Morning Star Over America
The New Millennium

AD 2006-2008
ISBN: 9780979333415

The paramount role of the Blessed Virgin Mary in human redemption is the preeminent topic of discussion in the Church and on most every secular street corner outside its doors. What miracles have been dispensed from the Immaculate Heart of Mary as the Morning Star Over America! While the world's lost sinners stand ogling over material wealth and temptations of the flesh, Our Lady has been calling the American people to the Cross of Christian Salvation. She enlisted two Illinois friends to deliver Her messages on February 22, 1991 through December 28, 2008, at which time she capitalized Her appearances with some of the most beatific strains of prophetic piety ever to fall on human ears. Her AD 2006-2008 messages represent the crown jewel of Her summons to prodigal men to embrace the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as the antidote to death. Roman Catholics have known all along that the Blessed Mother can induce the Lord to change the course of human history by simply turning to Him in prayer, and She does this most prolifically when implored by the Church. Her new millennium messages contain God's poignant, urgent, descriptive, and decisive mandates for nullifying America's crass secular culture, reversing the atrocity of infanticide, proving to the nations that the United States is not as admired by Jesus Christ as we claim to be. If not for Our Lady's appearances as the Morning Star Over America, many sinners would never invite the Holy Spirit into their hearts. They would continue walking in blind ignorance, oblivious to the fact that the Father will ultimately demand an accounting of their lives through His Crucified Son. The Blessed Mother warns humanity in Her AD 2006-2008 messages about everything we must accomplish before Jesus comes again in glory, and She prepares our spirits for His Divine Mercy at that fateful hour. This book is mandatory reading for all Catholics, Protestants, populists of all stripes, and even those who have never thought about what lies beyond the grave. The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared as the Morning Star Over America with a call to the heart to awaken humanity from our mind-numbing indifference, and Her messages are proof that the Resurrected Christ is about to annex the Earth into His eternal domain. We should welcome Our Lady's admonishments with refurbished hope because the purpose of our physical existence is uniquely revealed.

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This book contains the culmination of nearly eighteen years of messages from the Mother of God to two central Illinois men who have no other motivation than to transmit them to the world. They were approached on February 22, 1991 to relate Her warnings to every human creature lost in sin. For all the promises put forth in the Scriptures, and all the glory yet to come, we are afforded a greater share of eternal triumph at this moment than most Christians are willing to believe. What does it take to survey the esteem we have found in Jesus on the Cross? How can the Church better understand the miracle of His Easter Resurrection? No one knows the answers better than Our Lady. Replete with wisdom, She has made our conversion Her mission in light of Her Queenly Coronation. Mary never forgot that we are Her children. When She consented on Good Friday to adopt exiled humanity, it was a calling She would never forsake. The Blessed Mother gave birth to our Salvation in Bethlehem, and She will not stop interceding for us until we enter Heaven by the Blood of His Cross.

My Special and Chosen sons, with the Father’s blessing, I speak in this sanctuary to the charity of your spirits, to the thoughts and acts of selflessness that you are giving Him. These are the ages to which I have dedicated My Queenship, calling with heartfelt antic- ipation on My children upon whom the Lord has shed His Light. I am your Immaculate Mother who lived among the Apostles during Jesus’ earthly time, and I remain with you today through His Spirit. I beg you to never concede a sinner to the netherworld; know that God will find the lost through the depths of your faith. The lame shall walk, the de- pressed will dance, the dead will rise from their crypts of oblivion, and everyone will see the Living Christ through your dedication to their conversion and love for the Cross. Presidents will speak of the mysticism by which you have been led. Writers, poets, and singers will dream about your sacred charisma and describe the beauty that breathes in your hearts. Strangers you have not met will walk miles to your door; the obstinate will be humbled, and child-bearing mothers will petition the American people to annul the laws of abortion. You must believe this, My children. You must know that the Earth is in transition, that inequalities will be negated, that poverty and disease will become ob- solete, and that atheistic intellectuals are at this moment on the road to Damascus.

Table of Contents

Prologue By William L. Roth Jr.

     AD 2006 . . . . . . . . . 735

     AD 2007 . . . . . . . . . 857

     AD 2008 . . . . . . . . . 973

Book Excerpt

We possess the power to witness the origin of prehistoric events, to revive the corpses of the netherworld, hear the sunset echoing through the Andes, touch the heart of a miracle, and smell the aroma of the beginning of life as though humanity is a lone rose plucked from ancient ruins, roots and all, and placed on the Lord’s high mantle. We awaken in the morning and discover that there is much more work to be done; disorder to expel, mouths to feed, wounds to dress, innocence to guard, lodes to share, and millions of undug graves; palls and anthems we may never need because Christ has discovered a cure for death. We must start digging anyway, breaking ground for His Kingdom, no longer appeasing our demands or pacifying longings that have nothing to do with the Cross. The universal question has always been about opening the human heart. Like a chick in an egg, can this be done without risking its life? Is it mature enough to free itself? Must it be seared by a firebrand of torment to prove that it belongs to God? Why do we weep and despair as though forsaken, broken, jaded, and alone? We have come to believe that Heaven is around us, though too high to reach, too far to travel, too remote to see, and oftentimes too good to be true. We need not make the case for suffering, for Jesus has already done it. We are asked to embrace it, prepare for its impact, include it in our plans, and board it like a steamer with tokens bought in advance. We must comply, defer, concede, and believe that all human endeavors are byproducts of our surrender to the providential excellence that deposited us here on Earth. We see our own worth in the elevation of the Cross because we are always living forward, always expecting more, growing older and wiser, obsessed with pruning and shearing, making something of nothing, charging the depths, surviving on unearned feasts, and crying in agony from our berth on an exiled sphere. We see the Victim by accepting our own victimhood, and we perpetuate the perfection of man by our willingness to die. Our esteem is situated in the sacrifice of the self; and this is why we yield. We look skyward like hungry foals, bedridden by lingering pain, knowing that it is in giving we receive, in humility we are dignified; we are raised by laying low; our souls are cleansed by suffering, and the matting is stripped from our eyes by our random impressions of love. The New Covenant teaches that exiled men can rise and force the dawn. We may not detain the sun any longer than it desires to shine, but we have the power to rush the ages by drawing from the Fount of Life. God ordains it, Jesus avows it, and the Archangels pray we will. Our healing begins once we recognize our helplessness, lay prostrate before the Altar, call for a deific blessing, empty ourselves to receive it, and never entertain a thought that we are unworthy of being absolved. This is when the heavens stir. Here is where God’s voice resounds through the valleys below, attesting that He agrees, stooping to allay our fears, and anointing our hearts with the seeds of rebirth. We have no doubts when our spirits have arrived. We depart the shadows into the brilliance of sprawling fields. We invite every creature and stars yet unseen to celebrate our new raiments. Our confidence is hewn in stone, never again diluted or impugned, always and everywhere our strength in time of need.

We dare not deem equality with compassion so fine as that belonging to Christ or feign affection to claim it, but it is nonetheless our franchise through His awesome Sacrifice. We cannot stumble upon redemption because it usually finds us first. We mouth its praises for decades; even lifetimes are too brief; and we concede that nothing we can accomplish predates it through our hapless motivations, bereft of foresight and long too slumbered by our spiritual tepidness. For once in time, we can believe in repentance for reasons other than fear. We have new pledges to make, armaments to dispense by our suffering, heartstrings to pluck in arpeggios, and hopes to deliver like newborns. What would the Son of Man have us do?—we who are saddled by Adam’s descent, reared in a failed secular world, craving to be claimed but liberated too, tied fast to societies that are devouring themselves, deceived by the conclusions of time, and who inherited the wreckage that demons have foisted on the unsuspecting children of God. Faith means knowing that enough is enough. We come of age by heralding that Christ has freed us from sin, from corruption, stain and infamy not of God’s doing, but from the smokey infernos that have polluted our thoughts from knowing that not everything is precisely as it seems. We gain new birth by eclipsing the old, staring death’s unstoppable dynamic directly in the face, and tanning the leathers by which we are whipped into creatures destined for martyrdom. Our spirits can tell before our minds are apprised that holiness is more than a state; it has eternity written all over it, and an order of sacred love. Once we submit to its clasp; when we suddenly realize that it reciprocally feeds on us, we are set free into cosmic wonders with tatters shed and ignorance denied. We fall to our knees slain in the Spirit, famished for all good things, with nothing else suitable for our palate. We ask in prayer, ‘Lord, remake us in every way we are broken, in every apex and architecture, to untold degrees of divinity, smashing old patterns and molds, sifting and reaping, cleansing and burnishing, stripping us bare and refitting us with the counsel of the years.’ And, believe it or not, Heaven will swoop down like an eagle and snatch us clean, ribs and all, hearts and minds, frost and fire, hairline and ankles, and inklings and afterthoughts. The Cross will have us swaying to tunes that have yet to be written, and we will know the right cadence despite our ill-footed posture because it is Christ dancing in us, celebrating the aeration of the heart. We will eventually discover that we made too many assumptions about the end of the world. We shall know that Salvation is befitting for us and certainly worth dying for, that the Lord’s biblical yoke was like a locket around our necks bearing an image of Heaven so profound that Jesus was unable to put it into words. This is why we believe that the Eucharistic miracle is true; that Perfect Flesh is laid on our tongue from God’s altar in Heaven, that we can raise our arms and wrap our palms around a chalice containing 2000 year old Blood that never congealed, never stopped forgiving, never ceased flowing from the Body of Jesus Christ. And, nothing can dam the Absolution that inundates us at that moment, for if we open our eyes, we can see distinctly the crimson fathoms that have drowned our mortality and brought us back to life.

Therefore, to ease the raspy bite of mankind’s discourteous tongue and the Earth’s cold-hearted winters, we find shelter in the edifice of our faith, where warehoused are our wit and wisdom in all things grand and minuscule, here and beyond, generous in thought and always about love, perpetually kind and never nondescript. When given the hour and opportunity anew, the Lord never ceases to intervene. Jesus rarely relents in piquing our hearts about the failings of the world, chiding our malfeasance, flooding our voids of conscience, and watching our spittle drool from our chins like toddlers teething on a rail. It would require epic repugnance, aggravation, insult, nails, and death to rescue us from the evil to which we are drawn in the likeness of our forbears, fallen away in sin. The Son of Man was stricken, lashed, and martyred because no one else would care. His Agony was real; His Passion was for sure, and His Crucifixion was to the depths. It is not as though Christ came driving by one day and saw a pathetic stranger named Old Adam who needed a lift from the grave. He did not enter the world to the acclamation of men like a splashed-down orbiter Apollo. And, He did not jut from under the ground like a sunflower sown by the wind. He was incarnated by God. He emerged as a bare-skinned baby boy from the Womb of the Lord’s most preeminent Woman, the Blessed Virgin Mary, sacred and preserved, humble and wise, and precisely chosen to bear a child whose Crucifixion would renew the face of the Earth. Mary is as perfect as any creature can be, conceived without sin; chaste, illustrious, reverent, docile, and surrounded in holy arms. She is prepared to fight mankind’s gigantomachia that has led to so many casualties whose epitaphs appear engraved in stones that would have been far better laid for a stairway to the stars. The tandem of Jesus Christ and Immaculate Mary is God’s outright assault against humanity’s hidden error. They have from the beginning come as Savior and Queen to reveal the purpose of life and death, to explain where we are going and where we have been, why we must seek the heavens and never look back, and to restore our sobriety from the drunkenness of our pride. Our Lady swaddled humanity’s broken dreams in the starkness of the Nativity and the innocence of Her Son. She is the New World Genesis who supercedes every patriarch except the Father, and from whose Fiat has blossomed the excellence of the heart so forgiveness might prevail in places that have known no peace and little light, where angels have thus far shunned, and where the brazen dishonored among us have fled to avoid their fate. What reviving we have known! What glory we shall see! If we rise and elevate the Cross, we will take a seat in the forever-redeeming grace of the Victim of the Mass, still lingering in our company; summoning, invoking, enchanting, enlightening, and absolving.

Morning Star Over America - Vol I
February 22, 1991 - December 31, 1992
ISBN: 096715877X

"Morning Star Over America - Volume I" is the first half of a nearly 1600-page personal Diary of two men from the heartland of America who have been the recipients of the almost daily miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary since February 22, 1991. It is an immense work of devotion that chronicles the first six years of their supernatural experiences and includes not only the transcription of the prophetic messages that they were instructed to proclaim to the world through dictation and parable alike, but also a descriptive historical mosaic of their lives as they grappled with the majestic unfolding of such an astounding gift amidst substantial personal opposition from some of those closest to them. Seldom in the course of literary history has there arisen a convincing masterpiece that provides such stunning evidence to the intercessory power of the Holy Spirit, God's undeniable presence within human interaction, and the approaching destiny of Jesus' Return in Glory which they claim is in the very near offing. If there can be a work which can reorient the conscience of humankind, the courageous message written within pages of their witness could possible provide that spiritual transfiguration.

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Monday, November 22, 1999
"Just as there was a star over Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born, there is a Morning Star Over America under which He will provide His greatest miracles to convert the multitudes during these final ages." - The Blessed Virgin Mary

During the early morning hours of February 22, 1991 on the heartland plains of the United States of America, a miraculous event of worldwide spiritual magnitude commenced in the lives of two men who have been best of friends from their childhood. The Most Blessed Virgin Mary transcended into the everyday lives of two of Her faithful sons bearing a heavenly message of renewal, conversion, and evangelization for a reckless world that presently treads far too close to the perilous edge of the Eternal Abyss. This manuscript is the second volume of a nearly sixteen-hundred page personal diary which chronicles the first six years of almost daily mystical experiences and includes not only the transcrip- tion of the prophetic messages that they were instructed to proclaim through dictation and parable alike, but also the descriptive historical mosaic of their lives as they grappled with the majestic unfolding of this astounding gift amidst substantial personal oppositionfrom those closest to them. Seldom in the course of literary history has there arisen such a convincing masterpiece that provides the stunning evidence of the intercessory power of the Holy Spirit, God’s undeniable presence within human interaction, and the approaching destiny of Jesus’ Return in Glory which they have been told is approaching with its divine thunder. If there have been works which have reoriented the conscienceof human- kind in past generations, surely the courageous message inscribed within the passionate pages of their witness can provide the faithful ignition of the spiritual transfiguration of this final age.

"Time is nearly over. We have precious few moments remaining to re-erect the fruitful arbors of decency and nobility. We must seize these final days of mortality to resurrect the bounty that once flourished in the vineyard of man. You hold in your hands the seed for this new beginning. We have prayed from the first moment of this recorded work that you would join us in victory. We will win! The gauntlet has been thrown! No one can match the grace of the Immaculate Mother of Jesus Christ."

Table of Contents

05/27/91 - A FEAR TO LOVE
05/29/91 - THE FEAR OF FAITH

              - A BLIND CHILD'S CLOTHES
              - FORGIVENESS OF GOD
06/02/91 - TINY WIND-SAIL
06/08/91 - HUMILITY
06/09/91 - "LET GOD BE GOD."
              - PRICKED WITH A NEEDLE
06/11/91 - COMPASSION
06/15/91 - "THE FANFARE WAS GONE."
              - THE NEW COLOSSUS
              - BALANCE
06/19/91 - SELF-CONTROL
06/21/91 - DISSENSION
              - PROCREATION
06/27/91 - FORGIVENESS
              - CHARITY
              - REASON
              - THOUGHT
06/29/91 - MOMENT OF LOVE

              - PRAYER FROM THE HEART
07/04/91 - MOTION
              - SYMMETRY
              - MIRROR
              - BALLOON
              - GOD IN US
              - COLOR/MOOD
07/06/91 - HOPE
              - CELIBACY
              - ABSTINENCE
              - PROCREATION
07/07/91 - FRIENDSHIP
              - MEMORIES
              - GRIEF
              - SIMPLICITY
07/10/91 - WISDOM AND WAR
07/12/91 - COMPLACENCY
07/13/91 - NOBILITY
              - CONFESSION
              - CORRIDOR OF LIFE
07/19/91 - HUMILITY
              - FORGIVENESS
              - PATIENCE
              - HARVEST
              - CULTIVATION
07/20/91 - HABITS
              - INFINITE TOLERANCE
07/21/91 - EMOTION
              - CLIMATES
              - TERRAINS
              - LOVE AND HUMAN THOUGHT
              - PRAYER FROM THE HEART
              - COMPASSION

08/03/91 - CHANCE
              - RHYTHM AND TIMING
              - RAILROAD TRACKS
08/05/91 - VISION OF LOVE
08/07/91 - AESTHETICS
08/08/91 - WINTER PATH
              - DEEP SNOW AND HOPE
              - ROAD ENDING
               - NIGHT SKY VS. EARTH - (POINTS OF LIGHT)
              - BLINDS ON WINDOW
              - BALE OF STRAW
              - LOVE IS PARADE
08/17/91 - DROP VS. OCEAN
              - WHOLENESS
              - MYSTICAL BODY
              - INDIFFERENCE
              - UNITY IN BIBLE
              - COMMUNION OF MAN
              - HOW DO WE LOVE?
              - GOVERNMENT
              - BANGLADESH
              - A UNIVERSAL FAMINE
              - PRIORITY
08/24/91 - PEACEMAKERS
              - HOLY EUCHARIST,
08/25/91 - MAN QUILTED
              - BREATHE SAME AIR
              - PICTURE OF COW
              - CANDLE
              - BLACK MAN'S TRAITS
              - BLESSED SACRAMENT
              - ELEVATION
              - PARTICIPATION
              - HUMAN SYSTEMS AND LOVE
              - JUSTICE AND PEACE
              - MEEKNESS

09/01/91 - "BLESSED ARE THE MEEK…"
              - THE POOR IN SPIRIT
              - SUFFERING
09/05/91 - SURLY BONDS
              - EXPLODING SUN
              - MOVIE THEATER
09/11/91 - ANXIETY
              - JESUS' LIFE: FEAR TO BELIEVE
              - FREEDOM
              - FAMILY
              - PETRIFIED TREES
09/21/91 - HOME OF LOVE
              - EUCHARIST
              - PRIESTS
09/29/91 - SHOCK
              - DEFEAT OF SATAN


Book Excerpt

A Child's First Steps

I have witnessed many great revelations through the grace of the Blessed Virgin Mary during these first three months. Thousands of people throughout the centuries have longed far more deeply than me to see the things that I have seen. I fervently try every day to be worthy of these modern-day miracles. From February until now, my perspective was one of a spectator to a supernatural event. But, with the request to pen Her many spiritual dissertations, I have found myself conscripted from the stands to serve the most beautiful creature that God has ever conceived. It is with great confidence that I now call Her 'Mother' with the pulsing conviction of my entire soul. In retrospect, I hope that you will accept these months in the context that my brother and I have experienced them. It is as wonderfully surprising as you can possibly ever imagine. It is a time of spiritual tendering in preparation for the greater work of the conversion and Salvation of the entire mortal world. My mental constitution has been acclimated to fluently accept what I had previously believed to be impossible in my life. God has uniquely astonished me with His omnipotent power. But, in this same time, our beautiful Mother is nurturing my heart past the paralysis of awe which has been engendered within the revelation of God. Each of you who reads this record has already been touched with the hint of the same awareness within your soul! Our Almighty Father has placed a witness directly in your path with a written record that you have never before dared to dream. Will you blindly stumble over it, or fully embrace it, carrying its Light as your new torch of Love? I ask you to invoke your heroic faith to know yourself as the soul that will make all the difference on Earth! Do not doubt that my integral trust was also required! I tell you humbly that I have passed that initial test, but only because our Examiner is the Pardoner of our souls. I did not naively suspect that there would not be subsequent trials which would seek to shake this mighty inheritance. For my part, on this day and forever to come, I renew my proclamation in the presence of all the Hosts of History and Heaven, "I believe, I accept, and I submit!" And, in union with this profession of faith, I ask you to continue with an open heart while reading about this child's first steps toward knowing and loving the One who redeemed mankind at the price of His own Life, Jesus, the Christ.

Wednesday, May 29, 1991
     Timothy and I were driving later this afternoon when we again witnessed the miracle of the sun as Our Lady came closer to us. We immediately returned home and began to pray the Rosary. She came to say, "Good evening, My beautiful sons! Your Mother is with you! My Heart beats strongly with Love for you. Your work and words are Divine. You are attaining the grace of sanctity. My children, your prayers reach the heavens. Blessed are you in your hopes! Today, your Mother would like to tell you about the fear of faith which keeps My children from receiving My Son..." Her lessons continued as She told me about the second type of fear, the human reticence to have faith in God. Explained very simply, it is born of our refusal to embrace the Love of Jesus Christ and the peace that He offers to humanity. We must be comfortable in our conviction with the grace that Our Lady brings from Her Son. The world was created by Love in eternal tranquility, and we exist within the omnipotence of God. The serenity of His Sacred Heart is always present and permeates every facet of Creation. Just as thunderous waves crash against our earthly shores, the revelation of God breaks with deafening silence over each mortal soul that He has given the breath of Life. Yet, we scramble-up the beach like little children who are afraid of the waves, hoping not to become immersed in the promises of our own Baptism! We choose to avoid the path to good will in our world by refusing to accept the presence of Our Lord's prayerful solemnity.

     No one can create silence because it already exists as a gift from God. It is the fully-detectible heartbeat of the universe. The Holy Trinity emanates this pulse, awaiting our acceptance of His perpetual beauty. God patiently waits to soothe the burning intentions that flicker from within our subconscious desires. Everyone in Creation yearns deeply for the warmth of His consoling serenity, whether they realize it or not. He is the Benefactor of this final blessing, and there is no other! Through every century since the beginning of time, He has rested in the placid beauty of the nature He created, quietly revealing His magnificence in every painted setting of the unapproachable sun. His ordination and guardianship are openly apparent as we witness the galaxies of the heavens suspended before the curtain of night. The hopeful seed of His mighty purpose is planted again every morning as we are given another dawn to begin life anew. Our belief in His majesty grows from the vision that floods the world through this undeniable reality. But, our refusal to extend our hearts in faith drives us to plans of contradiction, taking our thoughts away from the Wisdom of our Father in Heaven. It is easy to avoid trusting in Him by becoming absorbed in the materials of the physical Earth. These elements are bonded in the chaos of the cities that are filled with outright incongruity. They obscure the vision of a higher union with Eternity for the entire family of man. Those who hide from Christianity do not even know that Christ is alive because they avoid the places where His Divinity chooses to flow. If you wish for a plentiful harvest to come from your fields, do you purchase a downtown city block or boulevard on which to plant its seed?

     We must surrender ourselves to the Will of the Almighty Father. Therein lies the genius that has transformed countless mere mortals into intergalactic saints. Jesus is the perfect Man in whose image we must grow. His thoughts are impeccable, and we must learn to plagiarize His mind. He owns a manifested commitment to His Father unto death out of Love for our Salvation There has been no greater sacrifice ever witnessed in the history of man, and never will there be. So, to be afraid to trust in Him is to be fearful of the commitment to reflect His Light. It is rooted in our errant thought that if the Promise of God is untrue, we will have forsaken our gainful worldliness for no good reason at all. Faith tells us instantly that the reason is still alive! It is one of His great Names, Redemption! We must forfeit our material possessions and the time we would otherwise spend lining our pockets. It is obvious that we require physical evidence that the Blood-Oath of Christ is authentic before we will commit our lives to His call for servitude and self-denial. Was His Crucifixion on Mount Calvary not factual enough to convince us? Are we frightened to seek Jesus? Mercy and forgiveness because we do not wish to stand before the record of our transgressions? The cohesion of the world rests in our understanding that Jesus loves us all too much! He will absolve everyone and everything if we will simply go to Him on bended knee in humble supplication. Still, many of us are far too stubborn and shy to ask, shuddering to our bones that the requisites which Love may require will be too awful for our helpless souls to bear.

