes swiftly and justly, as only He can do." - December 28, 2003

"We commemorate the Feast of the Holy Family in the Church’s Liturgical Year. How can a family be complete without its unborn children? We must pray for the end of abortion and the culture of death." - December 28, 2003

"When the Bishops deny Holy Communion to politicians who refuse to uphold the dignity of human life, they are doing the Will of God. This is not violence, it is Jesus’ Divine Mercy. Do you see that the Bishops are imitating the righteousness of Jesus by refusing to permit Catholics who support abortion to receive His Eucharistic Body? You have longed for these things, and they are beginning. However, please pray for these Bishops because they are subject to ridicule. Their actions are saintly, My child, and so are yours because you foster the arrival of God’s Kingdom and serve those who cannot help themselves." - January 11, 2004

"There are many other reasons to pray during the Season of Lent. The scourge of abortion must be eradicated not only from public laws, but from the hearts of expectant mothers. You must always recall that the purpose of your lives is for love, and this is why I come to you, to strengthen your love and ask you to raise your concern for wayward sinners." - February 29, 2004

"It is not too late for you to ask God to end abortion with swiftness and jurisprudence. I know that you often wonder how it can be true that so many unborn children have died in a land which purportedly so values a single life. Americans somehow believe that unborn children are expendable commodities that can be destroyed at the will of its doctors and the faithless mothers who bear these tiny ones in their wombs. And, yet, others are known as criminals if they inadvertently take the life of a child in the womb whose mother ‘intends’ to bring it to birth. How can the former be called a practitioner of the medical profession and the latter a murderer? The Truth and Light about the sanctity of human life is that an unborn child is a living human being from the very moment God places a soul inside a mother. There is no room for debate in the matter of protecting the sanctity of unborn human life. This Season of Lent is an appropriate time for all My children to ask God to end the scourge of abortion once and for all. Christians everywhere should band together in a united front against the enemies of unborn human life. You should marshal your forces to protect the innocents who ask with silent anticipation for the opportunity to be delivered to birth. This, My dear ones, is My special request for you today." - March 14, 2004

"I ask you to petition for the souls of the tens-of-thousands who have joined in protest against the sanctity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. These people are clearly lost. They are selfish and arrogant, and filled with pride because of the illegitimate choices they demand in the name of secular liberty. Under no circumstance is the abortion of a living unborn child sanctioned by God, even in the case where the life of a mother is at risk. I have spoken in this home for years about the necessity for people to abandon the culture of death that has become the norm in the United States and other nations around the globe. If anyone should inquire whether I have pronounced My sentiments upon offering the Eucharist to anyone who does not support unborn life in every sense, action, thought and deed, tell them that it is a grave mortal sin for someone to espouse policies that foster abortion. Jesus will judge them swiftly and harshly. Let there be no confusion about what I am saying. The right of the unborn to continue life is mandated by God. Anyone who deviates from this is living in contradiction to His Will. And, it is better for them to have a millstone tied around their necks and be hurled into the seas than to bring harm upon God’s unborn innocents. I assure you that the testament of the Heavens can be no clearer than this. Thank you for taking this message to your brothers and sisters." - April 25, 2004

"Hear! The Mother of God implores you to break free from the idolatry of consumerism. Give your purpose to the Holy Spirit of Wisdom and charity. Americans must be aware that God will never bless a country in which it is legal to kill children in their mothers’ wombs! I have told you on a number of occasions that horrible chastisements will befall the American republic. And, I remind you that this is true, that absent your repentance, contrition and conversion, it is utterly inevitable. Government leaders and legislators who condone abortion and who oppose initiatives to help the poor should prepare for the punishment they deserve. It saddens Me to foretell these things, but there is no escaping the fact that My Son is a fair Judge, and His is the Judgement that condemns the acts of the blasphemous." - June 27, 2004

"You must know that the Mother of God is telling you now that this is the crucial time in human history when pious people everywhere must band together beneath the Holy Cross and defend the Sacred Scriptures, even unto your deaths. Pay no mind to the radicals who say that a certain gender is worthy of a pagan movement of equal rights. Denounce those who proclaim that abortion is not a mortal sin. Heap much pressure on public figures who are calling for the social acceptance of lesbianism and homosexuality—for these are the workings of evil. Collect your consciences inside the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and He will protect them there, He will give you the Wisdom you need to see past the prevailing winds of sacrilege that are attempting to keep your piety down. Jesus has given you to Me as My holy children. I will not abandon My children to the wretches who are trying to take you down errant pathways, away from the purity and sanctity that you have gained in Jesus. I will protect you from harm if you will remain steadfast in prayer with Me for the conversion of lost sinners, for even these sinners must be told the Truth before the last day is done. I wish for you to accomplish this, My children, lest they be lost!" - November 14, 2004

"Today, we observe the grotesque anniversary of the American decision to legalize infanticide, where already more than 50 million unborn children have been killed. Were it not for the prayers of the faithful, the number lost to the scourge of abortion would far exceed the population of the entire United States. While this is no consolation, it is proof that your petitions have great power. Please do not stop praying for the end of abortion until it exists no more! I call you to the intensity of the heart that will cause you to be moved by the Holy Spirit to be perseverant. Even though you cannot yet see the beginning of immortal life, surely you must envision the Love that is bringing it before you. Also today, I beseech My children to call forward the Holy Angels, and especially the Guardian Angels, to preserve and protect the moral conscience of each expectant mother, that they will give birth to their little children. After all, it is the judgement of the child-bearer that determines the fate of her unborn progeny. We shall ask the Lord to touch them in heartening ways, that they will recognize the gift of life that He has given them. Please call on the intercession of the Holy Innocents to safeguard their young counterparts who are enwombed in earthly mothers. I promise that grave Justice will be heaped upon America for the sin of abortion, which I have foretold and about which you have written in your books." - January 22, 2006

"When you release this message to humanity, please remind them that I am aware of the occasion of Mother’s Day that is celebrated every year. Tell them that I am grateful that they chose to give birth to their children in their wombs in defiance of the evil that has produced so many abortions. You can see that the Holy Paraclete enlightens Pope Benedict as he speaks stoutheartedly against infanticide and other affronts to human life. How pious and humble is this man! How willing to defy the scourges of hatred and relativism!" - May 13, 2007

"Today, we celebrate the accomplishments of those who venerate My Immaculate Heart in a special way. I have spoken about the facility of prayer, its power and purpose in the conversion of men. It is clear that My messages are a clarion to induce you to kneel, to clutch Jesus’ hands with your hearts, and search for peace and justice according to your life’s stations. There have been multitudes of innovative people who have lived before you, and others still among you who are inspiring humanity in issues of rapprochement. There have been teachers and prophets about whom I have spoken, and researchers, doctors, and excellent men and women who have advanced the world in their own peculiar ways. God even gave you the insights of a young man who discovered the cure for cancer, the long-dreaded scourge that has caused the death of so many people. Tragically, he was killed in his mother’s womb on September 11, 1974 by the mortal sin of abortion that was legalized in the United States, the son of a legislator in a nation that would have advanced his research of eradicating this ruthless disease. It would have taken one Hail Mary by someone who never prayed the Rosary to save his life. This is the power of the Mysteries, My children." - October 7, 2007

"I am not surprised because I have witnessed it for centuries. Even some women feel subjugated because they are lent to the pains of childbirth, and this is what radical feminism and abortion are about." - December 9, 20077

"We must beg the Father to bring an end to the scourge of abortion and its horrid affront against the sanctity of life. With all the euphemisms that are employed to describe abortion, from freedom of choice to medical procedure, the fact remains that it is unmitigated murder; it is infanticide under any name. You would be amazed to know the Holy Wrath that has befallen humanity from the Throne of God over the destruction of unborn life, so much so that many disheartening failings of human endeavors are the result of the world’s reluctance to shield the unborn from death." - December 30, 2007