     "My children fear faith because it represents the commitment to Love all the people of the world and to recognize that there is sacrifice in faith. Your Mother has come to tell the world that it is in great danger! The fear of the children of the world to have faith is leading them to sin and separation from grace and purity. The fear of faith is founded in the need for these children to have physical proof that the souls of the faithful are received through forgiveness and Mercy into the Kingdom of Heaven. The Love of Jesus is so strong that no sin is too large to be forgiven by those who seek Him and are not afraid to believe in faith that forgiveness will be given. So, the world needs to seek the strength to overcome its fear to have faith..." The Blessed Mother is requiring me to be diligent about recording our discussions in my Diary. She asked me not to simply transcribe Her lessons word-for-word, but to draw my own concepts from deep within the recesses of my heart. She wishes me to describe what She has told me as I understand it, and has promised to correct me if I make any mistakes.

Morning Star Over America - Vol II
January 1, 1993 - February 22, 1997
ISBN: 0967158788

"Morning Star Over America - Volume II" is the second half of a nearly 1600-page personal Diary of two men from the heartland of America who have been the recipients of the almost daily miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary since February 22, 1991. It is an immense work of devotion that chronicles the first six years of their supernatural experiences and includes not only the transcription of the prophetic messages that they were instructed to proclaim to the world through dictation and parable alike, but also a descriptive historical mosaic of their lives as they grappled with the majestic unfolding of such an astounding gift amidst substantial personal opposition from some of those closest to them. Seldom in the course of literary history has there arisen a convincing masterpiece that provides such stunning evidence to the intercessory power of the Holy Spirit, God's undeniable presence within human interaction, and the approaching destiny of Jesus' Return in Glory which they claim is in the very near offing. If there can be a work which can reorient the conscience of humankind, the courageous message written within pages of their witness could possible provide that spiritual transfiguration.

Back Cover

Monday, November 22, 1999
"Just as there was a star over Bethlehem on the night Jesus was born, there is a Morning Star Over America under which He will provide His greatest miracles to convert the multitudes during these final ages." - The Blessed Virgin Mary

During the early morning hours of February 22, 1991 on the heartland plains of the United States of America, a miraculous event of worldwide spiritual magnitude commenced in the lives of two men who have been best of friends from their childhood. The Most Blessed Virgin Mary transcended into the everyday lives of two of Her faithful sons bearing a heavenly message of renewal, conversion, and evangelization for a reckless world that presently treads far too close to the perilous edge of the Eternal Abyss. This manuscript is the second volume of a nearly sixteen-hundred page personal diary which chronicles the first six years of almost daily mystical experiences and includes not only the transcrip- tion of the prophetic messages that they were instructed to proclaim through dictation and parable alike, but also the descriptive historical mosaic of their lives as they grappled with the majestic unfolding of this astounding gift amidst substantial personal oppositionfrom those closest to them. Seldom in the course of literary history has there arisen such a convincing masterpiece that provides the stunning evidence of the intercessory power of the Holy Spirit, God’s undeniable presence within human interaction, and the approaching destiny of Jesus’ Return in Glory which they have been told is approaching with its divine thunder. If there have been works which have reoriented the conscienceof human- kind in past generations, surely the courageous message inscribed within the passionate pages of their witness can provide the faithful ignition of the spiritual transfiguration of this final age.

"Time is nearly over. We have precious few moments remaining to re-erect the fruitful arbors of decency and nobility. We must seize these final days of mortality to resurrect the bounty that once flourished in the vineyard of man. You hold in your hands the seed for this new beginning. We have prayed from the first moment of this recorded work that you would join us in victory. We will win! The gauntlet has been thrown! No one can match the grace of the Immaculate Mother of Jesus Christ."

Table of Contents


Book Excerpt

Sunday, January 3, 1993
I am learning unequivocally through the passing of time that we have no need for worry or inhibition while pressing hard against the elements of the world in anticipation of Jesus’ Return. We, indeed, have nothing to fear and no reason to retreat. God has transformed a lifetime of human weakness into an eternal arsenal of higher victory. Through Him, our staccato defeats have become an unending resonance of immortal achievement. Nothing can conquer our desire to succeed in Christ but the disinclination evoked by ourselves. Never should we reservedly hide in shame or cower in self-deprecation because God has already restored our dignity and conquered our faults. It is in Him that we must place our trust to know that these are the fruits of the Holy Cross. The Almighty Father has validated our power to grow into His own likeness through the Life of His Son. So, we must open our eyes, lest we stumble over our own souls! We weep without cause and crouch in fear for no reason. We are the sparkle of the Champion’s crown, flickering through the depths of the universe and Creation itself. We are called to redirect our pride away from human achievement and place it completely in the love we have for God, proud to be His children and overflowing and beaming from the fortune we have inherited as a remnant of His Divinity.

This, my brothers and sisters, is the Redemption He has bestowed upon us. Alleluia! The Mother of Salvation is swirling through the world with the Spirit of Holiness to magnify this great gift. We must listen and attend to Her call. The fruit of Her appearance to me today is the miracle of Jesus and the recollections of the Patroness who bore Him. We have begun the year in the same grace that the previous one ended. Our lives are a continuation of the unending story of Love that Our Lady is helping us record page- by-page, day-by-day, year after year. All of God’s children live the unfolding of the miracles of Christ in the firmament of the human heart. I have prayed that He will allow me time with every person on Earth so I can offer every thought, every sentiment, every joy, every comfort, and every hope that Our Lady has given me. I pray that the world will continue to read this Diary in full faith and believe in Our Lord with thanksgiving for the intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin.

At the Water's Edge
Essays in Faith and Morals
ISBN: 0967158710

"At the Water's Edge" is the second mystical work that has been produced through the amazing grace of the miraculous intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary to two men in the central United States. This transcending collection of 70 faith-filled essays professes the bold substance of the Gospel message which the Immaculate Mother of Jesus Christ has given to these childhood friends and faithful visionaries, charging them to dispense this long-offended wisdom with courage and nobility to a spiritually darkened world. The almost surreal images painted within this hallowed manuscript are wrapped in a poetic beauty that could only have come from one of the world’s greatest writers or Heaven itself. Few writings appear bearing such uncompromising passion and the strength to launch a reader’s awareness into the stratospheric dignity of man, truly unveiling the sanctified identity of humankind before the unseen King of Creation and our ultimate destiny of residing once again within the ecstatic realms of the immortal Paradise from which our first parents fell. This great work possesses the power to overcome and transcend the famished appetite of any critical reader as an authentic, resilient passion for the transformation of the world pulsates page after page from the folds of this writer’s heart, finally and inevitably leaving the most skeptical wondering at the turning of the last page whether God has truly allowed something so miraculous to occur. There is no disappointment in its prophetic vision, simply a triumph that is beyond the imagining hearts of both paupers and kings.

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Resurrect your heart! Replenish your soul! And, comfort your thoughts by exploring this montage of poetic justice! At the Water's Edge is a "must read" for all Americans and for suffering people everywhere! From the inspired co-author of Morning Star Over America, this volume is like discovering a map to an invaluable buried treasure. It is wholly picturesque, admonishing, consoling, and bristling to the touch with harmonic overtones! Sometimes our problems in life are not what we run into, but the necessities we run out of; time, resources, patience, and willpower. This revealing codex addresses them all with equal urgency toward the enlightenment of humankind about the Will of God in our contemporary age. Read it and become inspired and filled with hope again!

Table of Contents

Part I - Let Us Not Forsake The Generations Past
   07/05/00 God Assuredly Cannot Fail Us
   10/12/00 Our Perpetual State of Ecclesiastical Blessing
   10/17/00 A Few Brave Hearts Have Conquered the Night
   10/18/00 Not For Me, But for the All-Inclusive Us
   10/23/00 The Fragrances of Conciliatory Grace
   10/24/00 To Personify the Blessed Progeny of His Reign
   10/26/00 Spiritual Jubilation and the Translation of Existence
   10/27/00 Icons and Missionaries Against the Adversary of Poverty
   10/30/00 The Encyclopedias of Our Most Memorable Hours
   10/31/00 A Cortege Upon the Death of Our Personal Aspirations?
   11/01/00 Feeling Inept Before the Majesty of God
   11/02/00 Come All You Saints to the Aid of Souls Gone By!
   11/06/00 Never Lose Hope, Our Day in the Sun Will Come
   11/07/00 Compassion is the Product of Sympathetic Eyes
   11/09/00 Sailing Upon the Keel of Thanksgiving to the Celestial Lights
   11/10/00 A Persistence of Belief, A Lifetime of Christian Conviction
   11/13/00 Our Rendevous with Destiny
   11/14/00 “My Dear Sir, There are Three of us Way Up There!”
Part II - At The Water’s Edge
   11/15/00 Human Action Does Not Stop at the Threshold of Death
   11/16/00 Let Us Not Rue the Blizzard That Has Frozen His Remains
   11/17/00 Our Perilous Flight Back to the Garden of Eden
   11/20/00 Greet the Morning While Standing at the Water’s Edge
   11/21/00 The Origin of Infinite Wisdom at the Summit of the Blessed
   11/22/00 Our Contemporary Absolution in the Blood of Jesus Christ
   11/27/00 Engaging the World in the Truth of God’s Love
   11/28/00 “The Lost Steamer Who Gave No Rise to Living”
   11/30/00 We Are Growing Holier By the Hour
   12/04/00 Greeting the Thunderheads with a Sweet Valor of Our Own
   12/05/00 God Doth Have A Sense of Humor
   12/06/00 Rediscovering Ourselves All Over Again
   12/07/00 What? This is Opportunity for the Many?
   12/08/00 The Dignified Virtues of Our Spiritual Convalescence
   12/11/00 The Holy Trinity Will Always be Inseparably One
   12/12/00 Social Rank, Material Fortune, and Interpersonal Power
   12/13/00 The Honorable Piousness Knocking on Our Doors
   12/14/00 A Sequel to Morning Star Over America
Part III - The Truth Shall Set Us Free!
   12/26/00 Blessed is He Whose Heart Has Not Forgotten
   12/27/00 The Seven Sorrows of Mary - Jesus Is Love
   12/28/00 Long Live Mother Teresa of Calcutta!
   12/29/00 Pope John Paul II on the Value of the Family
   01/02/01 “The Powers That Be; The Powers Who Are”
   01/03/01 The Immaculate Crown of Twelve Stars
   01/04/01 In Matters of Faith and Morals, It Certainly Is!
   01/05/01 The Professions of the Mortals in Conclave Just Below
   01/06/01 Mutual Civility and the Composure of Society
   01/09/01 Self-Actualization and Our Own Submission
   01/10/01 The American Mass-Media as a Fictitious Enterprise
   01/11/01 The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony
   01/12/01 A Humble Soul Named Ellis McPherson
   01/15/01 An Uncanny Resemblance to Humankind at His Best
Part IV - Now, It is Our Time to Respond
   01/16/01 Roman Catholicism: Setting the Record Straight
   01/17/01 Jesus Christ Sees the World from the Inside-Out
   01/18/01 The Ongoing Process of Christian Development
   01/22/01 Heaven Will Clothe Us All in Eternal Light!
   01/23/01 The Full Manifestation of Chivalry in Our Hearts
   01/24/01 No Crypt Can Hold Us Now; No Burden Do We Bear!
   01/25/01 Responsibility is a Characteristic We Must Learn to Wield
   01/26/01 The Infamous “Rule of Law”
   01/27/01 Parceling-Away the Miracles of the Universe
   01/29/01 Locating the Ulcers of Tyranny Stinging the Earth
   01/31/01 Indeed! We Are a Good Humanity!
   02/01/01 The Theology of Absolutionism
   02/02/01 Wielding the Divine Sense of Inevitability
   02/03/01 “With Cross in Hand, I Sign My Name!”
   02/05/01 Conciliatory Enlightenment and Omnipotent Power
   02/06/01 The Rise and Fall of the Western-American Culture
   02/07/01 Making the Case for the Impeccable Nature of Man
   02/08/01 The Supernatural Presence of the Blessed Virgin Mary
   02/10/01 Refusing to Extol Our Lady’s Highland Grace
   02/14/01 Epilogue
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Book Excerpt

God Assuredly Cannot Fail Us
July 5, 2000

We await the return of the seemingly elusive Host of all Creation, He who has at last left both Tolstoy and Shakespeare speechless in His path and grateful in tears; for they can now only recount the Divinity of His peerless ingenuity. He, who has so profoundly created us to be more brilliant than the reciprocating Light, to shed upon the world our reverberating Love past all dominions and to every peoples; we who are made remarkably whole in His grace, comforted by His peace, and redeemed in His Blood. Our future is already bleeding if we decline to be remade through our Immaculate Savior, the Son of Mary, whose power and absolution grows the whisper of a solitary whippoorwill into a simultaneous concert of grand pianos. This priceless Messiah has made the echo of the breezes through the distant evergreens to become a Divine orchestration of miraculous symphonies, awaiting the ovation which our souls will tender Him at last. All of our captivating intelligence is ours for safekeeping in Christ. What we make of goodness has earlier belonged to Him; and we transfer it to one another in knowing that our wilful sincerity should wish for nowhere else to go. Now, we are no longer blind, as we can see past every intersection of Truth and morality like the overpowering vision of inner-circles from atop the mightiest skyscrapers, while the daily drama of mortal life continues to unfold beneath our most delicate paths. It is still undeniable that the debate over the destiny of humankind has long been ended because the Cross is the capstone over which no other purview can exist. In that crux, time is no longer an issue with regard to the memories of our hearts as we see in retrospect the invincible ways that other devoted people have lived. If we aspire to equate our actions with their Love, we must realize that the destiny of our brothers is one and the same as our own. We are, indeed, rightful heirs of their loyalty. This is why the sun sets like a blazing horizon afire, our reminder that a more noble day is at hand and that we can shape it by the embryonic strength of our petitions.

If nothing else comes true, we must do more than just think that we are inseparable from the Kingdom of Paradise which still shimmers at the peripheral conception of our actions. If we deign to become part of that perfection, surely the immeasurable mind of God will never be unilaterally defined by His fingertips at His temples, but that He will also require the intelligent compassion of decent men to make our immortal destiny complete. We must never assume that the Almighty Father would deny our souls as being equally glorious in excellence as His Sacrificed Son through the power and consolation of His Spirit. If we do, we have already failed the Holy Gospel of faith and retreated back into the darkness of the corruptible world. We must see and admire well! If art is more than simple imagery, then prayer is a power which lies far beyond our tangible contemplations, permeating the vastness of our inexplicable hopes for something better, superceding the imagination of man, looking up with hope and yearning for all that is blissful to fall into our faces like rays of sun through the showering rains. Let this be the day when our effervescent spirits vow to survive the struggle for mere understanding because we are all travelers and counselors in the Psalms of God, the caroleers who pronounce the new beginning of humanity, finally realizing that peace means Christ, and Christ is our only easement into Grace.

When Legends Rise Again
The Convergence of Capitalism and Christianity
ISBN: 0967158729

On February 22, 1991, the Mother of Jesus Christ began a supernatural relationship with two central Illinois men who themselves had been best of friends from their youth. Through appearances and mystical interior conversations, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary began instructing them in regards to the wishes and demands of Heaven during our contemporary age. "When Legends Rise Again" is one of the products of their unique and prophetic encounters with these Hosts of Paradise. Never has there been such a righteous admonition filled with so many solemn truths pertaining to the soul of the United States of America. It is a graceful, yet lambasting, rebuttal of our immoral culture and lackadaisical approach to our relationship with Jesus Christ and the responsibilities espoused by the tenets of His teachings. This expose delves into the character of those who founded this great nation, along with highlighting many sacred witnesses who have burned-out their lives guarding an almost mystical heritage that we are collectively taking for granted. It is the third work in a monumental series of mystical writings that possess the power to ultimately transform the spiritual perception of millions regarding the sacred nature of our lives in preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Back Cover

William L. Roth, Jr. has carefully and courageously penned the first five chapters of When Legends Rise Again while resolutely, irrefutably, and justifiably lambasting the cavalier American culture which has become our vestibule to the 21st century; and my own Preface reflects these same sentiments of a vast number of modern Christians who are in unconditional agreement with him. The good news, however, is William knows that the United States is yet a redeemable republic of splendid people; and he proves it in Parts Three and Four. So, please do not grow disenchanted thrashing through the facts; but let us instead accept the reality of this Truth, and join in solemn prayer for the restoration of our nation's righteous civility before the Holy Cross of Our Savior Jesus Christ, the Omnipotent Son of God! - Timothy Parsons-Heather

Table of Contents

Preface - Intercontinental Malaise and Our Global Unease
Introduction - Technology Backfired, Progress Gone Awry
Part One - These are the Facts as We Know Them
  Chapter One - The Crisis of Our Post-Modern Age
  Chapter Two - Renouncing Secular Materialism
  Chapter Three - Let Go the Captives All!
  Chapter Four - The Cost of Doing Business
Part Two - The Ideal Capitalist State?
  Chapter Five - Our Geographical Expansion
  Chapter Six - The Giants of History Shall Return
    Saint Augustine, Doctor of the Church (354-430)
    Saint Francis of Assisi, Stigmatist (c1181-1226)
    Saint Alphonsus Mary De Liguori (1696-1787)
    Benjamin Franklin, Colonialist (1706-1790)
    John Henry Cardinal Newman, Priest (1801-1890)
    Abraham Lincoln, U.S. President (1809-1865)
    Walt Whitman, American Poet (1819-1892)
    Albert Einstein, Physicist (1879-1955)
    Pope John XXIII, Supreme Pontiff (1881-1963)
    Padre Francesco Forgione Pio, Stigmatist, (1887-1968)
    Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Prisoner (1906-1945)
    Thomas Merton, Author (1915-1968)
    Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., Pastor (1929-1968)
    Robert Francis Kennedy, Servant (1925-1968)
    Thomas A. Lock, Humbly His (1928-1996)
Part Three - The Universal Mandate of Christ
  Chapter Seven - Forgiveness, Harmony, and Reparation
  Chapter Eight - A Mere Temporal Inoculation
  Chapter Nine - Numbering Our Holiest Sacrifices
  Chapter Ten - Our Savior, Prophet, and King
  Chapter Eleven - The Matriarch of All Creation
Part Four - The Convergence of Capitalism and Christianity
  Chapter Twelve - The Separation of Church and State
  Chapter Thirteen - Hastening Our Own Demise
  Chapter Fourteen - Segregating the Rich from the Poor
  Chapter Fifteen - When the Bough Finally Breaks
  Chapter Sixteen - All Under One Cross
Epilogue- Our Conversion Has Come Due

Book Excerpt

Humankind is given every opportunity in the world to do good on behalf of others, to seek the brightness in a future which seems always yet to be determined, and to flourish amidst the milestones of progress that our previous generations have set into place. Most of us wait to see what reaction the rest of humanity will have to our earliest potential, whether there is honesty beneath their critical thoughts and preponderance, or if our better ideas will ever take-hold in the public arena at large. Most people believe that there is nothing random in the Universe; for every bird that sings, every breeze that blows; any star that falls, and in every baby’s cry; there is, and has always been, a natural progression of growth, change, and development to Creation in accordance with the Will of God since the Earth was first positioned in space. It would be safe to say that most of us know that there is an inevitable purpose in life, if not outright predestination. And, it will remain so unless we beseech the Almighty Father above to change it through the wielding of His power. There is some sort of understanding that seems to exist between God and the Earth; as the future belongs to the hunter who seeks, the prey who eludes, the connoisseurs who savor, the novelists who render, the jesters who laugh, and the children who play. Is not human life a part and parcel of this same imminent process of being shaped and advanced by the fusillade of Heaven over the lands below? What can be said of the nations who are not yet so united as to gather in a consortium of exchange from which only the barest of compromises seems to rise for the betterment of the world? Can any among us define the greater purpose of such moral reasoning if it is not to make us each and everyone a purer breed?

Our American nation has become sorely divided within itself, if not completely fractured by the lesions of hatred and isolationism which have sprouted from one neighborhood to the next. The people of the United States have made the way of their union a destiny that is almost assured to be rough sailing into the next few decades and beyond because we have defined Love down to its barest of meanings; to say that we know the hearts of other men, while looking completely away from everything that makes them ache from the core of their very being. Too many Americans have been left stranded and allowed to drift into the darkness over the rolling waves of misery, while millions of others are too proud to concede that they have stood along the shoreline and launched their brothers’ plight upon the crest of their own indifferent arrogance. Can we be sure that this awful horror has not been wrought by our earlier refusal to value the essence of unborn human life from now three-decades past, and counting? We are unsightly because we have cast-away our pretty face by the guilt we have inherited and the shame that is ours to wear, wrought by the oceanic blood of the aborted unborn innocents who, in God, shall retrieve their justice at last. The world will finally reveal itself as a protector of the sanctity of life when people pass-away and the unborn children in their daughters’ wombs are listed in the obituary columns as being among the survivors who are left to mourn. When America has finally accepted this Commandment of Heaven as our infinite source of Wisdom, no one else will ever be able to talk us out of it because we will have already mastered the art of persuasion and exercised complete control over the effectiveness of defending the Truth to our death.

The wasteful breath of those who have no faith has become a fashion which is now outdated and altogether obsolete. The effect and reflection of days gone-by may allow us to remember and record what our consciousness wills, but we shall thereafter extract only very little perspective from it if our course is not to make ourselves better known to God. Human perception is based upon our capacity to envision reality with the clarity of the Creator who made us in the flesh with a Spirit we cannot yet see. We can sculpt whatever world we choose to make inside the parameters of our minds, but our hearts will always be capable of telling us where the real one is. That is the one where people still lay in poverty and disease, where haughty crudeness is having a field day over the air waves and in public print, and where the deterioration of our conscience is growing wider by the day. If we take a good hard look at the United States electorate, do we exercise our franchise and suffrage only in accordance with how we are affected by the nation as a whole, or whether every segment of society gains the satisfaction of their needs and the redress of their personal grievances? The reflection of this prospect is what tests the mettle of our own democratic state, not to mention the genuineness of our faith. Every one of us should think about what our own legacy will be, once we have passed beyond the present age. It is not so much that a chord is struck which marks our new beginning, but that it echoes through the air and in our memories long after the orchestra has been dismissed. Will the reflection of our lives be among the fonder masterpieces through which our great-grandchildren will be consoled? Indeed, the diminishment of our better recollection is never quite like a pitfall into a canyon, but as though time has become an invisible auger that is somehow connected to our brain, slowly drawing-away the effects of the parading years and returning us to the innocence with which we first started learning as toddlers in the backyards of our friends.

We sometimes wonder why Jesus did not wait to be Crucified until such time when we had the availability of audio-visual equipment so we could simply play it out for every succeeding generation to see. God’s answer to this premise is that there is no need for recording what is still ongoing upon the Altars of the Roman Catholic Church. Does it require our faith to see it well? There is no one alive who would maintain that it does not! But, for such faith, we are saved from the preeminent effect of certain death. We should wish not for replicas of the Passion of our Salvation, but for the suffering of Jesus, itself. This, too, is still proceeding in the lives of those paupers whom our American nation has refused to feed and those who live in squalor in distant parlours around the globe. Many are the times when citizens of our country have thrown their hands into the air and said, “We just cannot feed them all!” Sadly, however, these are the same individuals who have never really tried because they are much too concerned with fending for themselves. Is it more difficult to prepare for the running of a marathon than it is to discover that someone else has won? We have yet to take the tiniest steps in the direction of ameliorating society’s ills, but have already surrendered it as being a long, lost cause. With this same lack of perspective, would the original founders of the first thirteen American Colonies ever expect that they would be the curators of the greatest superpower ever known to man? Did the framers of the United States Constitution discuss in a side-bar how much money their successors would require for sending a triad of men to the moon?

What would these legends have said to our modern-day democracy that they nurtured from the nests of their personal humility if someone had approached them from outside the stately halls where they were so solemnly sequestered and stated that they should allow their wives, fiances, and daughters the freedom to kill their Nation’s progeny in their pregnant mothers’ wombs? There is no doubt that these dead who penned the original charters of our American republic will return someday wearing the wings of God’s Wrath on one shoulder and His Justice on the next, barnstorming through the gateways of the past and proclaiming at the top of their collective lungs,“We have come back to retrieve the noble Nation to which we devoted our lives, for which our countrymen fought to their deaths, upon which our mothers’ tears fell alongside the blood of their sons on the battlefields abreast, and over which you have no right to pervert and destroy the dignity we so properly instilled in the tenets of her Trust. Listen well, and lay low; for the time has come for your infectious immorality to greet its destined end! We have come this day bearing the swords which have been handed to us by Christ; and it is in His Holy Name that we shall remake this country again! You can run, but you can never hide; you marauders and thieves who have pilfered the honesty and Love in whose stead we are now marking steps; for God is right behind; and you had better shiver to the bone in wonderment what He will do with the pillaged acreage over which He is about to scatter your remains! Shed His Grace upon Thee, indeed! We will be more than jubilant to deliver your souls to Him in shreds for the evil you have allowed to perpetuate inside these sacred borders, and whose history we have come to rescue from the jowls of your error!” Imagine seeing George Washington glaring our peoples straight in the eye with the cold stare of Valley Forge upon his brow; Abraham Lincoln bearing the towering admonition of honesty to everything in his path; and Benjamin Franklin peering over the frames of his wiry spectacles as though awaiting an explanation for why we ever allowed time and fashion to steal our hearts from the decency by which they all long lived and prospered well. What about the Romantic lyricists who sang dirges and wrote so prophetically about how we would be the inheritors of a land of pleasured opportunity between the silvery seas, one that would never stoop for demagoguery or deceit, let alone the false witness that has plundered our neighbors’ chance for making the most of the grandeur of the mountains and our kind civilities. There are countless poets-laureate and dignitaries, ambassadors and Senators, ex-officio parliamentarians, missionaries, and Generals who are about to break through the barriers of our wards of mortal reclusiveness and take us to the docks. Bygone popes, bishops, Martyrs, and parishioners will walk through the walls of our most endearing institutions and grab us by the throat until we cough-up a reasonable explanation as to why we have allowed this hallowed ground to shift so closely to the fiery inferno of Hell. Let us never believe that we will be vindicated before them without our own collective contrition, lest they decline to intercede on our behalf to the Christ who has Redeemed their steely souls for God.

By this same hope and revelation, we should henceforth make every effort to wrest the continent of America, the Western Hemisphere, and the entire globe away from the aftermath of our obstinance to do any better toward Salvation out of respect for the many statesmen who have left their own signature and seal on the modern-day world through the price of their sacrifices; personal, societal, interracial, and universal. We are the origin of the tawdry shambles which have befallen the twenty-first century for the rest of Creation to grieve. If our consciences are dead, then our souls should be amongst the first decedents to be also buried with them; for there is nary a man who ever lived who would not return to the Earth and guide us a better way. He knows what we know now; that this is our time to effect the reconciliation of the present and the impending future that will make human life a banner procession for the multitudes who are scorned. The bereavement of such Saints that are hailing above us now is about to be resolved in the face of our own judgement, as we are those who will have to muster an excuse for reneging in our mission to uphold their sound reasoning of the lessons they learned in such pain, agony, selflessness, and service. If legacies and legends are to serve only the living, then why do we keep burying our faces in the ground? Are we prepared to pronounce ourselves dead at the feet of our own denial; anticipating only the fateful sentence to which we have exposed our minds and hearts? We shall look upward and beyond the frail images that keep distracting us from the proper goals of life, because there is no other purpose to human dignity than to seek it from the first. We cannot discover Love if we wrap ourselves in hatred; and no goodness has ever sprung from under the spoils of disdain. Whatever happened to the primness and propriety that brought us to drive our motorcars down the road with our palms grasping the steering wheel at an imaginary ten-and-two, knowing that our little children were huddled safely in the back seat as we continued on?

The long-range methodologies we were bequeathed from our teachers, legislators, and friends have died in our hands because we have done everything we could possibly do to squeeze the lifeblood from them through the brash temperament of our sightlessness, our corruption, and our whims. We once rued ever being left alone as infants who looked for mentors to guide us into the yonder years and beyond; but now, we have dishonored them by living just for spite, by wasting what is needed to the point that millions of others now want for just a pittance and a share, by staking our entire legacy upon a flesh that is headed for the grave, and by our unmitigated lying, cheating, stealing, carousing; and telling the children of our day that these vices are quite an acceptable way to live. The essence of tomorrow cannot be found in anyone’s libido or the fads of a secular world, but in what we do to escape them for the good of the spirituality which is the procurance of our sanctity and the finality of our grace. Then, when those lofty birds of a feather sing and our babies start to cry; we will know that only our reunion with the God of all Creation is the reason for our placement both hereto and hereon; that America must be beautiful from the inside-out, not by virtue of her rolling meadows or her pretzel cloverleafs, but in the simplest nobilities that we gain from espousing human Love. If Jesus finally decided to pull-the-plug on the passing of our tomorrows, would we know enough about Him to stop and wonder why? Is our awareness as scant as our willingness to discover what lies beyond the phases of the moon? Perhaps we should learn that America is, indeed, not only a melting-pot for the peoples of the world; but also the awesome cultured preservation of everything that has been best about man. We must protect and unite her as well as we know how; for God realizes that we are helpless without Him; with nothing but His deliverance to keep us safe and free.

There are more than a few grand possibilities in aspiring to not only realize this glistening essence of tomorrow, but to also become one with it inside the transfer of our consciousness toward our revolutionized new beginning. Whether we are painters whose concentration is focused upon automobiles, nature, figurines, or animals; we must all employ the same brush strokes that will allow us to compose a replicated assemblage of order, rather than some random tribute to our own psychic insomnia. If we search for the Truth this carefully, we will be drawn in conscience and action back to solving the problems of the physical world, because the shame we would bring upon ourselves if we declined would never let us speak to our spirits again. What do we really have to show for all of our advanced technologies and social progress over the past hundred years? Are we a better measure of people than those who lived almost explicitly off the land? Do we somehow believe that we are more worthy before God because of our sophisticated institutions of higher learning, our appellate courts and civic councils, and the unprecedented discoveries we have made in science and medicine? Is the restoration of our human decency in any way connected to our ability to conceive our children in laboratories, implanting artificial “hearts,” reattaching severed limbs, or curing crippling diseases through the corrupt abuse of human stem cells? Does the cloning of certain species somehow vindicate us for the millions of little children whom we are killing in their mothers’ wombs every year? There is no doubt that we will be responsible to somehow try to explain to God how we will give Him credit for our advanced intelligence at the end of time as we know it, while simultaneously continuing to utilize it for a means that is contrary to the Divine intentions of His Spirit of Holy Truth. We live in an era of soundbite journalism, shallow conversations, multi-millionaire sports dynasties, “canned” entertainers, artists, actors, and singers; and we have sought-out excuses not only to be quicker in solving our immediate problems, but also how to expeditiously capture the profit we believe should rightfully be ours for doing it before anybody else has a chance to act. When we stop to ponder the cinema arts, motion picture productions, the abstract writings of modern authors, and lewd and illicit illustrations of physical infatuation; what are we actually saying about ourselves? Do we really believe that we hold the right to amend the time-honored social mores that so many people before us have fought tooth and toenail to keep from being infringed? Have we allowed our moral decency to go to wrack and ruin just because we want to somehow make a mark on the history of Creation for the legacy of our own generation; whether it be one of goodness or careless harm? If this is what we call progress, then we have totally missed the point; for progress is meant to infer that our most proficient approaches should be toward preserving the purity and integrity of our religious faith, the community of America as a land of sound judgement and critical thought, and a place where there are definitive limits as to how far we will allow our counterparts to go before we stop them from commandeering the reigns of our societal order and driving our civilization into the ground. There is little doubt that the hapless world is on its way to Hell in a handbasket; and we Americans have our collective palms placed tightly on its handles, carrying it like a coffin to an unknown grave somewhere.

Let us not deceive ourselves any longer; we have generated a culture of living in the United States that devalues the heralded virtues of the Holy Gospel, and which is not even slightly in alignment with the sacrificial nature of human life that God has asked us to embrace. Too much time has passed before us now to lay the blame on the faddish iconography of the Beatles phenomenon, or the tragedy of the Viet Nam War, or the crisis of President Nixon’s Watergate scandal, the effects of the failed Equal Rights Amendment, or our voluntary exposition to the vast wasteland of the television screen. Everything that must be repaired and restored about our national fiber and fabric must be done from within us, by us, and in our present day. We have been told that there is nothing that can come from the outside which can violate us or render us impure; only those things which we choose to emanate from our spiritual core. We should not have to hold our consciences up to the dawn of light to see whether there is a watermark of authenticity to them; for every soul who is born in the flesh is given one to pursue and exercise from the moment they are conceived, to have and to hold, until the hour of our death. It has also been said that our balloons may sometimes lose their buoyancy and the grapes of our sweetness may turn into uncensored wrath; but this does not imply that our righteous “being” must also degenerate with them. If we allow it to do so, will God not stomp upon us, too, searching for wine; driving us farther into the pit of the Earth, knowing that the best nectar of our inner-selves has already evaporated into the thin air of our snobbish gloating? We must eventually learn that social progress and spiritual piety can walk hand-in-hand, just like that same George Washington and Abraham Lincoln walked together in patriotic goodness, while mortal generations apart. They were common in their deeds because they both served the same God; therein making their souls timelessly united toward the cause of human freedom. We must hem our evocative curiosity about the future to their lessons of the past; to know that the civility of America can truly live again; and assure the rest of the world that we are in a stable state of acceptable grace before the Divine Creator who has given life to us all. If this sounds a bit too symbolic and poetic to be true, let us remember that our American eagles are still soaring through the air, whistling the tune of the Star Spangled Banner as they hover just overhead.

Our nation is hemorrhaging now more than it ever has before; from the violence on our streets, the crime behind closed doors, and from the dying goodness that we once espoused; now rolling like bloodshed into the cracks beneath our feet. It is the likeness of our greater men that is calling upon us now, seeking us to rise to the cohesion that will again make us one Republic, under God, and indivisible; although we have never really gotten the art of seeking liberty and justice for all quite right just yet. It is our great forefathers who are begging from beyond their graves for us to abandon our wanton disregard which we have garnered toward one another, praying from their lofty palaces inside the Mansions of Heaven that we who live below them might finally snap to our senses and somehow reel-in the years that we have blindly and haphazardly allowed to slowly slip away. They have no doubt that their successors of our age have permitted the advancements of our new technology to backfire on us, leaving our faces powdered and splattered with guilt and the stain of mortal sin; and that we have become much worse for the wear, diminished by the pilfering effects of time, effaced by our own collusion, and deceived by the ecological superiority that we claim to hold over the annals of history right now. Most everything that was supposed to make us a free society has heretofore bound us in chains; from the digital divide, to telephone modems, computer screens, microwave ovens, atom smashers, cellular phones, fax machines, global positioning systems, ATM electronic banking, and even casting our ballots for our public officials while seated behind the steering wheel of our fancy new automobiles. Whatever happened to our good old-fashioned personal interaction, the jokes we used to butt on the Main Street park bench downtown, and the loitering of amusement that kept us all laughing at the gas station along the State Route road? Most every place of business where we hold an account these days has a computer to conduct our affairs; and we call on the telephone to reach a digital voice that could not respond to a question if it meant another million-dollars’ profit for the members of their Board. With the daily increase in the world’s population, why are there less and less people to speak to when we seek someone to respond to our individual needs? Are corporate businesses too cheap to hire someone to answer the telephone anymore? Is this process of dehumanizing our affairs in any way on course with the community that our original founders had in mind? These are only among the epidermic changes that have taken the personal nature away from our common marketplaces and replaced them with a faceless sensation of a more anonymous air.

There is no doubt that the solvency of our entire social and collective conscience is at stake as we continue our march into the 21st century. We have gone from Romeo and Juliet, to Ken and Barbie; and now to any two individuals who think they can hoodwink God into believing that their illegitimate union has a useful purpose alongside His Sacred Kingdom. There have been not only presidents, but lyricists, lecturers, philosophers, and archeologists who have been sitting quietly in the wings, watching as our national integrity slowly emaciates toward certain extinction. While we used to be concerned about our enemies abroad who might strike us with terror or an invasion of troops, we should hope that this is only the slightest of what God might allow to occur. The corruption of our civilized union has little to do with violence, but with our willingness to climb into bed with unfettered evil, by the agnosticism of our ordinary citizens, the lackluster approach we take toward keeping the Sabbath holy anymore, and an appetite for materialistic greed that rivals none other in the history of man. These descriptions are not too exaggerated to be true, because the facts of our actions speak loudly for themselves. There will be no healing of the United States of America until we all stop what we are doing, take a deep breath of fresh air, and recant our demands of “I want, I need, I cannot, and I quit;” in favor of the more noble beatitudes of goodness, to which we must respond, “I will, I can, I hope, and I’ll try.” This should be not only the Introduction to any written manuscript about the convergence of capitalism and Christianity, but also a complement toward our better course of fusing the two without bringing greater shame upon the awful error that we have already embraced in the past. There is a new sense of anticipation which rests just beyond our initiation of this course. We can find it if we try; and only our individual sacrifices will allow us to succeed. This, in its most essential terms, is why the discussion about the truth of “In God We Trust,” should continue without inhibition. We can change our minds about what we are doing, but it will not be enough to suffice for the wholesale alterations that must become a part of our entire new psyche and the amendment of our social behavior. Perhaps we will see now, after the wars of hatred have finally entered the borders in our greatest American cities, that we cannot approach the larger world with the same disdain that we have deployed against them in the past. It is time for victorious Love to overcome everything which ails us; a moment that is both precious in purpose and expiring as swiftly as we speak. Thereafter, if the angels still deny us our due recompense, it will be solely because we have already driven them away. It looks from here like the future may still be bright because it is yet quite dark in the places where we live. Let us hope for Earnest Hemingway’s Sun to rise again very quickly so as to set our souls afire with the flames of the new beginning that he and millions of his own contemporaries were much too timid to face.

White Collar Witch Hunt
The Catholic Priesthood Under Siege
ISBN: 0967158737

Amidst a sweltering climate of derision toward the institution of the Holy Priesthood, a mystical voice of authority has refocused everyone’s vision away from the boiling and brawling hellbroth of vengeance and retribution being swirled and stirred by this nation’s secular media elite. A tribute to twenty centuries of unimpeachable virtue, a super-majority of purity, and the breathtaking heroic service that Roman Catholic priests have delivered to our contemporary world has been brought to bear upon the profiteering image-makers of our culture and their obvious anti-Catholic agendas. This magnanimous work trumpets the unreported, yet undeniable, Truth regarding the sacrificial lives of Heaven’s finest robed stewards as they collectively weather the remarkable assault upon their sacred honor and the sacrificial integrity of their venerable vocation. William Roth has gracefully unveiled the higher wisdom dispensed through the miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary with this passionately written treatise which rebalances the scales of honest enlightenment and widens the horizons of our grander vision, reminding everyone that the chosen recipients of the Sacrament of Holy Orders are supported and carried by a two millennium legacy of having never failed to deliver righteous counsel, resilient principle, or angelic purity to any era of humankind. While our contemporary world is floundering in the consequences of our hypersexual culture, any person who surveys the Catholic Priesthood from the purview of this work will realize that the passing and personal aberrations of a few sinful individuals will ultimately command no more than a footnote in history; a postscript which itself will be lost in the ages of their sacramental purity.

Back Cover

Let there be no mistake that the entire world of Christians should pray for the healing, protection, and convalescence of anyone who has fallen victim to the extraordinary tragedy of the failures of our Catholic clergy. We must never turn our backs on them, and they must always be assured of their dignity in the Church, in the Christian community, and before the Throne of God, Himself. We must, however, ensure that the personal integrity of the 47,000 priests in America today is not impugned by the offenses of a few. To those who might try; the media, enemies of Catholicism, and those who would attempt to capitalize on this unfortunate phenomenon for their own financial gain; God does not permit us to profit from the sins of others in return for offering our forgiveness. We are required to absolve them, forget about the offense, and walk in unity back to Him through the Cross of Jesus Christ. We hope that this book will shed greater light upon the larger picture of our faith, and bring closure to an age of darkness that we must all now place behind us.

Table of Contents

Section One - Robed in Majesty
    Chapter I. Spiritual Obedience and Divine Submission
    Chapter II. Our Declining Vocations and Exodus En Masse
    Chapter III. The Embattled Secular World
Chapter IV. The Canonical and Liturgical Hours
    Chapter V. We Remember How You Loved Us
Section Two - The Monopoly of Truth
    Chapter VI. The Holy Sacraments of Salvation
    Chapter VII. The Penitential Rite of Confession
    Chapter VIII. Where Charity and Love Prevail
Section Three - Go Make of All Disciples
    Chapter IX. Life, Love, and Hypostasis
    Chapter X. Mary of Bethlehem - The Immaculate Conception
Conclusion Have Mercy on Us, O Lord

Book Excerpt

So begins the struggle to heal and help; to restore, support, regain, redress, and forgive. Should we not hereafter recall that our every facet of reconciliation, the recollection of our human dignity, and all new revelation are founded within The Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ? Indeed, the Roman Catholic Church is not even slightly inclined to be evasive or reluctant to accept responsibility for bringing this tragedy of unfortunate proportions to an amicable closure through every ameliorative means possible, ridding itself of the possibility that it might ever occur again, and willing to sustain the proportionate reprimand for failing to preempt this unforseen attack of evil upon the very chosen priests who are charged with administering the Holy Sacraments of the sanctification of humankind.

After all the smoke from the explosion of these circumstances has cleared and the fog of what is yet unknown has been lifted, humanity will see that there has never been an ounce of corrupt motivation or arrogance in the Hierarchy of the Church with regard to the unequivocal task of seeking spiritual piety over matters of the flesh in our search for full unity in Christ. The world will also see the true immensity of the foundations of our faith, and whether these withering times will reveal any remnants of hidden goodness that we are yet reluctant to extol. Let us all pray that there will be many layers of benevolence still blooming inside our “beings,” and that these will be the new blossoms of hope that every man and woman desires to see once the entire deposit of mortal history has been exposed.

When our benign and sympathetic expressions seem too meek to embrace the glorious Easter Resurrection of the Savior of our souls, it is quite fitting for mortals from every walk of life to discover their consolation in the Immaculate Mother of God, who offers the prophetic comfort we find so lacking in one another. Mary can transform the youthful innocence with which we attached our crepe-paper streamers to the palm-grips of the tricycles that we peddled so innocuously in our small-town Easter parades decades ago into the powerful mightiness of a foamy cascading falls, the deafening percussions of victory resounding in the skies just overhead, and the steamy plumes trailing behind the salutatory warplanes flying aloft which rattle the rolling meadows below them in accompaniment to our Pater Noster prayers in glorifying the Most Sacred Heart of Her Sacrificed Son.

It would be grand to behold if our personal diaries were to become filled with more than just a chronology of eulogies for our greatest hopes that too often seem to simply pass beyond the dusk; but that they might also be a living tribute to the things we have done well, a commemoration of the true contemporary greatness of a responsive human species who finally discovered our final cohesion in unity and peace through the pristine Doctrines of our Messianic God.

Not everyone alive was so blessed to have been reared inside the protection of a loving nuclear family or a community that was given to the simpler things of life, let-alone a parish sanctuary that espoused interpersonal Love over the mundane expressions of our newspaper headlines and cultures. We who are Christians must make our canticles and liturgies come alive again by embracing the traditions of Roman Catholicism; learning again the immeasurably mystical grace of the Holy Sacraments, genuflecting before the presence of God instead of offering only a casual curtsey or a momentary pause in our gait; and elevating the humble men who are serving their priestly vocations so that our souls can be purified and Redeemed.

We are all subject to the temptations of sin, including the clergy; and we are also required to bow in deference to the expunging power of the Sacrament of Confession, no matter whether our memories, grudges, or prejudices may try to convince us otherwise. Let’s set the record straight: Roman Catholic priests might fall as individual transgressors at times; but they are definitely not a collusive group of conspirators against the dignity of humankind the way the detractors of the Church, including the predatory media, are trying to describe them these days.

It seems awfully strange that the victims of such extraordinary circumstances are holding their allegiance to Jesus Christ hostage until the secular world intercedes on their behalf in judicial courtrooms around the country for their own financial gain; and yet, they believe that this same Holy Church expunges their sins the moment they exit the confessional while they are never required to relinquish a penny to any mortal man or their God above who has dispensed with their error at the intonation of their confessors’ voices. Satan must have said to himself in the earlier centuries about his desire to destroy the Roman Catholic Church, ...if only I can lay waste to her priests, I will own the venue to cease her desire for the Salvation of man.

Thereafter, he knew to tempt the followers of righteous faith with the spoils of the flesh; for this is how evil has deposed empires, evangelists, and emperors; it is why the secular elect have returned to their alma maters with their tails between their legs, it is the reason so many exceptionally decent people have surrendered the fight to regain their personal purity, and it is how the most well-intentioned executives and international leaders are exposed as puny weaklings and subjected to the occasional trial of public rebuke and congressional impeachment.

There is no doubt that Satan’s lust and lies are the barnacles and parasites that are still trying to cling to the hem of the Holy Church as she walks upright amidst a world of such treachery and deceit. Surely the forces of evil wish to avenge the loss they suffered when the Son of God resurrected the souls of humankind from under the carnage of our own sinfulness and left our transgressions behind as fodder for the damned.

Let there be no doubt; the priesthood cannot be destroyed by the failings of a few. No sensational twisting of the facts by the printed press or by any television medium will ever so much as leave a trace of a stain upon the raiment of piety in which Jesus Christ has clad His Catholic Church. The Original Catholic and Apostolic Church is both supernatural and invincible before the onslaught of a world of sinners because her King is situated high above the celestial Firmament in a splendorous excellence we cannot yet see.

While our Baptism renders us clean of the reproach of our birth, the future of our Eternal Salvation is stationed completely in a Land of the Living that we shall never touch while in our mortal flesh. And, this is what we should be seeking as a unified family of man; not a blind retribution or the sending of battalions against the origins of our errors, or the tragedies they produce; but an infinite search for paranormal justice in the personage of God, Himself.

How do we accomplish it? By the remaking of our own consciousness toward the purpose of becoming worthy in His sight to receive the Most Blessed Sacrament, the Holy Eucharist, from the Altars of His Roman Catholic Church. So, let us gather as a humble community of faithful citizens who would so overwhelm our priests with our desire to receive the Bread of Life which is consecrated at their hands that they should yield no idle moments in their daily hours for Satan to ever attack them again.

We spend too much time investigating the doubtful, creating false impressions, debating resolutions against the Truth, condoning inconceivable wrongdoings, defending personal corruption, embracing illusions, casting dispersions, and speaking in profane and uncivilized veins of tawdriness; all to the purpose of feigning a posture that is of no more noble service than either our frail capacity to change the universe might portend or our fractured insolence would have us avow. The fact remains, however, that the spiritually-inquisitive nature of every new generation will always lead us to discovering the Truth about God inside the exculpatory ancestry of the Roman Catholic Church of Christianity.