"It is imperative that you pray for the end of abortion because the children in their mothers’ wombs are precious to Me, and they represent your future in so many ways. God places life in the womb so humanity will exalt His Kingdom and garner the perfection that Jesus teaches. As long as unborn babies are conceived, you are assured that God is pleased that the Earth be fruitful in commending the nations to His Will. I know that you pray with exuberance for the Lord’s Grace to overwhelm you with His Sacred Love and the perpetual miracle of faith. My intention is to forever hold you as My children, even as many people are unaware that I exist. The Father guides and informs you through your supplications, and He instills in you the righteousness that blesses your lives and ends your suffering. Can you see that this is important? This is the reason I ask you to pray for expectant mothers and their unborn infants. Abortion violates every instinct known to man, and it is only by the dead of conscience and hardened of heart that it is allowed to occur. There will finally come a time when abortion will cease, but I promise that it is a prospect requiring your daily prayers. Many great people have been killed in the womb, the Holy Innocents who would have been doctors and healers, visionaries, philanthropists, and citizens dedicated to the refinement of the Earth. They are beside Me in Heaven, and they pray that humanity will see their way clear to stopping the abomination of infanticide." - February 24, 2008

"Before I close, I would like to add that your beautiful heart and plenteous faith led the media to publish your brother’s letter in defense of unborn children in their mothers’ wombs. We have never surrendered this message, and we will carry on until the preservation of life is the highest priority to the world. The American Civil Liberties Union refers to abortion as necessary reproductive healthcare. This is Satan’s drivel that will be plunged into Hell. My Special son, there are many sinners whose souls will be condemned. As I have said in the past, do not pity them." - March 2, 2008

"Please pray to stop abortion and uplift motherhood that is celebrated this month. O’ how the unborn children yearn to be born into their mothers and fathers’ arms! The Lord demands that you remember them, and He will respond." - May 4, 2008

"Even as you celebrate Mother’s Day, expectant women are preparing to abort the unborn children in their wombs tomorrow morning. This mortal sin is the genesis of your failures, the source of your vexation and lack of understanding of the Will of God. A society that allows the killing of its unborn children is under the influence of evil, and this is the reason you feel forsaken. A fiery dungeon will devour the condemned souls of those who abort unborn children. Why is it true that the Mother of Jesus should tell you this horrific news when I would be much gladder speaking about flowerbeds and rainbows? Because humanity forces its own demise by rejecting the Bible. You have been handed the Holy Gospel, the New Covenant between Heaven and Earth, and yet many choose to do evil. What is the Father’s recourse for those who foster the evil scourge of infanticide? How can someone speak of Mother’s Day without calling for the end of the atrocity of abortion? When it comes to complying with the wishes of God, there is no middle ground; there are no compromises. You are either with Him or against Him." - May 11, 2008

"There have been signs and wonders to give you strength to believe that your work is of God. Yes, I will touch the hearts of the Bishops. You must remember that they are having difficulty disciplining their flock in the United States. What would you have them do when they are ridiculed for considering excommunication of Catholics who foster the scourge of abortion? Should they have the secular police remove these parishioners from the Church? While this is a hypothetical question, I know you understand My point. I have said several times in My messages that the mission of your Apostolate will prevail because it complies with the natural laws of Divine Justice." - July 6, 2008

"Many American states and commonwealths routinely execute convicted criminals with no uprising from their people, but when someone suggests that abortion should be illegal, their voice is submerged by the clamoring indictment against their religious values. Such censorship is discouraging for those who are trying to propagate the Lord’s Will. The Heavenly Father is incensed by the unscrupulous tactics of the detractors of the Church who take no time to understand the Sacraments it administers. Much to their dismay, the Holy Gospel compels you to interject the splendorous proclivity of redemptive Wisdom into the public discourse." - December 14, 2008