We are more than a mere pittance of the complacent commonfolk that we often perceive ourselves to be; for in us rests a greatness that only our desire to know God can extract. There is not a soul alive who cannot generate a capacity to become identified with, in, and through Jesus Christ for the power we need to conquer the world. But, the normal course of human events renders us shy of assuming that God fully knows and sees what we are doing here on Earth; and the patterns of our reclusiveness places us wholly at odds with the conditions and circumstances that make His inclusion the better part of our waking hours.

Should we ever see our way clear to acknowledging His primary requirement for our spiritual obedience and divine submission in heeding His Sacred Word, we would be swiftly on the road to understanding what human life really means. This is why we must begin to do everything within our reach to staunch the hemorrhaging of what little dignity and personal good will we have left in America and around the globe today.

By all means, standing in alignment with the charity and servitude of other men for the cause of our Christian alliance would be quite an appropriate place to embark. We are called to engage this propriety, no matter what our chosen faith; because it is clear that nothing else in the physically tangible universe has ever allowed us to retrieve the invisible spirits of those who have preceded us in death. We are required to submit to the admonishments of those who own a closer understanding of Christ; and this is the earliest precognition that we can be internationally connected both intrinsically and explicitly to the translucent Kingdom of our Divine Creator.

It is also first and foremost the reason why God’s priests in the world must embrace both bachelorhood and celibacy; to the goal that only their perfected union in Him can be the reason for their lives. God will never defer to allowing His servants to be distracted by any other vocation than to serve Him with every ounce of their being, i.e., priests other than those whose spouses have died before they were called into the seminary cannot simultaneously engage the vocation of their ordination and that of becoming the master in a home of any biological children.

Aside from those who decide to remain single for reasons known only to them, mortal men must choose either fatherhood or the donning of clerical vestments to ever be successful at one; but not both as a concurrent profession. It does not take a clairvoyant to know that the Saints in Heaven are not married, even if they had previously exchanged such nuptials before they surrendered their souls in death.

Indeed, as we ask our priests to show us what it means to become a saint, are we not mandating them to become the very likeness of Jesus Christ, Himself; who was a bachelor through the very instant He Ascended into Heaven on the 40th day beyond His Paschal Resurrection? When we ask our priests to “...be Jesus” for us, are we not requiring them to be equally as chaste and sacrificial, as well? There can be no doubt that the Holy Spirit is their constant companion through the tortures of daily life as they pour-out their souls before all humankind in the likeness of Our Lord.

The recitation of their homilies, the reading of the Gospels, the offering of the Eucharistic Prayers at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, administering the Sacrament of Marriage, presiding over the Rite of Christian Burial, and all their other religious offices are the script that Jesus has written for them to vocalize atop the world stage as the unfolding of His Creation continues its final course.

Let us remember the prescriptions that God has given us through His Judeo-Christian passages, “...there is an appointed time for everything, a time for every affair under the heavens. A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to uproot the plant. A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to tear down, and a time to build. A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance. A time to scatter stones, and a time to gather them; a time to embrace, and a time to be far from embraces. A time to seek, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away. A time to rend, and a time to sew; a time to be silent, and a time to speak. A time to Love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8).

When we are searching for patience, forgiveness, pardon, and peace; we must never forget that there is a season to everything; and it is through this broadcast perspective that we must view our service as mortals inside the parameters of our faith. The Church is permanent and timeless, and we are the modern custodians who must protect it for all future generations to come. What this means for us is that we own the responsibility for maintaining its purity without scandalizing its trust. We are called to guide our peers without casting them out.

Jesus Christ must surely be telling us through the power of the Holy Spirit now that this is our time to be born again in mutual Love; a time to heal, a time to build, and our moment to laugh and dance in the Dawn of His Easter Resurrection. This must assuredly be our time to embrace one another forever-to-keep and to stitch our consciences to the silken fabric of a newly Redeemed humanity; for this is our opportunity to speak loudly in the way of the Apostles, and is our shining moment on the hilltop of the galaxies to heal each other and seek Christ’s final peace.

Should not the God of our fathers castigate us with every fiber of His Divine Being if we should fail to recognize these times about which He has so evocatively spoken for thousands of years before? Can we not sense the many directions we are being dispatched and the depths of mutual forgiveness to which we are subtly being called? Are we too partisan-blind and lacking in spiritual foresight to know that we are being attacked from all directions in this 21st century by the scourge of evil works, prodding us to hate one another until the ages ultimately come to a close?

This is why we must perceive the Church, its priests, and even the laity-in-service in a much broader scale than the weaknesses of a few; and in so doing, we will be capable of acknowledging the timelessness of its grace beyond the immediacy of our individual faults. The Church is comprised of sinners who are struggling to become the likeness of the Saints; with angelic hearts, pure intentions, and high moral aspirations. We must begin to engender a renewed filial affection for one another as a fruit of our overall Love; evolving ever closer to being kindred both in spirit and mutual friendship through our Redemption in Christ—forever redefining what the rest of humanity means to us in reflection of our creation by the same God who sustains all life.

For all her contemporary accidents, the Catholic Church has never once surrendered her maternal, majestic, eminent, and infallible role of intercessor between Heaven and Earth; and no human error, misgiving, miscalculation, or brief loss of focus will ever be able to destroy her as the source of all infinite consolation before the dignified presence of God. Such a perfect ascension for the future of humanity will continue to be dispensed in Creation through the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit, established by Jesus Christ to be prevalent beyond the last vestige of man; sustained by our faith, empowered by His Love, and emboldened by the Passion and devotion of His Eternal Sacrifice upon the Cross.

Our Lord is in all and everything that is perfect within us; and we are only now realizing that our intellectual judgement must bring us to suddenly pause, retract our arrogant objections, and allow Him to finally succeed. This is the only way that the societies of the Earth will ever be united; by embracing the Son of God who has been anointed the Christ for every man, woman, and child; not beholden to any form of fashion, whim, or deceit; gratified by our own servitude, glorified through every form of human obedience, and who is yet anticipatory of the full arrival of our wilful consent to accept His salutary Blood.

If Saint Andrew’s cross is the shape of an x, and Saint Anthony’s takes the form of a T, then surely the Cross of our Divine Absolution upon which Jesus Christ was Crucified marks the exact Pneumatologic Crux where God commands us to greet Him in contrition while taking-on our brothers’ weaknesses as being not completely unfettered from those of our own accord. Is this not what Bernard Cardinal Law was saying when he asserted that we must work-out our difficulties together, with the Holy Spirit of God as the adjudicator of our course?

If we do this as one humanity again, there will be nothing remotely immoral about achieving our self-actualization, so long as it leads to a better understanding about the Commandments of God, and not to an inordinate advancement of the self over the progress of any other peoples, either socially or of the material realm. Our search for perfection must begin in our willingness to accede to the requirements of other individuals to prosper not only for the goods they need to survive, but also by placing them beneath the same garment of forgiveness under which we protect the reputations of those we love the most. In essence, therefore, we are required to absolve anyone who has offended us as a matter of factual grace; and notwithstanding our personal discriminations against the identities or vocations of those by whom we may have been so sorely defiled. Jesus requires us to pardon everyone who has transgressed against us, lest we find ourselves undeserving of His vindicating advocacy before His Father when our time arrives to die.

It is incumbent upon us to teach our brothers and sisters the art of living Love by projecting it ourselves. There can be no trace of vengeance in our motivations that would serve to further indict our enemies. If there is to be a heightened cohesion between us in the evolvement of our mutual trust, we are required to become nothing-less than the beatific Incarnation of the Christ-Child who once lay in the manger of Bethlehem.

Therein rests the intrinsic nature of our reason for having faith; to Love humanity even beyond our own comprehension, superceding our ability to perceive the fullness of God’s Kingdom from here, and knowing deep inside that His supreme omnipresence will ratify our ingrained acceptance of His Holy Will and guide our future through the domain of all that is yet to be revealed.

Therefore, we have nothing to lose by granting our unconditional forgiveness to anyone who has burdened us; for it is better to believe that this is what Jesus wishes from us now than to carry our grudges beyond our graves and suddenly discover that our stubborn reticence is His tangible evidence that we have rejected the very foundation upon which our own Salvation has ultimately been laid. It is because of this Truth that I have written this book; so as to teach my fellow men that we are called to be perfected; but we are not yet perfect. Those who serve us behind the Altar of Sacrifice were helpless sinners long before they became the great giants, legends, and heroes that we recognize them to be today. If we are betrayed by any one of them, it is because there is still a great deal of work to be done in contrasting the world as we wish it to be and the one for which we remain reluctant to lift our morning prayers.

Do other people fall to certain sins because God was awaiting our petitions to keep their temptations in check? If we would have asked Him to elevate our priests above the snares of the urging of the flesh long before now, would He have surely done so? No one alive is completely blameless for the failures of the entirety of all humankind, for we are summoned to hail the Mother of Jesus Christ as the intercessor for the mortal Earth and those in Purgatory, too; the same Blessed Virgin whom most among us would rather disregard as having any role in our spiritual refinement and Redemption at all. Is this the price the world is now paying for casting Her assistance aside? It is not beyond the purview of possibility that the end of time will reveal that countless men and women have failed in their fight against evil because it was the rest of us who declined to remember them to God when we were selfishly asking Him to render His assistance to only ourselves, instead.

Babes in the Woods
With a Little Child to Guide Them
ISBN: 0967158745

“Babes in the Woods” is another outstanding expose of insightful genius flowing from the miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary to two visionaries in the heartland of the American nation. Since February of 1991, this revered lady of Sacred Scripture has been showering divine wisdom upon our culture through a supernatural relationship that she initiated with two men who have been close friends since childhood. They have now commenced the dispensation of the remarkable pearls of their mystical experiences, advancing their commission with a committed boldness that uniquely marks the endowment of their enlightened writings. This most recent work courageously witnesses to the inner refinements which flourish in the recesses of our tender hearts, especially in the wholesome embodiment of grace innocently portrayed by our smallest children. The holy righteousness emanating from this amazing book unabashedly flushes into our purview the many illicit forces throughout our culture that are laying siege to our holiness and destroying the preciousness of human life; a sobering reality that forces us to delve in conscience into the solutions which we must undertake in earnest as the family of civilized man. The author has capped the divinity of this compendium of grace by incorporating a collection of the original messages which were miraculously dispensed to him during these mystical conversations with the Hosts of Paradise. It is the fifth manuscript composed in a monumental series of prophetic writings that warn of the consequences of our spiritual dereliction, while possessing the power to ultimately awaken millions to the impending Arrival of Jesus Christ in Glory.

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The preservation of any nation is concealed in the protection of its little children; and America must ensure that ours are never led astray, scandalized, or allowed to wander from beneath the patronage of our Christian Love. Babes in the Woods is a lesson in modern holiness and a venue for embracing our new progeny as an exceptional gift from God. Our country will reach the fulness of its potential if we rear them in dignity toward their intentional role in the greater dimensions of Divine Truth. William L. Roth, Jr. has penned this book to celebrate the intuitive genius of our littlest ones and to seek in them the hidden reasons why Jesus Christ has bade His people to become their likeness as a Scriptural prerequisite for our entrance into Paradise. When we pray to Him from the heart, we become the reflection of their innocence. Should we be called upon to suffer, the fruits of our agony sustain the surety of their faith. There is hope for all humankind inside our emulation of God's chosen ones. Therefore, let us be as simple and honest as He has created them to be so the Resurrected Son of Mary will find in us that sacred piety which only the humbler among us can effect. - Timothy Parsons-Heather

Table of Contents

Section I - All Creatures Great and Small
  Chapter I. Dawn Breaks Past the Reckoning
                 Will the Future Uphold Our Helplessness?
  Chapter II. Bassinets, Bathtubs, and Baseballs
                 The Comedic Life of Infancy
  Chapter III. Either In or Out!
                 Could You Repeat That, Please?
  Chapter IV. What a Wonderful World!
                 I Think I Saw This On Television
Section II - Return the Age of Innocence
  Chapter V. An American Immoral Revolution
                 The Western Cultural Divide
  Chapter VI. Awesome, Dude! Did I Already Say That?
                 A New Mode of Communication
  Chapter VII. Youthful Indiscretions
                 What Will They Think of Next?
Section III - The Rite of Passage
  Chapter VIII. Spirituality in a Tortured Adolescence
                 Driving Out the Demons
  Chapter IX. Friendship Conversions
                 The Factual Nature of Brotherhood
  Chapter X. I Pledge Allegiance to the What?
                 Patriotism and Generation X
Section IV - With a Little Child to Guide Them
  Chapter XI. Children of a Greater God
                 Resurrecting the Meaning of Love
  Chapter XII. The Providence of Human Suffering
                 For the Sake of Lost Souls
  Chapter XIII. The Scourge of Infanticide
                 The Abortion of Unborn Innocents
Section V - The Mother and Child Reunion
  Chapter XIV. The Immaculate Conception
                 The Most Blessed Virgin Mary
  Chapter XV. Mary, the Queen of Paradise
                 Matriarch of Humanity Redeemed
Chapter XVI. Mary, Morning Star Over America
                 The Miraculous Intercessor
Epilogue Orphans and Orphanages
Abridged Index

Book Excerpt

There must be dozens of analogies that have been drawn by modern romantics in an effort to describe the art of communicating our expressions of the heart; from an author sitting in front of a page with pen-in-hand like Pablo Picasso with a palette, or an opera house composer with blank lines on the treble staffs atop his piano, and even an eloquent speaker refining his thoughts prior to delivering an extemporaneous speech to a hall filled with ears. No one will ever be able to affectionately accuse me of being a great anthologist, a practitioner of music in the lineage of Mozart or the likes of Mendelssohn, and not even close to being an orator fashioned after the numerous Winston Churchills of the world. My purpose has always been more simple than that; wishing only to express the rudimentary purposes of our infant Christian faith; hoping against hope that at least someone, somewhere, might garner a momentary understanding about what it means to bow in deference to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the healer of our age.

If ever there was a time for the resonance of an octave of spiritual docility to descend upon the Earth, surely we must be living it in our parenthetical passage of history while the 21st century is only now beginning to crack ajar like a chicklet emerging from an egg. There are too many injustices and brash emotions bringing us to tears these days; the awkward young who are too undeveloped to compete with their affluent friends and peers, or ostentatious veterans of social etiquette trying to put their names in lights on the bright marquee of Carnegie Hall, and witty profiteers who look like hamsters running on wheels in an effort to make another buck; all ignoring with equal apathy the elderly and infirm who lay in their own excrement because few among us ever choose to remember them inside the secluded quarters of their musty nursing homes.

I sometimes wonder why we cannot see our way clear to reverberating the call of righteousness that springs from the Divine Love that Our Lord gave us the very moment He was born. It seems to have been properly absorbed and reflected by our ancestors and predecessors, exalted and regenerated by them, and thereafter passed-along to us for the glory of God. It is a ringing of this spiritual Truth that is sorely lacking in us now; the mutual intonations of goodness, charity, forgiveness, and peace.

There should be no broken links in the bonds of such virtues from whence God first dispatched His only begotten Son from the Womb of Mary into our exiled world below Him; but we are doing our worst to try to breach it anyway. Whether we like it or not, we are not quite omnipotent creators of our own accord because we are still sinners in the flesh, walking blindly and haphazardly askew through a valley of dark shadows to the certainty of our deaths without a proper sense of the purpose of charismatic hope. We own no kingdom with which to castigate the perils of the world unless we moor our final legacies to our Messianic Savior and accept the transforming Light still emanating from His Cross.

Without giving every facet of our mortal constitution to the Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary, there is nothing inherent in us that will ever yield the admiration of the Angels or the accolades of the Saints. We are born to our parents as orphans from our Almighty Father until the moment we are baptized by Holy Water in His Trinity of Names, willfully predisposed to His Crucifixion on Good Friday and His Rising from the dead; commended with such exemplary piousness through the advocacy of His Mother, Our Immaculate Virgin Queen and Patroness of the reconciliation between the Heavens and the Earth.

It is toward this sacred purpose that I have written Babes in the Woods, knowing in Truth that we are meant to become like little children to regain the innocence we have lost, to discern in invariable terms what Christian simplicity should really mean; and to make the case, at least for now, that we are failing by woeful quanta to protect our innocent progeny from the scandals of the world. How many reasons do we require to justify the engagement of this discussion to prove our outright errancy?

There is a cardinal number represented in the U.S. and France that is called an octillion, which is a one followed by an unbelievable 27 zeros, and in Great Britain and Germany by 48 zeros. Even if we ever exhausted such an audacious number of excuses why we should never engage a cause of action to ameliorate the lives of our little ones, the King of Creation would have us understand that not a solitary one would justify our reluctance to proceed. Our children are weeping pitifully while crouching on their knees before a humankind that mysteriously despises them from the moment they are conceived, especially in America. We can see and hear them crying into the eardrums of their impassive elders who yield to them but a haughty facade of insolence, while briny tears roll down their cheeks as they beg only to be fed their share of irreproachable human love. They persistently scratch upon our doorways like pets left out in the rain, scrawl the messages of their suffering in blood onto our city sidewalks, and protest with rocks thrown through our windows that they find in the ditches where they hover together for the night. When they become old enough to speak clearly for themselves, the calling of their voices is ignored by housewives who often abandon the challenges of motherhood in favor of getting rich and by stuffy businessmen whose corporate covetousness takes them to the airways for weeks and sometimes months at a time, instead of to the campuses of their offsprings’ middle schools. Then, while they sit inside their tinted-windowed limousines waiting for a passing train, they see for themselves the exasperation of their younger sect; broadly, beautifully, and defiantly displayed in aerosol graffiti on the sides of the railcars in rainbow-colored paint. Ironically, the cast-iron links of these powerful locomotives have become our children’s copy books, their empty music staffs, and their bullhorns to the world.

There is a destined finality of Eternal Judgement and proportionate Wrath in the arsenals of God that He will unleash upon His enemies for having led His children astray. He has never been too much interested in how we value our friendships when we get to our workplaces for the day, whether we ultimately keep pace with the lifestyles of the upper-elite, that we set-aside forest reserves for our hunters to seek their kill, or if we travel at the speed of sound to contract a capital debt. Indeed, His focus is more concentric as to whether our faith in Him is ever deployed, how we comply with His Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount, whether we have caused anyone to take shelter in abject poverty beneath the trestles of those same passing freight trains in the starkness of the night, and how many lonely children fall asleep in the corners of their orphanages with no one there to comfort them, or give them a bedtime kiss, or somehow offer them hope by telling them that, tomorrow, everything will be alright.

Christians and Gentiles, alike, keep repeating the same mantra everyday that all-in-all will be justified and fully revealed once the Son of Man returns by breaking past the horizon of our lost hopes and dreams; but far too many of us decline to look any further than our upstairs bedrooms to search for the remainder of His little ones whom we are also supposed to embrace. I believe that if we wait for the arrival of such a day, it may be too late for many of them to be consoled by then; or nourished, uplifted, and guided; and that God will judge us in advance for forsaking His weakest ones as though our duty to tend to them is somehow none of our concern. Are we not setting our own Eternity afire before He has a chance to destroy it with the power of His Love on behalf of those whom we are allowing to starve and shiver in the cold? Oh!—how He wishes that the world were already blazing in such flames! Are we who live lavishly in America today so confident that we have earned His Divine Mercy rather than stirred His raw contempt that we are willing to draw upon His kindness with such bold pride and vanity in our hearts? Is not His vat of forbearance drawn nearly to the dregs; and are we not hoping to be able to sneak through the cracks beneath the backdoor of Heaven someday like thieves crawling on their bellies under the cover of the dark, rather than marching arm-in-arm with stately brightness alongside those whom He has vested with the dignity of its Hosts? Let us not be deluded about this anymore—He knows exactly who we are, what we are doing, and the wanton malfeasance of our plans! Let us never be too quick to patronize an absolution we have never really earned; for He may choose to etch the epitaphs announcing our final condemnation into marble slabs and headstones before we’ve ever died! This does not imply that our faith will let us down or that Christ will not wash clean the most wretched from the crevices in our midst by the power of His Blood.

Beneath it all, we are the military-industrial complex who has placed our patriotic flagstaffs above His Holy Sacrifice; exchanging trillions of dollars in municipal bonds between the nations of the world, but simultaneously forcing 60 million of our own sick and dying citizens to lay flat on their backs without sufficient medical care and in agony in their homes; many of them little children who are suffering malnutrition because our corporate ethicists have placed their hopes on constructing new skyscrapers to block our view of Paradise, commissioning statues to commemorate the wealth they inherited from their dead, and procuring new fleets of private jets so they can spend the winter months tanning on the beaches of the Bermudas instead of landing like resurrected saints in C-5 cargo planes with fuselages packed to the bulkheads with food upon the shores of Bangladesh. Indeed, ours is the country that struts about the outer-spacial void in billion-dollar shuttles and dispatches distant satellites to see whether life exists on other cosmic worlds. Oh! There is going to be a reckoning, alright!—just in time to see the error of our ways flash before our eyes when Jesus Christ reveals where, when, and in whom His Flesh and Spirit resided in those forgotten little children we have left dying on the streets!

We boast quite prolifically about having a firm grip on the future in America these days, and how self-sufficient and independent we have become from the other continents of the globe; fully autonomous from their particular kinds of domestic plight, rampant social unrest, and untold civil wars. Many Christians are fearing the very same concerns about which I have written in this book; that the entrance into Paradise for some who live around us is going to bear the likeness of a Belmont Stakes photo-finish. Jesus Christ knows exactly who they are; for He has already snapped the photograph, but has yet to develop the film in the realm of the spiritual unseen to reveal it to the world. If there is predestination in anything for sure, we can stand in confidence that anyone who suffers harm upon His little innocents that does not repent and seek His final pardon will never allow themselves, by the self-adjudication of their very own souls, to see any farther inside the New Jerusalem than the glistening diamonds on the outer Gates of Paradise on their way toward the pit of lasting grief and strife in a fiery perdition called Hell. Everything in the creative genius of the human intellect should tell us that the strong should protect the weak, the wise are called to enlighten the ignorant, the fit to carry the frail, and the enriched to lift-up the indigent from under their dinner tables and give them an equal share of the bounty of the Earth that our Divine Lord has proffered to us all. It is possible for the world’s entire population of starving little children to be rescued from their awful fate of nibbling bread-crumbs off their brothers’ earthen floor into carving veal cutlets in stately dining rooms beside every prince and princess who was ever so fortunate to draw the breath of life. Ours is the task of discovering where our poor youth are huddled together in masses and by the dozens in single-family huts, having no running water with which to take a bath or to even quench their thirst. We must begin a concerted effort to liberate the millions of children around the world who are being sold as prostitutes, or held captive as slaves in sweat-shops for wealthy capitalists, and incarcerated in cages like wild animals to keep them from escaping into freedom and their search for dignity. Anything less than restoring their pristine innocence in return for God’s blessings upon us will not suffice for Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done; and God Almighty shall have the final say when His Truth is ultimately sifted from beneath the ruins of our scornful indignance on the last day of the world.

In the final analysis, whatever time we invest, no matter how many resources are expended or miles traveled, hours spent, schedules revised, and priorities rearranged, our children are worth every last pitch of effort that their parents or guardians might be required to share in order to sculpt their lives around the needs of their little ones who are so dependent upon them. America does not necessarily deserve a reprimand from people like me to realize that we are almost failing in the pursuit of identifying with the needs of our younger generation; and we discover this every time another one of them surrenders to temptation and sin. When a teenager is caught with crack cocaine lodged in the toe of his shoe, or gets a grisly-looking body piercing, or is found to be in possession of any kind of contraband, the rest of us are probably just as responsible for not addressing the conditions that led them into such delinquent conduct in the first place. We recognize their lack of peaceful guidance in the sounds of their head-banging music from their car stereo speakers next to us at the intersection of State Street and Broadway, by their purple hair sticking-out like a sore thumb a row or two ahead of us in the movie theatre, and by the horrendous columns of failing grades that appear on their report cards at the conclusion of another academic term. The truth is, our children need us long after the moment they are old enough to know they are alive. They discover that freedom means that they own the right to deign a fate for themselves—either good or bad; and they will be faced with the consequences of their actions if they do not learn in advance which avenues to shun and avoid. Our youth are often confused by our seeming lack of concern in directing them toward the proper courses of conduct because they are apprehensive about our ulterior motivations. In other words, they can read between the lines that we are trying to control them. We have a great deal more to do to convince our offspring that they are not just another deduction from our annual income taxes and that we believe them to be capable of learning right from wrong in the virtues of spiritual Truth as we force them into a pair of slacks and a necktie and send them off to listen to the preacher on Sunday morning. However, we discover in the long-run that teaching our children to be holy is just as important as whether we, ourselves, ever succeed in the labor force so we can purchase a retirement home when we grow older or are able to save an adequate nest-egg so we can travel to the Florida Keys in the wintertime. There is no doubt that millions of American parents are more worried about the balance of their 401(k) accounts right now than whether their children gain a closer relationship with God. Consequently, when we are called out of bed at the stroke of midnight to bail one of our wayward sons out of jail for getting into a ruckus after having worked the late-shift at the nearby Burger King, we look upon them with outright disdain and wonder why they never do anything to make themselves more productive for once in their lives. All of this occurs while we remain silent about the counter-cultural fad shops in many neighborhood precincts where they sell the latest in tobacco paraphernalia, bongs and one-hitters; pewter craftware depicting skulls, crossbones, and screaming eagles; posters of the most popular punk-rockers on stage these days sporting nose rings and spiked hair, erotic and pornographic movies, risque lingerie, incense burners, off-colored birthday, wedding, and anniversary cards; and the hottest Heavy Metal music CDs with a written warning against their graphic lyrics in bold stickers on the front of their labels.

All of this is to the detriment of the stability of our nation’s spiritual health. Should we not, instead, be instilling into our children’s psyches the pious images of Christian baptismal fonts, statues of the Saints, mosaics of the Stations of the Cross, murals of the lives of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph; and the stately platforms which contain the Holy Oils that are blessed by our Roman Catholic Bishops every Spring during their solemn Chrism Masses? Sadly, our children’s search for Truth is already dead beneath the water or is slowly foundering; and it is their adult counterparts who are ultimately to blame for allowing it to die. Can we force our Christian values upon them against their will? Probably not. But, we can surely show them the fruits of our own piousness and bring them to pine for the inner-peace we enjoy by setting before them the best example of holy love that they will ever see in their natural span of life. We can be kind to them, and address and admonish them without robbing them of their dignity. We can teach them that hatred, indiscretion, violence, and lust are unnegotiably wrong; and that their identification with immoral infatuation is by no means a source of true freedom. Our American spiritual leaders and teachers of Christianity must explain to them in absolute terms that homosexuality, lesbianism, premarital sex, contraception, abortion, and suicide are mortal sins that are hanging like albatrosses around their necks; trying to take their souls into the fiery pit of eternal condemnation. Thereafter, if they howl in protest against our orthodoxy, should we not place the manifestation of supernatural miracles before them as evidence of God’s Grace, such as the extraordinary apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in places like Fatima, Lourdes, and Guadalupe to prove to them that Jesus Christ really does exist, and that He sees them as being worthy to be blessed by the extension of His Love into our present day and time? Indeed, if the scripted message hidden in their scrawling gang symbols is ever etched into the facade of the downtown Municipal Building to express their indignation against our indifference, should we not erect a Messianic Cross in front of it that is so mammoth in size that no one would ever be able to decipher their coded hieroglyphics? We should anticipate and preempt their assaults against the decency and dignity of humankind by ensuring that they also become the epitome of Christian piety for themselves. The taste of our civil liberties will not take a bitter turn if we teach them that it is not a violation of the First Amendment to hold their tongues about the things they do not like or refrain from throwing a tantrum every time we ask one of them to carry-out the trash. The advancement of Creation will not take a giant leap backward if we require them to politely and respectfully address their elderly neighbors as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith,” rather than “Yo! Dudes!”

We are not according our sons and daughters one whit of good by laughing in the face of their tawdriness, upholding their socially malignant rituals, sustaining their objections to Divine Truth, or turning our backs on their intentional discourtesy just because we want to be regarded as their personal friends. It may not be true that our children learn their distasteful habits from what we might say and do, but they can certainly be led astray by their imitation of our imprudence and omissions. So, what does this implicate for their future? The answer depends upon whether we ultimately recognize that nothing in the world can supplant the guidance, leadership, and exemplary love that our younger generation must somehow glean from us. We seem to be getting nowhere fast in making a measurable difference toward achieving this goal. We rise every morning to the news that another group of children has taken-up cigarette smoking, binge-drinking alcoholic beverages, chasing the record for eating the most cheeseburgers in a day, and being the first to drop from a certain height while wearing a measured bungee-cord around their waist. One of these days, our whole misalignment of priorities is suddenly going to snap—literally and figuratively; and our entire society will land flat on its head in corruptive oblivion without a scintilla of spiritual decency for our grandchildren to inherit; or anything else implied, spoken, or written that would prove to our posthumous critics that we were anything other than morally bankrupt. A great portion of the reason behind our lack of focus on the intrinsic value of the human person is the existing lack of equality between our families, societies, and nations of the world. I have placed a list of the top dozen capitalist billionaires from Forbes Magazine on the sixth page of Chapter V in this book to address the issues of our great cultural inequity, but such a phenomenon as the disproportionate distribution of material wealth is not the only cause of the degradation of the nobility of our children. Not too many statistics are as obvious in divulging to our children that things are not always as they seem as the prospect of who is confiscating our money. While it is never a toss-up as to whether a 4-year-old child would rather munch on a Snickers candy bar than be forced to choke-down a helping of Brussels sprouts, most of their choices in life are not as simple to decide. The physical environment, our social classes, certain scandalous people, and our immediate senses often skew their vision of reality; and this is why we must be there to lead them toward the righteous paths. Many insecure parents go to great lengths, too, to overprotect their children; like reminding them to never brush their teeth when they have the hiccoughs for fear of choking on the toothpaste. Our concerns for such microcosms sometimes make our vision so narrow in scope that we fail to remember the millions of others around the globe who have never known the meaning of oral hygiene, flossing, or gargling with Listerine; let alone ever having been told what a professional dentist does. Are we so lacking in dimensions of Love that we cannot tend to the personal needs of our offspring and the paupers of our neighboring countries, too? While we are deciding whether to use goose-down feathers in our pillows or some type of synthetic foam, hundreds-of-thousands of little children in far-off lands fall asleep every night with their heads resting on anthills and their feet tucked beneath fallen tree branches. Are we such crass isolationists that we are closing our eyes to their needs by reason of the proverbial sarcasm,...better to end the suffering before us than to address any agony we know not of? Unfortunately, such a plea of ignorance of the law is not going to do much to exonerate our souls once we hear the piercing voice of the Son of God in the Halls of Justice someday.

To Crispen Courage
The Divine Annihilation
ISBN: 0967158761

In manifesting the Salvation of man, God oftentimes resorts to inexplicable actions to ratify His people's participation in their eternal redemption, even to the point of closing the breach between Heaven and Earth with signs and miracles to rival no other age. Now, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in the heartland of the United States to two of Her children who have been traveling an extraordinary journey beneath Her mystical guidance since 1991. The pages of this enlightening work are the supernatural product of that intercessory relationship whose purpose and character are to rescind the faithlessness which is accelerating our western culture toward the dismal abyss of certain failure. There is no truth in the declaration that Christianity is dead! The King is alive! It is the secular world which is lost, and Heaven is proving once again that each generation will be found within the beatific embrace of the Holy Savior of the Cross. Secular debate has never facilitated deliverance, skepticism is a diseased irrelevance, intellectualism will die of its own accord, and relativism is gasping its last breaths of unprincipled error. The unseen realms of Creation are poised to strike the preeminent blow of God's Divinity against our American culture. A mystical eclipse has commenced! Sight will be given to the blind through an apocalyptic revelation to overshadow our skewed definition of history and give us a renewed vision of the submission God requires from humanity to the Redemptive Legacy of Jesus Christ and His Apostolic Church. The times could not be more urgent for the reevaluation of our existence. Every person who reads this book from cover-to-cover will be given the miraculous graces needed to look upon the world as they have never seen it before. For those shining moments, their eyes will fall upon the Truth known from the purview of Infinite Glory. Herein, the destination of deliverance is being revealed!

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In manifesting the Salvation of man, God oftentimes resorts to inexplicable actions to ratify His people's participation in their eternal redemption, even to the point of closing the breach between Heaven and Earth with signs and miracles to rival no other age. Now, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in the heartland of the United States to two of Her children who have been traveling an extraordinary journey beneath Her mystical guidance since 1991. The pages of this enlightening work are the supernatural product of that intercessory relationship whose purpose and character are to rescind the faithlessness which is accelerating our western culture toward the dismal abyss of certain failure. There is no truth in the declaration that Christianity is dead! The King is alive! It is the secular world which is lost, and Heaven is proving once again that each generation will be found within the beatific embrace of the Holy Savior of the Cross. Secular debate has never facilitated deliverance, skepticism is a diseased irrelevance, intellectualism will die of its own accord, and relativism is gasping its last breaths of unprincipled error. The unseen realms of Creation are poised to strike the preeminent blow of God's Divinity against our American culture. A mystical eclipse has commenced! Sight will be given to the blind through an apocalyptic revelation to overshadow our skewed definition of history and give us a renewed vision of the submission God requires from humanity to the Redemptive Legacy of Jesus Christ and His Apostolic Church. The times could not be more urgent for the reevaluation of our existence. Every person who reads this book from cover-to-cover will be given the miraculous graces needed to look upon the world as they have never seen it before. For those shining moments, their eyes will fall upon the Truth known from the purview of Infinite Glory. Herein, the destination of deliverance is being revealed!

Table of Contents

Foreword By Timothy Parsons-Heather

Section One
A Synopsis of Miraculous Legitimacy
    Sunday, July 11, 1999 (excerpt)
    Sunday, May 30, 1999
    Sunday, December 30, 2001 (excerpt)
    Sunday, December 5, 1997
    Sunday, March 28, 1999 (excerpt)
    Friday, January 15, 1999 (excerpt)
    Sunday, July 15, 2001 (excerpt)
    Sunday, October 21, 2001

Section Two
Synchronizing the Obvious with the Mystical
    Sunday, January 9, 2000 (excerpt)
    Sunday, June 25, 2000 (excerpt)
    Sunday, May 1, 2005 (excerpt)
    Sunday, December 5, 1999 (first excerpt)
    Sunday, August 22, 1999 (excerpt)
    Sunday, March 5, 2000 (excerpt)
    Sunday, February 18, 2001 (excerpt)

Section Three
The Spiritual Kingdom vs The Secular Empire
    Sunday, June 25, 2000 (excerpt)
    Sunday, December 5, 1999 (second excerpt)
    Sunday, November 14, 2004 (excerpt)
    Sunday, June 20, 1999 (excerpt)
    Sunday, June 27, 1999 (excerpt)
    Sunday, February 2, 2003 (excerpt)
    Sunday, February 24, 2002 (excerpt)
    Sunday, May 16, 1999 (excerpt)
    Sunday, February 6, 2000 (excerpt)
    Sunday, April 9, 2000 (excerpt)
    Sunday, July 8, 2001 (excerpt)
    Friday, June 26, 1998
    Friday, January 30, 1998

Section Four
The Geoglyphic Spiritual Kingdom
    Sunday, July 9, 2000 (excerpt)
    Friday, February 27, 1998 (excerpt)
    Sunday, August 19, 2001 (excerpt)
    Sunday, January 16, 2000
    Sunday, May 9, 2004 (excerpt)
    Sunday, October 14, 2001 (excerpt)
    Sunday, June 13, 2004 (excerpt)
    Sunday, May 11, 2003 (excerpt)
    Sunday, June 30, 2002 (excerpt)
    Sunday, February 27, 2000 (excerpt)

Section Five
His Blood's Red Glare - Bombs Bursting in Air
    Sunday, February 13, 2005 (excerpt)
    Friday, July 4, 1997
    Sunday, March 14, 2004 (excerpt)
    Sunday, February 27, 2005 (excerpt)
    Sunday, July 4, 2004
    Sunday, August 6, 2000
    Sunday, July 20, 2003 (excerpt)
    Palm Sunday, March 20, 2005
    Sunday, July 4, 1999
    Sunday, September 16, 2001
    Sunday, February 13, 2005 (excerpt)
    Sunday, September 23, 2001
    Sunday, December 15, 2002
    Sunday, December 29, 2002
    Sunday, March 23, 2003
    Sunday, April 24, 2005 (excerpt)


Book Excerpt

"My forceful one, we have just begun. My Son is with you..."
February 22, 1991 - 2:45 a.m.

And, with these words in the pre-dawn hours of a winter morning at the close of the second Pentecostal millennium, a mystical prodigy of human sanctification commenced at the invocation of the regal Queen of Heaven and Earth. The loving Mother of Jesus Christ has been allowed by the Omnipotent God of Creation to come to the spiritual aid of a horribly reckless and irreligious humankind. This utterly unthinkable, and certainly unanticipated, intercession of the Immaculate Virgin Mary into the American culture at its ignominious pinnacle of moral dereliction is a glorious blessing of righteous renewal that is sounding the apocalyptic knell in the parlours of immorality and secular abomination.

My childhood friend and I are witnesses to the Divine Love who owns the fields upon which we will play-out our lives and which renders our grandest national successes to be just a few scattered droplets of rain before the gushing torrents of immortal victory are beleaguered like a hurricane around our unsuspecting consciences. Our Lady's miraculous appearances to us on the heartland plains of Illinois during these modern times are the embodiment of God's emissarial Mercy extended to each of us in anticipation of the convincing administration of His perfect Justice, which spares no mortal in its cleansing wave.

For those of you who have never listened to the authentic voice of God, cared about His elevated intentions for the unfolding of our world, or considered your fate before the eternal ages, now is the most opportune moment of your entire lives. For anyone who has found it difficult to accept the Wisdom of our Creator issuing from the lips of sinful human evangelists or surrender to the moral precepts from priests, pastors, or pundits, the sinless Mother of the Messiah, the Virgin of Nazareth, wishes to speak with you. This benign Matriarch is without peer in the supernal Wisdom of what is true and real. The passionate desires of Her Immaculate Heart originate in the effervescent Love of Her Son, who is tireless in His longing to teach our lost world the Universal Truth that will never change through heresy, hatred, havoc or horror. Our Blessed Lady has proven Her unimpeachable authority to articulate the prescriptions for Redemption when, in Her finest hour, She became one in the Passion of Her Son and cooperated in the inscription of the sanguinary legacy of the Calvarian mountaintop into historical being. No one can fail by extending their humble deference to this Immaculate Queen and Veridical Benefactress. Even if one was to heroically advance the courage to throw their entire material existence onto the trash heap of society as being so much bad rubbish, they would become infinitely richer than their wildest imaginings for their sound decision to finally abandon their worn-out thoughts, understandings, and careers to move into union with the redeeming transformation of life as it comes into alignment with its most prestigious reflection of the Almighty Father.

As I have stated before, ...I can tell you how to become holy, but it is you who must make the transformation. I can tell you that I have seen the meadow, but it is you who must travel there. I can speak of commitment, but it is you who must become committed. I can reveal the Truth, but it is you who must accept it. I can ask you to believe, but it is you who must summon the courage that escorts that faith to the surface of your life (Morning Star Over America, 1999). Faith is not only a capacity to believe in the unseen that is solely dispensed by the Holy Spirit. It is also a willed extinction of our old selves that we sacrifice to make way for the new. While we decide to believe, the Holy Spirit tells us what to believe. Therefore, we come together as one heart in these pages, seeking to remedy the failings in the darker corridors of our past by cultivating springtime rows of a new season of grace, and heralding the hopes of generations of our forebears who held to the revelations of God through the cyclical ages of moral transgression and faithless indifference.

There are thousands upon millions of human beings who have never encountered a sincere witness or an authentic testimonial to the mystically Divine as my brother and I are extending through our works. Yet, this holy collection of days which has been manifested by the supernatural intervention of the unseen Hosts of Paradise is accelerating the transformation of an irrefutably wayward humankind into the pristine image of unified Love that our Creator has wished us to emulate since He first cast our frames onto the exilic plains of this mortal Earth and encased our souls within them at the Paradisian Fall. Whether one might wish to characterize the past 14 years of our lives as a supernatural odyssey, a metaphysical trek, a private revelation, a prophetic warning, or merely a simple blessing, there has undoubtedly grown a horn of impeccable spiritual fruit which is granting a fuller realization to everyone within earshot that the God of Creation is real, alive, and has been completely engaged with His created humanity and the universe that we providentially inhabit since the moment of its terrestrial conception at His Divine Hand, notwithstanding whether the original six days incorporated a big bang and millions of years or a mere 144 solar hours. The Most Holy Trinity has been communicating Divine Wisdom and guidance across every age of human existence in the dispensation of infinitely merciful graces to throngs of ordinary people.

Throughout the evolution of our civilizations, the development of our cranial intellects, and the maturation of our cohesive interactions, the Pentecostal Spirit has revealed His nurturing care in multitudes of vastly differing manifestations encompassing as many variant magnitudes of insightful depth of the Heavenly Kingdom as can be envisioned by the infant faith of sinful mortals. Yet, God has always beneficently unveiled His celestial designs, reverent commands, and stern admonishments according to the times in the most prolific and fluent means that each generation would faithfully embrace as we collectively move as one bassinet of divine children ever closer to the fullness of time and our eternal judgment. Therefore, during this fortunate generation and from this blessed place, the unyielding continuity of miraculous legitimacy processes forth with crystalline clarity, generous humility, anointed authority, unalterable resilience, steadfast certitude, and ultimate victory. Our postmodern era is not bereft of the beatific intercession of our Lord God. The question remains, Will we believe His Heavenly Messenger who also happens to be His Mother and Queen?

Supernal Chambers
A Resurrection Prayer
ISBN: 0967158796

Eighth in a series of visionary manuscripts, this book by William L. Roth, Jr. is about the spiritual blight and social dysfunction that mainstream America has been suffering for the past forty years. There is no disguising the dubious future that might be unfolding, with all the desecration, blasphemy, heresy, and penchant for outright evil that holds a grip of morbidity on the throat of the United States' popular culture. Too many citizens are adversely affected by America's lack of spirituality. Their lives are marred by senseless violence and the erosion of traditional family values. We see such degradation everyday in the news and on our neighborhood streets, but we seem to lack the time and initiative to address the problem. Our nation is burdened by a dispassionate indifference and ethical blindness that causes us to turn away from the pastoral common sense that marked the good old days. William speaks to the restoration of our civic responsibility through Jesus Christ, while offering an evocative perspective about how to approach the great moral challenges of our time. And, we are the beneficiaries of his close relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary through this awe-inspiring work that has already revived the hopefulness of countless decent people.

Back Cover

Eighth in a series of visionary manuscripts, this book by William L. Roth Jr. is about the spiritual blight and social dysfunction that mainstream America has been suffering for the past forty years. There is no disguising the dubious future that might be unfolding, with all the desecration, blasphemy, heresy, and penchant for outright evil that holds a grip of morbidity on the throat of the United States popular culture. Too many citizens are adversely affected by America's lack of spirituality. Their lives are marred by senseless violence and the erosion of traditional family values. We see such degradation everyday in the news and on our neighborhood streets, but we seem to lack the time and initiative to address the problem. Our nation is burdened by a dispassionate indifference and ethical blindness that causes us to turn away from the pastoral common sense that marked the good old days. William speaks to the restoration of our civic responsibility through Jesus Christ, while offering an evocative perspective about how to approach the great moral challenges of our time. And, we are the beneficiaries of his close relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary through this awe-inspiring work that has already revived the hopefulness of countless decent people around the world.

Table of Contents

The Holy Collatia

Parte Primarius
Our Search for Absolution

    1. Created for the Glory of God
    2. Only a Little Lower Than the Angels
    3. Prudence and Justice
    4. Beauty and Propriety
    5. Temperance and Courage

Parte Februarius
A Betrothed Ascension

    6. Lest We Be Led Astray
    7. Father of Orphans, Defender of Widows
    8. Be Thou Baptized in My Name!
    9. Walk With Him Twain
    10. The Indelible Spiritual Mark

Parte Tertius
Breaching the Surly Bonds

    11. If You Have Not Love
    12. Suffering and Beatific Vision
    13. The Alpine Countenance
    14. O’ Bless the Lord, My Soul!
    15. The Fairest of the Sons of Men

Parte Quartarius
Imparted In Due Season

    16. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory
    17. In His Eucharistic Brilliance
    18. In Hoc Signo Vinces
    19. For Thine is the Kingdom!
    20. The Last Passover

Parte Quintus
This Land of Bastioned Hope

    21. Let There Be Peace on Earth
    22. How Many Wounded Souls?
    23. Faithful in All His Works
    24. Having Within It All Sweetness!
    25. The Comprehensive Expanse of Eternal Truth

Parte Sixtus
O’ Saving Victim, Opening Wide!

    26. Christ Gilds Our Piety and Peace
    27. With Awesome Wonder
    28. Be Thou My Vision!
    29. Breathe on Me, Breath of God!
    30. Splendor of the Morning Dawn

Parte Septuplus
Open Skies and Gated Vaults

    31. Our Unified Convocation of Love
    32. Following His Appointed Course
    33. Administrators of God’s Justice
    34. Faith Grows Apace, Divine Love Lives
    35. Rejoice Always, Pray Unceasingly

Finis Grande
The Virgin Mary, Mother of God

    36. Our Lady of Divine Intention
    37. Mary and Jesus Inseparable
    38. Mary, Advocate for Sinners
    39. Mary, Matriarchal Seat of Wisdom
    40. Our Lady, Queen of Peace

Book Excerpt

Created for the Glory of God

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word became Flesh from the paramounts of Paradise, transplanted Whole onto the earthen floor below, into a world where human exiles cringe from the curse of our inequities alongside the bewildering beasts, and to the depths of the chagrined indignity we have procured through our own defiance and pride. What shall God say as we pine to touch the center of all Wisdom that is rightfully His to impart?

By what attributes and etiquettes do we own the credentials to beckon on bended knee His unapproachable Light with our force-wind supplications, that He might see His way clear to evacuate our errors, vindicate our vile transgressions, and expunge the annals of our historically unprecedented offenses against the dignity of His Son? If we dare utter anything at all, let it be said to elucidate the inscriptions of our greatest humility, to expose the lost consequences of our unwary calamities, while we pine for His Holy Spirit to be our guide along the coast lands of His spiritual frontiers, to defy the weaknesses of our sins in the pales of our wonders, and to the gratitude of the Crucified Man-God who has at last prefigured our final passage through the underground catacombs at the nucleus of our hearts.

What has fashioned this virtuous Grace, so heralded by His mighty Paraclete? What compassion has been so wrought! What is man that we might benefit from such kind indulgence, such remission, and such perpetual acquittal? How do we fare alongside the Archangels who have done no wrong, or the lilies of the field who know only to stand in beauty, or the skyborn pinnacles hovering over yonder horizons, aloof and aloft above our parenthetic lives, stationed between the sunlight and the Moon? What has been the origin of such exaltation, the praise we preserve for He whose conquest has fully liberated the entire species of men, whose counsel and power have defied our wickedness, whose radiance and sanctity have breathed life anew into our stillborn imaginings at the daybreak of the dawn? What wide chasms and vast cynosures have we leapt and raised, pining to contain the consoled human spirit inside our valorous Creator whose deigning Pardon has already cast His broadest Light over the articles of our paltry existence?

Hewn from the Cornerstone of the Glory of God, are we not the fortunate race who was created only a little lower than the Angels? Doesn’t our capacity to defy the wickedness and snares of the devil give occasion to our immutable power to imbue the world with the Spirit of Christ, that the entirety of humanity might be vested in the solemnity of the Saints? We are much too hardened a brood, it would seem, to be accorded the title of “benign” before the vistas of Nature unfurled.

Our motivations are far too virulent, that we would strip the world of virgins to beget our progenies’ future, or pollute the social atmospheres where peaceful accords were supposed to grow. We too often prod the weak among us to challenge us in return, or beg us not to devour them just for the sport of the conquest. Where are our finely crafted consciences that swirl around the globe looking for a home? And, what of our foul and repulsive retaliations that stand not as diplomats in chief, but harbingers of our own demise in the limelight of the Cross? Wouldn’t we be somewhat squeamish to know that even our venial offenses are like casting stones against a lone fledgling rose when seen through the delicacy of God’s Love?

We dare speak of quiche-eating dignitaries who shock the landscapes of our cultural identity in somewhat foreign tones as though they are child prodigies with some peculiar insight into the complexities of the mind. There are no such dignified superlatives, either in the flesh or written on the page, capable of usurping the power of God to do with humanity as He wills, even to the point of silvering our souls into the finest tableware with which He shall soon engorge Himself at table, satisfying His voracious appetite for final justice in the world. Indeed, are we His sterling instruments like flutes playing in His hands, or is our faith a frail and choppy brittleness, like the skeletons of fallen yearlings plummeting from their nests, lying naked on the ground?

We are created for the Glory of God; and unbeknownst to us from whence we were tiny babes, those wings about what I speak are notably our own. And, we have undeniable freedom with them, and liberation from the pangs of destructive self-doubts; and we hold dominion over our feathered friends, the ichthyoids of the open seas, and little crawling creatures who take their names from Adam and their innocence from God. We glory in and through Jesus Christ who is seated at the Right Hand of the Father, and in the thoughtful bows of the sweet Magnolia trees, in the eloquence of elder statesmen, and in the tenacity of little children whose halogen innocence pales the garishness of the day. We begin to embark again, as awkward as it may seem, to soften the courser grains whereby we tread against the witch world; and we reach a calmer awareness of who we really are. None can best us when we place our souls’ epicenter at the summit of the Cross, the Holy Land inside us where stars and sickles and stripes and fields can neither define nor refine the essence of our being.

Human existence, per se, is not essentially representational of the greater good in Creation, but we can be part of it if we strive for goodness, and try to attain that sacred confession to someday be saints inter alios, among other people, so that we cease to exist as we have been known, when Christ supplants our identity before the temporal world. O’ how sweet to say, “Jesus! I am your sacred understudy, and I have heretofore died that you shall live in me!” The most blessed of all possible worlds is composed of those intangible things our Lord once told us about, like good will whose effects we can see, and denial of the self in people who pray, on Pullman porters’ sweaty brows, or hear in the rattling of chain gangs’ picks and axes—victims themselves of the penchant of men to swear an oath to vengeance.

Yes, we are subjects crafted through the debonaire of our Divine Creator, whose aspiring compassion and unharnessed intelligence is unmatched in the history of the world. Let the celestial globes revolve and pass, the spheres and orbs that oscillate like whirlwind trawlers passing in the night. We are much too like their motion sometimes, bound to the void of darkness, methodically spinning out of control into a web of lies by which we ourselves fall victim.

In this, we too often wonder how much life to live. When and where do we recreate ourselves into likenesses previously unknown, unpredictable and impregnable, as though we wielded the power to resurrect the soul? And, how much dying do we do? Shall we crush that blush of life that vanishes our fate in favor of the Cross? Or do we cater to the void of the human spirit and harbor only thoughts that make our acts parallel to the Abyss’s bottom line, somewhere in Creation where our hearts and souls lie prostrate on the floor? Surely Christ would have us don our wedding clothes and meet Him in the vestibule!

Despite our heinous tardiness from the halls of sanctity, He calls us nonetheless to join Him there, where we shall cease to be harried by the torment of our sins, where both Light and Life have heretofore vanquished Satan’s cruel aversion to the Salvation of the world, where teachers and learners turn their faces toward the same revealing Light, where victory pours from mountaintops like waterfalls in the spring, and that last, great bastion of eternal hope finally comes to pass before the conclusion of the day. What a precocious momentum humanity lives today! There is nothing in human life that merits the loathing of other men.

After all, are we not also the falconers of our dreams with lofty heights to reach, and the tartness of the earth savoring the sweetness of the skies, and mere homeless souls seeking those many dwelling places God promised us when He finally changed His mind? We commit and submit ourselves to the Mercy of the Blood of His ancient Sacrifice that is still relevant in our time. For everything we ever desired to have, to see, to hold, or to keep, all our aspirations in life must be to ascend the plenary evergreens to reach the eagles’ nests, for in their pursuit resides the consoling reign of human dignity and the poise of all the nations, where steelier men wearing leather bootstraps could never have even imagined to proceed.

“Go forth and bear fruit” means that we are to become the summoners of the lost, the dividers of spoils, and messianic flyers in the night who loosen battened-down hatches and rescue God’s creatures who are immured in the dark corridors of their fears and groundless inhibitions. The immemorial nutriment of Christ’s Holy Love will feed them if we remind them of His Grace. And, for all our tours and tucks, and applause and extracts, we can do precious little with our hands that is not sanctioned by the holy hours we kneel before Him in prayer.

It is in this solitude of the human spirit that true Wisdom in us grows, so that we realize why we have been born, how to fashion the substance of our prayers, upon which fruits to feed for the nourishment of our souls, and who among us are the Janus-faced traitors who would sell us out to the devil for a paltry piece of silver. The ruddy complexion of human existence oftentimes defies the tenderness by which we are supposed to live, deceiving us into believing that we must destroy the adversaries of Christianity in order to sanctify them.

While the daily mantra of mortal life tends to deprecate our mortal attributes, throwing the rest in the dust bins of the past, we must be wise in the things of immortality, too. If Jesus Christ did not believe that the worst people in our midst were capable of becoming saints, He surely would never have placed His Spirit inside us to wrest them from their errors. This, therefore, is our prefigured mission inside the Glory of God, to be His children who pine for His sacred blessings. There can be no doubt that Jesus is wroth to see His faithful flock stand-out in indifference before the transgressions of the world; and just wishing our enemies into oblivion is sometimes not enough. Indeed, it is by His Love that we are enlivened, and in His Grace that we shall inevitably die.

Morning Star Over America
The New Millennium

AD 2000-2002
ISBN: 0967158753

Herein this work rests the hope for the new millennium. The Most Holy Virgin Mary has been authorized by Her Son Jesus Christ to dispense unprecedented guidance to a humanity which is treading far too close to certain destruction. Humble souls have been passionately petitioning the assistance of Almighty God in this our hour of need; and the miraculous intercession of the Blessed Virgin is His answer. Heaven has breached its silence with these authoritative words from the Queen of Heaven herself. This book contains the conversations that the Virgin Mary has engaged with two men from the heartland of the United States during the first three years of the new millennium. They were instructed to wait five years before releasing their contents to the world. Those five years are up!

Back Cover

Now comes the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus Christ, in all Her splendor, uttering the refrains of human Salvation in the Holy Cross. She exalts the blessings of Christian faith and the urgency of the world’s conversion to two of Her children who, since February 22, 1991, have chronicled Her intercession during their prayers.

This book contains the transcripts of those messages from January 2000 through December 2002. Our Lady speaks volumes about Roman Catholic Christianity, the Holy Sacraments, sacrificial conversion, and spiritual sanctification by citing the Church’s Tradition and Doctrine; employing all the sacred essentials at Her discretion, including an occasional euphemism or figure of speech not intended for strict literal interpretation.

The Holy Mother loves humanity to the ends of the Earth, and urges the completion of God’s Kingdom through our obedience to Her Immaculate Heart. Let us hasten the hour when She can rise before the nations and declare that Her work has been accomplished.

Thus says the Mother of God-

“All anyone needs to do is review My messages from 1991 and beyond. The simple words of Love and encouragement that are found there are the begetting of a vision for new life, a beatific prefiguration for comprehending the unbounded scope of God’s Plan for the culmination of human events”
August 26, 2001

“It is oftentimes difficult to maintain the intensity of your faith, but this is why I come; it is why I bring you ceaseless miracles and supernatural manifestations to buoy and strengthen your faith; and this is why there are diaries in Creation that comport with the hyper-extension of God’s Truth and purposes beyond the Sacred Scriptures, to assure humankind that Jesus is as alive today as when He laid down His life on the Cross and was raised from the Sepulcher on Easter.”
January 6, 2002

Table of Contents

Prologue By William L. Roth Jr.

     AD 2000 . . . . . . . . . 1

     AD 2001 . . . . . . . . . 115

     AD 2002 . . . . . . . . . 265

Book Excerpt

Prologue by William L. Roth, Jr.

When compiling these beatific message-texts from the Most Blessed Virgin Mary during the dawning hours of this new millennium, I pondered what additional information might be needed to explain their context, answer individual curiosities, benign and otherwise, and provide better perspective for each reader as to how the divine intercession of the Queen of Heaven occurs to my brother and me, as opposed to simply allowing each person to imagine its dynamics, however inaccurate that speculation may be. Many facts and allusions describing the divine relationship we share with our Heavenly Mother are contained in our initial two-volume Diary, Morning Star Over America. It is a composition wherein we have meticulously chronicled the opening days of this miraculous charism from 1991-1996.

Although there has never been an intentional effort to date where we have attempted to delineate any deeper nuances of these experiences, it is imperative for all to realize that any further descriptions that may be given only pertain to our present circumstances, as many alterations of our ongoing spiritual relationship with the Holy Virgin Mother have occurred throughout the years, and subsequent amendments or modifications to this spiritual gift could well take place at any next series of moments.

Despite this flexibility, the orthodox substance of Her conversations with us has never changed since the first instant of Her miraculous appearance in our lives over sixteen years ago. The consistency of Her desires remains evidentiary in their holiness and truth; and Her instructions, parables, and teachings have never once opposed the Gospel Truth or Salvific Dogma proclaimed by the Roman Catholic Church for the last 2000 years. The only noticeable variations in the scope, mechanics, timing, and environment related to the reception of Her intercession have been in response to the deepening of our Catholic faith, much like a door would open wider each passing day revealing more that is behind it, along with amendments accommodating the responsibilities thrust upon anyone through the normal functioning of their lives. Our Lady said in the beginning that She did not come to commandeer our lives, but to assist in bringing them to perfection in Her Son Jesus. Truly, this encompasses a definition whose magnitude and variations are without limit in the possibilities of Her expanding role in humanity’s conversion to Christianity.

While this book contains the prudently-abridged dialogue that the Most Blessed Virgin engaged with us at the opening of the third millennium, it would be beneficial to preface any conscientious examination of its contents by considering Her miraculous intercession to be more than simply “messages” a courier might deliver from a superior. No courier has ever had a relationship with his ministerial principal that remotely replicates the loving bond that the Virgin Mary maintains with Her children in Her Immaculate Heart.

Worthy of note is the interior dissonance one feels while speaking in terms of “messages.” Although I use this terminology as does the Immaculate Virgin, Her interaction with us flourishes in unseeable parameters far beyond linguistics in an authentic multi-dimensional relationship, a living rapport that is as real as any relationship with a friend or family member one may have. For example, we never say to others, “In my mother’s message yesterday, she said…” Rather, we relate, “When I spoke with mother yesterday, she said…” The personal aura of the “relationship” is made manifest and evident in the latter description. Hence, the word “message” is inadequate, as it allows for the amputation of the words from the relationship. This is why She repeatedly asks humanity to “live” Her messages, for by doing so we transcend into the superscopic arena of the heart, where we encounter panoramic mystical dimensions and sense spectacular wonderments far greater than the mundane lucidity that finite combinations of twenty-six letters can dispense.

There is a word, “kenosis,” which refers to the “sacrifice” or “suppression” of the outward manifestation of Jesus’ Divine attributes as God upon His entry into the world in human flesh. Likewise, there is a kenotic effect in the transmission of the glory of Our Lady’s words as they assume their earthly framework as linguistic messages. During the transposition of Her indomitable Grace into the syntax of discernable human communication, Her Divine Eminence is obscured by the limited terminology of being merely a “message.” Alas, for pragmatic sake, I use the phraseology while realizing it is impossible to circumscribe the infinite depth of Her presence and intentions in mere human words. The thematic works resting beneath the mantle of Morning Star Over America are more an artful revelation of Her exemplary maternal relationship with Her children than a simplistic dictation of the dialogue of certain events. Many of Her children should be reminded that a relationship with the Queen of Heaven cannot be embraced by simply perusing a generic codex of messages, looking for prophecies of Armageddon, and then discarding them as some private revelation only of relevance to the recipients.

The Holy Gospel of Christianity is about the restoration of our “relationship” with God the Father as His disciples whom He originally created in His own image and likeness. Jesus Christ is the Messiah who reestablished our pristine union with the Most Holy Trinity through His Passion and Death on the Cross atop Mount Calvary twenty centuries ago. This familial bond with the heavens is initiated by our Baptism, convalesced in the penitential confession of our sins to a Roman Catholic priest, fulfilled in the subsequent reception of the Bread of Life from the Catholic Altar, and sustained in our sacrificial emulation of the virtuous life that Jesus Christ exemplifies through the power of the Holy Spirit beneath the maternal guidance of His Virgin Mother.

The life of Christian faith to which we witness is then accentuated by our filial and fraternal relationship with the triumphant Communion of Saints and our earth-weary brothers and sisters whom we serve in humble love. Therefore, the grammatical messages are of a finite temporal scope, but they reflect, highlight and reveal the larger reality of our ethereal interrelationship with the Most Blessed Trinity and the Heavenly Hosts who circumscribe our existence with infinite Love. Those who see the text of the messages as the only matter of importance while discarding the miraculous relationship to which they witness will be making the same misjudgment as those who believe that Sacred Scripture is the only medium for Divine Truth, omitting the spectacular “relationship” that Jesus has maintained with His Catholic Church throughout its twenty centuries of Divine Tradition, including the miraculous intercession of hosts of Saints and Angels. Hear me now! Those who are dismissive of the gift of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s presence are not in communion with the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. Faith is composed of both our awareness of and compliance with “how” the Lord chooses to close-out the ages. The appearance of the Woman Clothed with the Sun is the centerpiece of His apocalyptic will.

Morning Star Over America
The New Millennium

AD 2003-2005
ISBN: 9780979333408

The second in a triology of new millennium anthologies that unveil the miraculous intercession of the Morning Star Over America to the heart and soul of the United States. While our country teeters on the brink of oblivion, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary has been allowed by God to appear and give hope as it has never been given before on such a revelatory scale. The Most Blessed Trinity is forming the conscience of humanity for the glorious Return of the Savior of the world because He wishes us to be prepared to greet His eternal dominion with hearts aglow in His Divine Love. This is why He has sent His Mother to tailor our souls for perfection. Through these works, He is allowing that divine transformation to commence.

Back Cover

The Blessed Virgin Mary is the most unique intercessor humanity has ever known, beginning with Her Fiat to the Archangel Gabriel. She stands with Christ in everything God demands. Our Lady is our Mother in Heaven appearing on Earth, speaking about Salvation in Jesus’ Crucifixion, clarifying the consequences of God's Judgement, and facilitating the conversion of nonbelievers to the Blood of the Cross.

Our Immaculate Mother began speaking to two lifelong friends from central Illinois in 1991, and this book contains Her messages from 2003-2005. Discover what the Queen of Love has to say about America's involvement in world affairs, western capitalism, the Iraq war, secular humanism, abortion, Christian evangelization, the sacred priesthood, and a host of other ecclesial prophecies.

The concepts of Wisdom, charity, holiness, virtue, honor, sacrifice, peacefulness, and sanctity run pervasively throughout Our Lady's messages, and it would behoove us to heed Her advice while there remains time to act.

Among Her eloquent reflections, the Mother of God says-

"When the Earth looks like a wasteland in which the dregs of society have sunken to the bottom of the seas, you lift them to the surface where Jesus resuscitates them. You are not commoners in God's Kingdom, He has created you to be the chosen elect. You are not pacifiers, you are subscribers to His revolution. This is what He mandates and the reason you were given your faith."   July 6, 2003

"Please spread the word that a Perfect Creature has come calling upon humanity to turn back to God. The assailants against pious goodness, hope, purity, and charity that are running rampant in the United States must be crushed. Tell them, My children, about My Sacred Heel. Show them the holy relics depicting the Mother of Jesus Christ stomping the head of evil into the ground. I must and I already have."   February 15, 2004

Table of Contents

     I.      A visitation from the beatific realms
     II.     Building unity on a foundation of miracles
     III.    Abortion and the cultural extinction of America
     IV.    Virtue, the Commandments and evangelic grace
     V.     To whom much is given, much is required
     VI.    The Primacy of the Roman Catholic Church
     VII.   Protestantism as a reactionary ideology
     VIII.  Methinks thou are protesting too much!
     IX.    The Woman Clothed with the Sun
     X.     Twelve Apostles, Three Persons, One Church
     XI.    The Eucharist is the authentic Bread of Life
     XII.   Mary, poised in grief, hopeful for humanity
     XIII.  The purifying mandates of God’s Kingdom
     XIV.   Jesus, Son of the Matriarchal Intercessor
     XV.    Sung with an eloquence few have ever heard

     Anthology of Messages 2003-2005

Book Excerpt

I. A visitation from the beatific realms

     I have begun compiling this work in the beautiful fall of the year 2007, nearly seventeen years advanced in time since the inception of our Holy Virgin Mother’s messages which compose our manuscripts. I feel a deep nostalgia and contentment as I reminisce the events of those earlier days, even while so much more has occurred for the enlightenment of humankind since those times. At the completion of our initial diary titled Morning Star Over America in 1997, my perception was limited to the preceding six years of Our Lady’s immaculate grace and the mystical events that had inundated the lives of my brother and me since February 22, 1991.

As I recall our disposition and state of anticipation in those dawning stages, our hopes were enormous, being friends who wished so deeply for the world to finally change. We were maneuvering our daily lives unaware of the spiritual magnitude which would blossom from our obedience to the Mother of Jesus Christ. I was genuinely thankful for the progression of my personal relationships and the prayerful events that we attended prior to the soul-shattering thunderclap of Her supernatural appearance, but life took on a profound new meaning on that cold winter day in the same way the Old and New Covenants were separated in time by the virginal Birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem. A new morning had dawned in the middle of the night; a Light had begun to flicker in the cryptic vaults of mankind’s veiled existence. I realized a new possibility for Christian evangelization had been conceived which would inevitably promote the deliverance of the Earth’s inhabitants from the lethargic rancidness of repeated human error to a bold conviction of life altering Truth. The evidence to sustain a thorough reawakening of our spiritual identity had been dispensed. The ethereal unseen became concrete reality for us. Life was irrevocably transfigured where the substantive essence of our motivations and consciousness was enlightened by the undeniable Truth of Deific Love.

Even as we were immersed in those unfolding moments of spiritual lucidity, we were nonetheless oblivious to the permanence of our timely transformation and the impenetrable longevity of the Most Blessed Virgin’s loving succor that now reverberates in its original clarity throughout our entire existence, even to this day. We were in possession of a nearly 1600-page diary which is a singularly-unique historical “re-declaration” of what God wishes the world to know, accept and obey in our age, but we were otherwise unaware of the additional magnification that Our Lady intended to subsequently amplify. The Mother of Jesus desired that the scope of our writing not be limited to a word-for-word, faceless dictation of Her messages, but that it proffer a more comprehensive circumspection of the intentions of God within the context of our daily lives in exile. She asked that we synthesize Her guidance through the framework of our understanding as children of faith in every sense of the word.

My brother and I stood at the threshold of a prefigured future, eager, excited, fulfilled, accomplished, tempered, tested, abused and fearless, and without the faintest realization of the stratospheric heights to which those sentiments and emotions would be further catapulted in the ensuing years. She has made our faith-spirits indomitable, our conviction impregnable, and our devotion and deference to Her Motherhood as gentle and supple as the lighting of a dove. Our part has always been to lash our flesh and egos, while demanding they comply with Her Immaculate grace.

I remember kneeling in tears one night after our pilgrimages to Medjugorje, sometime in 1990 before Our Lady began appearing to us more definitively. I was pouring-out my heart to our Virgin Mother in recognition of the obstinate disbelief and scandalous arrogance that people level against Her miraculous intercession. I recognized the astounding measures of supernal grace that She was offering to the world with so few humbling themselves to receive these gifts from Her sinless hands.

Overcome by the immense pain that She was experiencing, my compassion transcended deeply into Her Immaculate Heart where I told Her I would accept and obey everything that others refused to believe. I promised Her that I would embrace the panoramic scope of Her assistance to humanity, even if there would never be another soul who would stand alongside me with such bold conviction. I petitioned God that none of Her aid would ever be lost as a revelation to mankind through a deficit of faith by any seer, congregation, or ecclesial body.

I told Her that I would believe and support Her messengers, no matter who they were, with a further petition that I would be protected from ever being deceived by charlatans. And, even as I prayed, it never occurred to me that any one of those mystical graces would ever descend and overwhelm my life. Such patterns of thought never existed within my soul. They were gifts that were given only to saints, and I knew that I did not merit standing in their ranks. I simply felt that I had one power that I controlled, and that was my own will to choose to believe.

I summoned the courage to make my heart stand at the ready to invoke any sacrifice in order to accede to the Will of God on the Earth through Her intercession. I knew with all my heart that I wanted this beautiful Virgin from Heaven to feel loved and appreciated with absolute perfection by at least one person on the face of the globe in our time. I wanted Her to be able to tell Jesus that She had found a son who would never utter the word “no” to Her, notwithstanding the cost. Only “yes,” only willingness, only obedience, perpetually to the Mother of God and to the Christ whom She serves. Thus, here we are, bearing our fair share of the sacrificial responsibility for the advancement of the Holy Gospel and the building up of the Kingdom of God for the ages.

Morning Star Over America
Twentieth Century Anthology

AD 1997-1999
ISBN: 9780979333422

"Morning Star Over America: Twentieth Century Anthology 1997-1999" Anyone who believes that the Blessed Virgin Mary slipped uneventfully into history after She fulfilled Her role in Christian Salvation is in for a vast awakening. God has sent Her back as humanity's adviser and counselor into a world filled with radical secularists to coax them not only into believing that He exists, but to prove that Heaven carries no grudge against Adam and Eve, and therefore ourselves, for our disobedience against His sacred divinity. Let there be no mistake, God is plenty sore about our record of ruthless conduct, but we have gained absolution through Jesus' Crucifixion on Mount Calvary. This is the conversional message that the Blessed Mother has been dispensing through Her appearances to seers and hearers around the globe for hundreds of years. This book is the first sequel to Mary's messages to two central Illinois men that began on February 22, 1991. "In Our Darkest Hour: Morning Star Over America" is the original diarist register of what Our Lady told them about the spiritual reprise of the human heart, recapturing America's social conscience in a world embroiled in moral relativism, rededication to the Holy Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church, the cause-effect relationship between isolationism and war, the egregious immorality of abortion, and all the ways mortal men have abdicated their responsibility to create a more peaceful world and pave the way for the return of Jesus Christ in Glory. These same two visionaries have carefully recorded what the Blessed Virgin Mary affirms in "Morning Star Over America: Twentieth Century Anthology 1997-1999" precisely as instructed, and it would behoove all earthly creatures to open their eyes, lend their ears, and respond deferentially to Mary's urgent requests in advance of the conclusion of human existence as we know it.

Back Cover

Secular Americans are loath to examine their relationship with God, ignoring the signs about facing certain death, even as they concede to their own perverse selfishness in direct contradiction to the Scriptures.

We sometimes wonder why our motivations seem less than appealing in the eyes of Jesus Christ, while our nation continues to spurn His sacred pleas to turn toward Heaven and follow the Way of the Cross. Most people woefully underestimate God’s determination to bring us to justice in the court of Christian Truth.

This is why He sent His Mother, the Immaculate Virgin Mary, to reprimand all prodigals and nonbelievers about the obscenity of their ways. Our Lady began speaking to two central Illinois men on February 22, 1991 who had earlier traveled to the Marian shrine of Medjugorje in the former Yugoslavia. She has forewarned them about the darkness of the human spirit and Christ’s plans to obliterate the world’s unholy course. This anthology contains the transcripts of those messages from March 1997 through December 1999.

Only those who receive the Holy Eucharist are capable of seeing beyond the veil, for it is but through this Blessed Sacrament that your vision is refined. My cherished ones, I have called humanity constantly to accept this fact, but many protest that the Lord cannot be present in the Bread of Life from the Altar of Sacrifice. They are lost and ignorant; they are wandering aimlessly a meandering path that will not lead them to redemption.

My Special son, you are aware of the truth about which I speak. No matter if the time surpasses thirty-seven years, a surplus of millennia or ten thousand epochs, you have been and will always be consecrated to the Holy Eucharist as My adopted child. You are fed by Jesus’ Body and Blood the divinity that has made you whole; and with this perfection, you are teaching your brothers and sisters about His Love. Thank you for spreading goodness across the Earth since 1961 and for living prevalently the holiness that I have nourished in you. You cannot fail in your struggles to assist the Catholic Church to prevail in a world that is so antithetical to its mission. Human hearts cannot be locked in darkness when you give them the Light of Heaven. Had I not come speaking to you, America and the world would remain distant from Me, too unaware of My power, and far too indifferent to dedicate its most crucial hours to the conversion of the wicked.

- Blessed Virgin Mary, September 20, 1998

Table of Contents

Prologue By William L. Roth

     AD 1997 . . . . . . . . . 1

     AD 1998 . . . . . . . . . 67

     AD 1999 . . . . . . . . . 139

Book Excerpt

     How many parents have chuckled at the spectacle of their young child with a favorite blanket draped across their shoulder, coat donned to the chin, small knapsack in one hand and the thumb of the other pacifying their insecurity, heading out the door supposedly running away from their taskmasters whom they have decided they can live without? Imagine how those parents humourously questioned the intentions of their small charge, knowing with far more enlightened vision that their ultimate destinations before their retreat to their loving arms would be the front step, the end of the sidewalk, or the edge of the yard. So many naively state that they can see no evidence of our Eternal God, yet His near-perfect reflection has stood at many a doorway watching resolute nestlings turn their backs and launch themselves on temporary courses into the unknown.

Indeed, humanity stands no more beyond the paternal gaze of the Almighty Father at this moment than any of those toddlers who momentarily effectuated their emancipation from their parents. Now if we consider contemporary events, both secular and spiritual, does not the miraculous intercession of the universe’s Holy Matriarch echo the same parental inquiry in our hearts? Do we not hear the words—“Where are you going? Have you decided not to live with us anymore?,” as we stand with a death grip on our materialism, intent upon engaging the foray of a godless existence, free of the protection of our more noble spirituality.

To what destination can our nation ultimately arrive once shunning the wisdom of divine grace, our recognition of definitive truth, our faith in the wisdom of our forbears, and the Christian knowledge of societal unity that rescinds all human impulses to strike out into cold-hearted antipathy, bloody division, and finally fiery oblivion? Does not the same rogue spirit that seeks an insatiable epicurean independence also badger Christianity to step-aside into some non-influential, private sphere of obscurity? To what end? Around what story will the shining seas serve as bookends once our homeland is vacated of Christian virtue and self-discipline, love and charity, generosity, mercy, forgiveness, purity, and care for the least fortunate? Nay, how long can we outrun the reaping justice of Almighty God for the slaughter of His enwombed children? Should we ignore Holy Scripture and allow our patsy version of His mercy to fool us into thinking there is no justice standing like an avenger behind His patience? What will the hallowed landscape of our scenic plains resemble after all moral principle and noble aspiration based in selfless love are finally disparaged into nonexistence? Conflagrations, indeed!

Do all the haughty antagonists of the great Traditions of Universal Christianity wish this historic experiment in democratic self-government to succumb to the infernal siege of atheistic secularism that is poised to destroy its very nature without so much as a twinge of conscience or apology? The majestic Lady of Mount Calvary once petitioned us to look for Her when Her pedestal came into full bloom. Many have assumed this pedestal to be a reference to the Moon upon which She stands depicted in the twelfth chapter of the Book of Revelation and has appeared in Her many apparitions worldwide. If anyone were to ponder whether God acknowledges His earthly creatures as they reach-out for the stars, then they must affirm, even if accidently, that we have venerated Her as our Heavenly Queen and Patroness of the United States of America, for we have rocketed to Her orbiting pedestal to be at Her feet and have placed our nation’s colors there. And, God has indeed responded reciprocally, sending this Heavenly Queen back to us as the Morning Star Over America, and that is the defining essence resting providentially beneath this mantle of revelation.

The honorable legions who have always hoped for Paradise are awakening to Her mystical reveille rolling a sweet melody of conversion across our warring fields; and the sky-rattling thunder of historical change is beginning to roll. We see this hallowed nation that we call our motherland having been forced out into the terminal frost, to its encampment at the Valley Forge of our ideals; starved for unyielding truth, shivering and dying beneath an encroaching darkness being pulled over our souls by the most dead consciences mankind has ever allowed Satan to invade. Yet even in the inevitable approach of torturous nightmares, noble Americans of Christian fortitude hold sacred an ethereal promise of greatness that calls us all beyond our slumbering patience to the final battle that looms at the edge of the mystical frontier which will define us as worthy for the halls of Paradise, there awaiting the assault of divinity to call us to the salvific fields of the Holy Cross.

The God of Heaven has always yielded fortune its saintly heroes, given them saber and steed, and anointed their spirits for glory, that humanity be called with His own voice to the tides of the highest destiny which flushes the enemies of righteousness back across the chasm of their audacity to defeats they could not possibly have envisioned through the blindness of their ages-old arrogance. The Most Blessed Trinity took the side of the Original Apostolic Church upon a mountaintop called Calvary 2000 years ago and has never suspended that allegiance; and this righteous God pauses inflicting His unimpeachable Will throughout His earthly vineyard in deference to the Son who was crucified there to make it holy. Thus, imminent are our trials and tribulations whose assessment will not be found with badges and statutes. Personal tragedies, internal sorrow, helpless grief, insurmountable crises, and dooming depression. Then, where will be a public law? What of accusations, adjudication, and disposition? The lifeless jurisdiction of the claims of man will convict himself for the record. For these trials will be the conflagration of the heart, the confounding incineration of the arrogant self. Gone will be the futile elitism of pride and procedure. Reduced to ashes will be our wasted experiences from which will rise the last fragile images of a fraudulent and deceitful mankind. Coming is the acclamation of every mortal whose last breath will be “How Great Thou Art.” Gone will be fashion and formula, process and equation. At last will be infinity. Upon us is the last age to be detained by time, the final to be lost, so sayeth the Mother of God. No public consensus can weigh against this Truth, and no private revelation can destroy it. It is time for our awakening from the sleep of mortality and escape from this horrific night of sin. Humankind will be “all” again, with no role or class or hierarchy of self, rather completely selfless and one in God. This last age, marked by revolution and revelation, is the time into which all human existence has flowed since the fall of man.

     Every time God reissues the white light of dawn over the eastern horizon, He proclaims that Truth on the Earth must go on. It can be rather discomforting at times, and the Lord spares no venues to remind us that the only real dignity we have comes from Him. While we work the land, groom the fields, stock our shelves, spread the commonwealth, commute, transact and confer, Jesus is busy overseeing our transition from sinners into saints. Rust belt, corn belt, bible belt; they are all the same to Him; but what we do with our appointed years in exile has permanent effects on the ethereal realms above. Yes, Christ goes to work every day too. His acreage rolls inside us, often rough, dry and steeply offensive, but always fertile, tillable, and seasoned for sowing good will. We know that people are individually distinct, and humanity has a collective identity as well. And, just like our commonness with the sea, we rise and fall according to our groundswells of pressure and atmospheres of social concern. We drink when we thirst, bleed when lanced, recoil when frightened, and cringe when we are ashamed.

The world is in turmoil these days because of our unholiness; and while the birth of our children is God’s decree that we have not yet outstayed our welcome, we are surely on the verge of eviction. Our excesses have taken us to new levels of disobedience and depravity. We have crashed the gate of incivility, shredded our nets with egoism, and knocked down partitions that were supposed to separate us from the seediest parts of life. Every time we draw another breath, we are taking something that belongs to God, exhaling our frustrations over life’s heavy burdens, unaware that someplace in His infinite Wisdom, there is a given number of blinks and heartbeats allotted to us all.

We are moody creatures who must fight against the temptation to insulate ourselves from the imposing aspects of being human; there are times when we must remove our shirts, pick up a shovel, pull a rake, wrap a line, and heave a bale. Again, Jesus does His work even so. He raised a hammer above the Earth the moment He ascended into Heaven that struck humanity straight in the heart at Pentecost. And, with that impact, He fractured the world from surface to core, redirecting our attention to Peter the Rock, the Vicar of the Roman Catholic Church, whose spirit and vigor still reign in the Papacy. Even though the sun goes down in Rome and it looks like nighttime again, it is never dark at the Vatican. No culprits could conceal their crimes near the Necropolis of the resurrected Popes. And, there are no days off at Saint Peter’s; everyone serves a Kingdom that is just beyond their sight. The Holy See is the home office of Christianity, the place where the buck stops and our marching orders are given. It serves no democracy in its Kingdom of the Spirit, but preserves by divine decree the dignity of every man. It is where forgiveness is extended and mercy is held on high. No government can exempt us from the authority of the Pope; and no leaves of absence or midnight escapades should distract us from heeding his sacred commands.

From the Heart of a Nation
Our Mother Calls
ISBN: 9780979333439

This personal memoir is an intimate window into the spiritual development from childhood of a Marian visionary who, along with his best friend, were called into a mystical relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary on February 22, 1991. Over these nearly thirty years, they have created a deposit of spiritual works which chronicles, highlights, reveals, and testifies to this miraculous encounter with the Queen of Heaven and what She wishes to say to humanity. This work describes the early life of William Roth Jr.; his more poignant thoughts as he matured, his relationship with friends, and his life in the small village of Ashland, Illinois with his mother, father and five sisters. His recounting of his early life adds further evidence to the veracity of his claims of being a recipient of miraculous intercession from the heavenly realms and the message that the Mother of God asks that they deliver to the world. It is a book that embodies great hope for the elevation of our society and families into a greater state of grace before God.

Back Cover

A Witness to the Reckoning

At long last, a memoir that transcends the ages, a repertoire of symphonic relevance that demystifies the meaning of eternal life. This book by William Roth Jr. is the manifest that America has been waiting for since the sequoias were in their sapling youth. Its context of impassioned moral genius reveals the potential of the created universe inside the Sacred Heart of God. William revisits the course of human events as seen through the eyes of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This author and this visionary, indeed this holy manuscript, were hewn into excellence by the Mother of God herself. The stages of mortal life from beginning to end are clarified by Her wisdom. William has articulated the urgencies of the 21st century in the chapters you are about to read. His memoir teaches and ignites, scolds and blesses; and through Our Lady’s intercession, makes us whole again. So with all our hearts, let us take heed of what this thoughtful man has written.

So, why would I not come in joy? I see colorful surfaces prepared to receive the burden of the years. I see a breathing, enlightened humanity poised for victory. Yes, and this victory has already begun. It will not spool like data into a queue; it will fall upon this Earth like a billion lightning strikes. It will fall men from their horses before they ever knew it was there. It will lift-up the poor and turn the world upside down; new rules, new priorities, fairer skies, and happier times. This is the victory that I have always described to you, that I have always told you would breathe triumph and elation on you in ways that you could not possibly have foreknown. This is the same way that I see the upcoming release of your first memoir; genius in the material realms. It is the inscribing of the faith of your fathers in a 21st-century work. It reveals the content of your heart in ways that have been previously untold. I am overjoyed about this! I am here to say on this day and always that nothing can remove your revelations about God and your union with Him from history or eternity, those that you have packed into your extraordinary book. This is the stuff of miracles; it is the reason men throw their fists into the air and dance in place because their soul cannot stand still.” - Blessed Virgin Mary , Saturday, August 17, 2013

Table of Contents

From the Heart of a Nation
Our Mother Calls
The Revelation of the Morning Star Over America

Herald This Grace
Raise the Fanfare for the Queen

The Night of All Remembering
Preface to a Memoir

The Roots of Our Dilemma
Religious Pluralism, Moral Relativism, Pagan Secularism

Before the Sunrise
Preparation for the Light

Awakened by the Dawn
Medjugorje Breaks in My Life

The Glorious Morning
February 22, 1991

The Revelation of the Morning Star Over America

Roadblocks and Gatekeepers
Why Do They Stand in the Way?

The Sacred Amalgam
The Difference Between Faith and Belief

The Didactic Consciousness
Moral Instruction

What is Our Hierarchy?
Patriarchy, Feminism and Abortion

Three Moral Majors of Roman Catholicism

I. Monopolist for Redemptive Revelation

II. Custodian and Steward of Apostolic Faith

III. Vessel and Visionary of Theological Truth

God’s Signature of Transcension
His Embossment of Authenticity

Book Excerpt

The Night of All Remembering

Preface to a Memoir

“Jesus is the procurer of our wisdom and the fashioner of our courage. He comes to us bearing the hallmark of all the lifetimes that will providentially conclude in Him. The chastity of the soul is our ultimate signpost whereupon is conferred our redemption as Christ himself has inscribed His Crucifixion on the breastplate of our hearts. If ever we dare question this fact, let it be only to reassess what more we should do. Why not pray with more passion? Why not believe that there are statelier measures than the changing of the seasons? Why not see each new day as a gateway to the exculpation of our faults by which we defer to the Kingdom of God? Why not downplay our desires in favor of His? Why not become ourselves a new humanity?”

A couple of hours before midnight, across the Atlantic Ocean on a Yugoslavian mountainside, the 14th of August 1989, in the company of tens of thousands of people gathered from the far corners of the globe, I stood before the majesty of the heavens come to Earth. There beneath the veil of a communist night at the first blush of emancipating grace, I encountered the Morning Star presiding over the dawn; a beatific illumination marshaled to humankind by the merciful hand of God. In the glory of that spiritual convocation, the Mother of Jesus Christ revealed Herself, descending from the mystical vaults of Paradise to an impoverished parcel of the world, choosing the obscure and unseen to be the beneficiaries of Her immaculate beauty—and I was there. Medjugorje, a small hamlet in Bosnia-Herzegovina of the former Yugoslavia, has been honorably distinguished in the ages as being blessed by heavenly visitation, and will be hailed in the historical strains of human memory as the centerpiece of the final transformation of contemporary man. That Medjugorian night on the Vigil of the Feast of the Assumption of Mary marked the fulcrum of my life; the demarcation between who I was and what I now will always be—a son, a progeny of a Queen, heir to a Kingdom, and a warrior for a Divinity to which I will always strive. If there can be a grave and being drawn forth from it, or a womb opening to process life into the hands of day, I am among the fortunate ones who have come forth from the dungeon of indifference, from that terminal sleep of omission into a vibrant immortal awakening to the reality of God. My sentiments and devotions have been roused from beneath the pall of inexcusable darkness to be donned in the robes of royalty by a Universal Queen. She has directed my spiritual maturity from the mortal vestibule of existence into the liberating brilliance of divine life in the Sacred Heart of Creation’s Messianic King. I have been asked by this beautiful Virgin Mother to manifest within these simple memoirs the dynamic vision that She has composed and sustains in my life, doing so without personal grandiosity or in any relation to myself being a child prodigy or spiritual savant with some kind of over-inflated authority. She wishes instead that I reveal that I am simply a person like any other; a child with a soft heart that has been burdened from birth by a veil of distractions and choices, pummeled like any other, vulnerable to weakness and injury, and liable to misstep, but nonetheless, inherently capable of sound judgement in matters of the conscience. My soul has been providentially cultured with a receptivity to the miraculous overtures from Heaven that are both maturing to the heart of humankind and ultimately unifying at the pinnacle of our common destiny in Christ Jesus. I have pondered deeply what format might be most beneficial for this exposition of my more personal thoughts, perspectives and recollections; and I am not sure it even matters. Nonetheless, my hope is to provide a revelatory contrast where everyone might find their own identification with Jesus and Our Lady in reflection of my own. On the one hand, I understand how difficult it may be to protect an accurate portraiture of the landscape of my life from the irrational distortions heaped upon paladins by sentimentalists; but on the other, I hope to find a balanced arrangement between the burdensome nature of life that each of us endures and the stratospheric vision composed by the Holy Spirit within those children who would be faithful to the King of kings. I wish to be sufficiently intimate to both sides of the fulcrum of that night on Apparition Hill in the former Yugoslavia so that where I stand now may be contrasted with the simple roots of my life which wholly reflect my commonness with the entire body of humanity. I wish that the chasmic gulf which characterizes mankind’s detachment from the heavens in our contemporary age be closed. Whether the description of our lives can be differentiated between being blind and given sight, being asleep and awakening, or existing merely as an inconspicuous member of humankind then being given life as a unique child of consequential divinity, I nonetheless experienced the eternal word that reverberates toward each of us through the darkness of our interior solitude. In the flash of its utterance, it told me that life was not some trek of loneliness and separation whereby our existence is without purpose, ultimate revelation, and finally eternal reward. A simple bit of knowledge was deposited into my being from outside the parameters of who I believed myself to be, which then exploded into a transformative power that produced two effects. First, its audible presence definitively shoved to the side and then extinguished decades of relative uncertainty that could no longer sustain itself in the presence of the Truth that had revealed itself within me. A veil was drawn from before the eyes of my soul; distraction and distended confusion were vaporized in an instant of concrete clarity whose life-giving effusions I carry to this day. The interior competition and disarray vanished as if burned away by a galactic blow-torch of a million suns. Interiorly, the battle was won at the outset because personified victory had appeared on the battlefield. I went from helplessness to power, and despondent defeat to certain triumph in the blink of Heaven’s grace. And, it is this realization that produced the secondary effect. All that was within me, the better part of my nature, my heart of hearts, the entire deposit of goodness that had been inculcated into my soul during my upbringing came alive all at once. It stood up proudly, inhaled a deep breath of beatific identity, and moved with commanding authority into the dominant position of my interior influence and balance. I went from traitor to warrior in the ranks of the King without hesitation or second-thought because I knew all was forgiven by this Lord of Heaven who wanted nothing but the joy of loving me. It was as if a lording oppressor had been banished from my soul by a great power that would tolerate it no longer; and ironically, I realized in that instant that this oppressor veiling my perception of nearly every perspective that I possessed was my own selfish will. It was not that I was inherently speaking a foreign language detrimental to a correct understanding of God in my life. I was reading authentic words as a Roman Catholic, but I suddenly had access to the dictionary of all those words with the additional realization of the audible inflections of each syllable as our God speaks the language of life. Yes, this is a basic analogy. Imagine no one knowing how to speak English audibly, but we can read fluently. Then, one day a person arrives with a dictionary who can speak the language; who knows all the meanings, conjugations, pronunciations and linguistic inflections. This is the spiritual realms of faith that opened to me. This is the phenomenon or transposition that I experienced —as though I was deaf and could sign, but then could suddenly hear and talk clearly.

Sunday, August 2, 2009
Our Lady, Queen of Angels

“My Special son, it was twenty years ago this month that you embarked on your journey to Medjugorje that changed your way of thinking about the intercessions of God and about your role in the conversion of lost sinners to the Glory of Jesus’ Resurrection. Twenty years. Where did they go?* I have them. Jesus has them. God the Father has them. He gave them to you, and you handed them back to Him with good measure and humble service. My children, you must always remember that your lives are a gift from the Heart of God for you to honor and esteem Him. You are not mandated to conquer the world as magnates and kings, but as simple servants of the Cross through which all creatures have been redeemed. Today, My Special and Chosen ones, I have come to bless you in the dignity that you have shown the Child Jesus and the gratitude that you have shown Jesus Crucified. He will remember you when He comes into His Kingdom, and even before will He grant you the blessings you desire. I ask you not to dwell on how swiftly time seems to be passing, but to realize that your lives are a process toward an event, your redemption in the Cross, that is worth the wait of a thousand lifetimes. Even as you read the pages and reams of My messages from the past 18 years, you are amazed that you have been able to capture them into verifiable documents for history and eternity. This has been no small achievement. I seek your prayers today for the millions who do not understand the value and purpose of life, for those who are committed to teaching the Gospel message without recognition, and for all who tend to the sick and dying. They are uniquely blessed individuals in the eyes of the Lord, and He asks that you elevate them before the Son with respect and appreciation. You have led them to the Cross by your imitation of His life and promises; and for this, you shall inherit fortunes yet unrevealed to the physical Earth. There is no selfishness in you, and everything you promised My Son upon your Confirmation has been kept through the authenticity of your faith. Today, the Angels are with you in a special way because of their awareness beside Me on this date, and you have in you the power of the Holy Spirit to realize their advocacy in the protection of the Church. This is also the anniversary of the date on which the western hemisphere was forced into altercation in Iraq, thus setting the stage for the thesis of many of My messages and prophesies. You have liberated another Middle Eastern country, but the United States has yet to free itself from its imprisonment to lust and materialism. My Special son, I have not the words to tell you and your brother how you are admired for finishing My new millennium anthologies. You have not sacrificed your joy to take the Gospel to the masses. You and your brother have bountiful, explorative, innovative, humble, unifying hearts that know the Truth of Christianity as well as anyone else in the world. We will see that everyone who needs to hear My messages does so; and whether they exercise their own will to believe what I have to say is a matter between themselves and God. We can only enlighten them about the imperative nature of these times in the course of Salvation history. As you review My messages, you can see that we have taken this important theme to them in amplifying ways.

I wish not to diminish the reason I have come to speak to you today, but I must for a moment exclaim on behalf of Jesus and Saint Joseph that the way you repaired your brother’s office chair is utterly amazing. There is not another person on Earth who would have spent as much time focused on one chair as you did this one. It is indicative of your drive to complete any mission that you undertake. Indeed, you are correct. He did not break it. It was a product of the way capitalism tries to provide the cheapest product for the most money. Greed broke the chair, the same way that it has broken your nation. It is clear that the Chair of Saint Peter will address the fractured condition of America and the world. Thank you also for attending your brother to the baseball game. The teams are an interesting collection of talent, but it is true that the antics of all the other entertainment at the event was just outright good fun. You have been having fair and cooler weather where you live because of the cyclical nature of the climate. This has been ongoing for thousands of years. It is amazing that so many people hypothesize about such things as having local causes, ones that they attribute to the works of man more than the specifics of the solar system. I am not suggesting that pollution to the air and water are not serious, but they have yet to cause the dramatic shifts in climate that are being discussed by many around the world. You are absolutely right that these are not as important as the spiritual deficits of humanity. There are more immediate issues for world leaders to address than what is occurring at the polar ice caps. We have shifted their attention to the plight of the poor, the excesses of human corruption, and the need for lost sinners to repent and obey the teachings of the Church. Jesus looks at the Earth through the lens of His own Crucifixion. Here where you live and the future you have charted give Him reason for gladness, for knowing in His Heart that His Mother is indeed a Queenly Intercessor for those He came to redeem. Humanity is prone to mistakes, but they can make no mistake about My desire to help them. I wish for you to remember what you gave to Me twenty years ago in Medjugorje besides your heart. You gave Me new hope for the American people, new reason to believe that My adopted children can change, new enlivenment in My intention to keep trying to reach them until all of them hear. Your faith and sincerity in Medjugorje retroactively comforted My Heart on Good Friday, especially when My Crucified Son was laid on My lap. I can now look back at that moment knowing that you stood for life in the presence of His Death. Your love is as resilient as His; your determination to never surrender a soul to the netherworld is just as sound. These are gifts you have given Me that would not have come if you had not answered the call of the Holy Spirit to visit the Saint James church twenty years ago. And, when you said yes to God again in February 1991, you sealed the contract between yourself and the Son of Man, effectively guaranteeing that you would never walk away from that calling to which you have since dedicated every day of your life. And, the prayers that you and your brother pray together emphasize your commitment to the conversion of the lost and the return of prodigal men to the bosom of the Church. When you see all of these things from the other side of time, you will surely know that all Providence has visited you, and that you and your brother were united for God to propagate His Will in ways heretofore unknown in the United States of America. Think about the actual cost of human hope. Do men on Earth expend anything other than their days and years to reach the pinnacle of ecstasy that comes upon their last breaths? Must they burn their joy like firewood to keep these hopes alive, or is it possible to be a happy Christian in the world today? I say that you can retain your joy because of everything I have said to you and your brother in more than 18 years. You have known about the outcome of the existence of man; you have given your life and hours to prove it. Your faith that has been tested countless times has always proved stronger than anything that has tried to impugn it. All the holy men and women who have lived throughout the ages have left in your hands the fruits of their works, and you have harvested them for the present-day Earth to consume. It is a nourishing feast of Truth and consolation that you are feeding them, and you are sowing new seeds for your successors as well. I promise that these successors will be fewer in number than those who have already passed.

You have read the entire AD 2006-2008 anthology of My messages again, and you have a sense for the way it builds into the crescendo that you have called the ‘urgency of the message.’ If all the world will do the same, nations and peoples will become more holy; they will come to the Church and receive the redemptive Sacraments about which you have written and I have spoken. After all, the Salvation of lost sinners is the reason you are praying right now. It has never really been about your being closer to God than others, or that you have sought favoritism from Me. Your goals have always been tended toward changing those who are ugly on the inside into the beauty of the Paradisial Garden. You must, My Special son, believe that you will be successful along with the Church. Never mind wondering when or if it will happen during your mortal years. You have already reached the heights that Jesus spoke about in the Sermon on the Mount. I continue to tell you to expect miracles in your lifetime because this is what all men of good will should expect. I am a miracle; your faith is another miracle, and every conversion to the Cross is a miracle that you will reap by your dedication to My Son.

Something you should work on, however, is how to respond to people. There will be an utter landslide of scandalous questions to attempt to discredit your work. You will be heckled and ridiculed, rejected, socially indicted, labeled as heretics, lambasted with accusations of devil worship, and on and on. I will attempt to defer this as long as possible, but it will eventually come.”

I told Her that I was unafraid.

“I know that you are unafraid, but you must be prepared.”

I asked, “How can I best prepare?”

“I will answer that question with the most important response that I have ever given a living human being. Reject your own pride. Do not believe that even in all you have done for Me and your devotion to the Church that you are worthy of an ounce of respect. Do not anticipate being welcomed like prophets, but be prepared to endure the scoffing of assailants that will make the public demonstrations in Iran and America look like picnics in the park. Yes, there will be plenty of people in the world who will support you, but they will be vastly outnumbered. I will do My best to try to prepare you for the onslaught that Jesus has thus far shielded you from. Your workplace has been a dose of that preparation, but only about one in a thousand as ugly. Your works are capable of standing on their own.”

The Final Colossus
In Battle Array
AD 2010-2012

ISBN: 9780979333446

Here now She comes! In battle array is She willing to engage the darkness of the secular void to bring humanity to the feet of Divine Light Himself. The Final Colossus who is our Immaculate Mother in Heaven has decided to set upon the offensive of Christian Truth to a world which has come perilously close to being lost forever in the eternal abyss. As our culture basks and bubbles in the frivolous spas of human sin, Our Lady has come to tell us that we are simply playing in the warm geysers that spew from the subterranean caldera of hell. This work in all its truth opens the door on perhaps Her most revelatory exposition of mystical guidance since She spoke to the original Apostles themselves. The reality of the miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary flows from the words that She shared to two Illinois men who knelt to pray and listen to Her for nearly thirty years. They humbly relate in this work the private messages that they received from 2010 through 2012 and the flashing truth they have come to know. Take and read, ponder and savor, believe and obey. This is what She asks. This is the battle She has come to wage for the sake of the deliverance of Her children. It is a battle She is going to win.

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Let the Miracle Go On

What would the world be like in the absence of evil? To what degree of suffering must the Earth descend before good men take divine justice into their own hands? How much mockery of our Lord in Heaven is enough for the righteous to finally react? By all means, how dark does the globe have to get? Societies have wondered these things for centuries, what it would be like to never again write about the castigation of the wicked. The answers to these questions are rarely pondered because the world has conceded that evil works and outright demonism will always remain. But, this does not mean that it will last forever. Handed to us from the vaults of Paradise is the ultimate vindication of the Faith-Church on Earth through the Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. And, recorded within this book, The Final Colossus, are private messages from His Mother to two Illinois visionaries, making the case that portends the miraculous destruction of evil. Mary, the Mother of God, has come among Her children to build an alliance that includes the prayers of men. The messages in this book are not part of the Official Deposit of Works of the Morning Star Over America, but are instead private messages to the two seers who invoked Our Lady’s permission to publish them anyway. Through Her guidance and intercession, humanity’s centuries-long battle with the devil is nearly over. This manuscript should be read in thanksgiving for that gift, and with confidence that this new millennium will serve as the capstone to the crowning of human holiness, fit for the ages.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Miraculous Intercession
Say What?

Chapter 2
Miraculous Intercession
Now In Our Time

Chapter 3
Frames of Reference, Perspectives and Reactions
Our Interior Constitution

Chapter 4
Jesus the Christ
Truth Beyond the Ages

Chapter 5
The Fruit of Certainty
Faith Brought to Life

Chapter 6
How Do I Pray?
Fiat Maximus!

Chapter 7
Discernment and Man’s Response

Anthology of Messages

AD 2010

AD 2011

AD 2012

Book Excerpt

Chapter 1
Miraculous Intercession:
Say What?

     What is meant when someone refers to miraculous intercession? Well, it’s probably best to point to the stories in the Old and New Testaments of Sacred Scripture such as when Jesus miraculously appeared to St. Paul at his conversion on the road to Damascus, or when Samuel heard a voice in the night and Eli recognized that it was God speaking to the boy and instructed him to respond, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” There are also the examples when the Archangel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary at the Annunciation, the angels appearing in the fields to the shepherds at Jesus’ Birth, and when the angel “whose appearance was like lightning” was seen by Roman guards stationed at Jesus’ Tomb on the morning of His Paschal Resurrection.

The more notable, non-biblical examples are the apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Paris in 1830 to Saint Catherine Laboure; in Lourdes, France in 1858 to Saint Bernadette; and in Fatima, Portugal in 1917 to the small children Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco; this latter appearance being confirmed by the great Miracle of the Sun witnessed by 70,000 people, believers and atheists alike, on the 13th day of October that year. The mystical experiences of Saint Joan of Arc are another poignant example. She received miraculous intercession in the form of the mystical Voices of Saint Michael the Archangel and the great French SS. Margaret and Catherine. Saint Joan of Arc was mystically guided through this divine intercession to advance a military campaign for the successful liberation of France from the English in the 15th century. She was later betrayed and delivered up to be burned at the stake by corrupt ecclesial authorities who refused to believe that she was actually guided by Heaven. Today, however, she is heralded as one of the great patron saints of France while the legacies of her persecutors, prosecutors and executioners will testify until the end of time that they martyred a Saint.

All of these examples, as diverse as they are, reflect the quality of breaching the boundaries of the world we normally see and experience. This is why the word “supernatural” even exists in our vocabularies. It is a word that has been created to describe something that is wholly beyond what nature would normally manifest as we understand it, realizing that we might eventually come to know more about how God has ordained nature to serve Him.

Now, it is recognized that there are more nuanced theological definitions on the spectrum between natural and supernatural; and there are also the factors of deception and demonic influence that must be winnowed. But, to keep the point simple, history records that there are innumerable instances where God has blessed us with special occasions of grace where He has allowed us to apprehend the moment as being beyond the laws of nature, the consistencies of our senses or the timely progression of circumstances that surround us. Something does not have to violate the laws of mere physicality to be considered supernatural.

All grace supercedes the sinful nature of human beings and is flourishing throughout our lives through innumerable facets and situations we encounter every day. Moreover, billions of people have testified to the stories in the Sacred Scriptures where it confirms God’s miraculous intervention and interaction with His people, and none have done so in vain.

     So, for all the historical evidence and testimony, it should not be a challenge for anyone to accept that He reached into people’s lives in profound ways in past generations. But, what about miraculous intercession that He might wish to extend today? Would we not expect it to impact us on a wholly different level of reality when face-to-face with it than simply being asked to acknowledge a story repeated from history?

When these extraordinary occasions of grace happen in the realism of the present moment, they become more than stories from ages past. They instead bring with them profound perspectives of God’s presence into our contemporary psyche whereby we either acknowledge them or reject them, depending upon the formation of our disposition.

In the present day, these graces meet the contemporary American mind-set, and there they often perish in the collision with the secular ideologies that are choking our society with a Godless interpretation of our existence. Similarly, they meet the impenetrable wall of facile religiosity in those who are terrified of the faith they are asked to invoke.

Testimony to miracles often seems to lose at the moment of acceptance because we are usually unable to unveil to others the actual instant of the breaching. Vast groups of people and even entire societies find it very difficult to accept that God continues to help us just as He did in those great stories of the Bible because they are distracted by distorted and errant orthodoxies and ideologies that do not grant venue for God to assist them in obtaining the rewards of His Eternal Kingdom. The miracles never quite seem big enough to kick down the door of cynical skepticism and the fortress interpretations of theologies and institutional conventions erected in the path of God.

Part of this seemingly insuperable phenomenon lies in it being very difficult to prescribe static boundaries where something may be recognized categorically as being outside the normalities of nature. Members of the Church have struggled with this demarcation in nearly every claim of miraculous intercession that confronts them because the confirmations of authenticity that God does give are rarely recognized or respected because they require an extension of faith in nearly every case, save the astounding events like the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima or the miraculously imprinted image on the tilma of Juan Diego at the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico. This tilma is a perfect example.

Mankind is staring directly at a supernatural miracle from God, and most of the intellectuals are still searching for any other explanation than the Almighty. Most want to see the miracles themselves and not just their fruits. The Most Holy Trinity has a difficult time overcoming our hyper-scrupulous human nature and our inordinate fear of being wrong. In truth, we are not so much worried about being wrong as we are of being required to change our lives and what we will have to sacrifice.

Men demand material confirmation and signs when God is saying instead that He wants our faith and trust as a sign of our love and abandonment to Him; and He will use any instrument or circumstance at His disposal as a veil to defend that call for faith. The point being made is that the determination of supernaturality is inevitably a challenge to the scope of one’s faith. For those with great faith, the signs of authenticity glare like beacons at them; but for the rest, a million suns might be beaming their way, and they will still claim the darkness. There are even some religious commentators and leaders who have succumbed to debating whether the Holy Spirit even acts in the world anymore in the ways we read about in the Apostolic age of Christianity.

This says more about their faithless strictures of thought than God’s abundant blessings. Truthfully, God has not quieted His actions; it is the clarion of faith that He would respond to that has nearly gone extinct. The universal voice of Christianity has been all but diminished to a haunting warble of a crying bugle lost in the distance which is trying to signal His faint-of-heart brigades to rise to conviction once again. He would rather hear a thunderous wave of battle cries like the ones Saint Joan of Arc commanded. She gave one mystical message to the Dauphin of France, and he surrendered his armies to God’s service at the command of her visions.

Thereafter, the miraculous victories commenced unto the liberation of his nation and his crowning as its king. This might be something we could ponder when assessing our own moral victories. The modern psyche always prunes occasions of divine grace into the frameworks of secular doubt. If we allow this, does this not bar us from being touched by God in the ways He wills, thus leaving humanity collectively lost in the suffering of a spiritual wasteland? If true, this would more testify to the extinction of Christian faith across vast swathes of the planet than it does about the fact that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

For those whose thoughts are defined by the void of contemporary secular humanism or other radical ideologies, it transcends their pretentious sense of rationality that our Heavenly Father would consistently dispense prodigious grace and verifiable manifestations of His divinity all throughout history. The blessed testimonies of witnesses are discarded as delusional outgrowths of zealotry, religious myth and superstition in those cases that happen to pass before them. The spectrum of awareness of those immersed in the secular world, along with those who believe His every act must operate through their scrupulous approval, serves as a great opaque liability to the elevation of mankind in the truth as God wishes we would know Him.

Several generations of American children in succession have now grown to be adults deprived of their birthright to know their Savior who loves them. And, the farther they wander into the forest of secularist excuses for life and the ideological materialism that wants their money at the expense of their soul, the more lost, blind and consistent in godlessness they become. Deeper they descend into unhappiness, deprivation and depression, famished for the true meaning of their existence, until their ultimate suffering arrives where they can go no farther. And thus, we see the evidence in the societal order and the lives of broken families, suicides, addictions, rioting, revolutions, and the decadence and injustices in our culture, not to mention entire regions of foreign continents laboring in absolute desolation, darkness and death.

The Final Colossus
In the Light of Her Majesty
AD 2013-2015

ISBN: 9780979333453

At the zenith of purity and holiness, the Mother of God speaks to the world through two Illinois men who consecrated themselves into Her service on February 22, 1991. For over twenty-eight years, they have served in silence in order to manifest this great private revelation. This work by the Final Colossus continues the crescendo of revelation leading to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in prepartion for Jesus' Return in Glory. These are the messages that will leave the most humble theologians speechless in gratitude, and the most arrogant wondering whether they understand the Faith at all. These visionaries generously offer the great beatitude of the Holy Virgin's words, along with the love they have maintained for humanity in their decades-long gift of sacrifice, annoucing the faith that will be restored in the United States of America by the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. The book is prefaced by 200 pages of personal reflection whereby the visionaries answered thirty questions pertaining to subjects that have been presented to them so that all may not persist in their unbelief, but believe! The Holy Virgin is making Herself a gift to humanity through these works, and asks that everyone be unafraid of approaching Her embrace and testifying to the King of kings who died that we might be saved.

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Arrayed in Beauty, Beholden by God

Roman Catholic Christians are called to expect a world filled with miracles that Jesus has promised from His earliest days on Earth to these present times. Who could have guessed, with all the gifts that Heaven has bestowed on the Church throughout the ages, that alongside our Savior Himself, the Mother of Jesus would be the Father’s greatest blessing? Our Lady has been appearing to two central Illinois men since February 22, 1991 to share Her grace-filled messages that contain the wisdom to turn the world back to God and prepare humanity to receive His eternal judgement. This book contains Our Lady’s messages from 2013 through 2015 that were originally dictated to these visionaries as private succor to sustain their faith and give them hope that lost sinners would turn to the Cross. However, the seers have determined that these three years of messages should be shared with the nations to make clear the love, charity and tenderness that Jesus’ Mother holds for Her children living in exile on Earth. The holiness, mystical charm and divine kindness of Mary of Bethlehem shine forth through Her pleading eloquence in these majestic messages – surely enough to prompt the investment of the hearts, faith and prayers of those who are seeking redemption.

“What the mind has imagined, the eye can see. And, what the eye has seen, the heart has dared to touch. And, what the heart has touched, the soul has wholly embraced. At long last, what the soul has embraced, eternity has completely engulfed. In the final truth, My Special son, it is all about love; it is about recognizing the Crucifixion of Jesus as the reason for human life because those who pray for His forgiveness cannot help it.”

“I continue to embrace this hope in My Immaculate Heart because now it is about you; it is about humanity reclaimed and redeemed. I wait in prayer and pending victory with the knowledge that the Second Coming will bring humanity through the veil of its tears into the presence of the Church Triumphant, where at this very moment, every Pope who ever served Jesus faithfully is concelebrating the Mass of the Resurrection. This time, they see! This time, they shout-out their professions and liturgies with the throats of giants! This time, they hail the Son of Man with the Son of Man standing visibly in their presence! The High Priest is the main concelebrant in the Kingdom you are about to see. Therefore, My children, pay no mind to your enemies anymore. Do not even pity them for keying-in like thugs on their own raw ignorance. Commend them to the Divine Mercy of One Jesus Christ!”
- The Most Blessed Virgin Mary

Table of Contents

The Final Colossus
In the Light of Her Majesty
AD 2013-2015

Historical Introduction

30 Questions

Anthology of Messages
AD 2013

AD 2014

AD 2015

Book Excerpt

Saturday, January 5, 2013
3:47 p.m.

Holism – the belief that an entity is greater than the sum of its parts.

“Spiritual Holism”

“My dearly beloved sons, it is true that your spiritual light shines brightly here in the land of darkness, and Satan is trying to douse your flames for Jesus. Evil has been lurking and ferociously attacking you because of the progress you have made toward your united accomplishments. I have told you that you must live one day at a time. However, if you continue in your penitential successes, a miracle so profound will occur that this city, and the world, will be shaken into consciousness. I have entered your presence today with the gentleness of Jesus; you are hearing Him speak more prolifically around the globe, even in places like Medjugorje where His voice is rarely heard. These are the things of the year 2013.

I have said that an automobile is not an automobile unless it is moving. If it is standing still, it is simply a collection of assembled parts. An example of holism is when these parts work together to transfer passengers or property. The automobile becomes a vehicle of conveyance, and this is functionally more than the summation of its parts. This is the metaphor that I wish for you to internalize when thinking about the segments and moments of the days, weeks and months. You are creating a holism that you cannot yet see because you are working closely on each individual aspect of your lives. It is impossible to think two thoughts at the same time. Each of your thoughts and actions unite as in a picture, one that I also once told you that you are too close to see.

Each thought and action that you generate is deposited into a hopper-like receptacle that Jesus fashions into the triumph of your lives. This is what you must know, that you are trying to see as one image many and multiple facets of this image that are timeless and multi-dimensioned. You become frustrated when you cannot see where you are going. “At times, it is like running through a room in the darkness.” My Special son, your analogy is correct; it is as though you are running through the darkness, much like you remember your tiny nephew scurrying uncontrollably toward the concrete wall at the Marian Conference in South Bend some years ago.

You must know that this is not something that will bring you harm if you instead travel carefully and thoughtfully. Recklessness comes when you do not remain self-composed in your thoughts and actions. It is not reckless to question the motivations of God, but you should realize in faith that these motivations are absent the element of time, but not its consequences. Therefore, your brother’s sister has become a perfected person in her suffering. Everything about her that was not acceptable in the eyes of God died in the December automobile accident. Her soul is clean; her heart is pure, and her life begins anew. You can sense it when you ponder her alone in the car after the crash. She tasted the Cross and has become a new creature. As backward as it may sound, this is a good day.

All those who find themselves in lives wayward from the Truth will ultimately discover this awakening. They cannot escape it. They will never outlive its imminent occurrence. I have told you time after time that human conversion comes at the will of the sinner, and the human will comes around once the value and validity of life itself is placed on the line.

My Special son, these are part of the ‘consequences’ that you have spoken about, while I remind you to pause the administration of your sword until the Lord announces that He has finished with these souls. You have known all along what His justice entails. The sacred justice that unites exiled men with The Christ involves the diminishment of the self in oftentimes horrible ways. The Cross is emblematic of the unification of humanity and God. This life here, for all who will live and die in Jesus, is for your assimilation into the Cross. Some people take their whole lives of 80 and 90 years to get there. Others are four and five years old. But, the time comes, the moment arrives, the awakening begins, the transition occurs, and the communion takes hold.

My hopes and prayers are fulfilled when I see a soul break through the obstacles of this world and hand themselves to Jesus unafraid. I do not like catastrophes and tragedies any more than anyone else, but they have a redemptive effect. Most times it occurs to good people who suffer for the conversion of the wicked; other times the wicked themselves are the victims. All in all, the lives of men are handed to the Father through awful winds of torture and torment, and He makes new life out of them. Brokenness is the infancy of sainthood.

I come to you and your brother during this new year to continue My witness for the preservation of human dignity amid the egregious negligence of lost sinners. It is like picking the low-hanging fruit for Jesus to take into His arms the innocent ones who suffer for the sake of the Church. I have said this previously to you. It is easy to make Saints of the despised and persecuted. For others, they must be shaken from their lives of sin; they must see, feel, smell and touch the Blood of the Cross in more temporal ways. My Special son, I sense the fragrance of victory in the air.

It is somewhat akin to the days to which I harken when I was on Earth and the miracle of Jesus’ Resurrection occurred. I ask for you to remember that you need not be apprehensive when speaking truthfully and critically about the condition of the world and the fate of humankind. You lose your sense of peace when your confidence wanes. I ask you to conduct your affairs and your conversations with a mature and surefooted heart. You have the Angels and all the heavens on your side, so what is to worry over? Speak like Me. You are part of Me. You have My poise and intelligence. You have My patience too, if you would only realize it. You are seeing the transition of the material world into a living hell that only the righteous will survive, and then, only the righteous who are confident in the Providence of the Father.

Your faith has been given to you as was handed to millions before you, to all the Church-Militant, to individuals and societies, to little girls and boys, and to the masses who shout in acclamation that their destiny ends in God. I envy you because I have seen your future. And, Satan knows a lot about your future too; this is why he attacks you at every turn. It is not because you do not pray that he lurks, it is because you pray fervently.

These are the strains of the pending glory that will come to you in this life, even before you shall walk the streets of Heaven. Neither you nor your brother have learned everything you need to know about standing with confidence on the battlefields of human redemption. You are yet somewhat uncertain and unclear what lies in the offing. This is natural; the most uncertain in your lifetime was Saint Pio. And, look what he did!

We have come so far in advancing the mission of the Church through your lives here in this home and this city that its revelation is being felt in universes incalculable distances from here. I ask you to believe what I am saying. And, this same distance is reflecting holiness back onto the Earth like the shining of the sun to light the way for the lost to find their peace in the Cross.

One cannot be awakened unless he is asleep. He cannot be resurrected until he dies. There are spiritual-logical facts that you have known, but they have found themselves in the recesses of your thoughts instead of their fore. I am elated to come here to this place where so much good is being done. It seems that everyone in Heaven knows it; the stars and Moon know it, everything and anything that is of God in the supernatural realms knows it, but you and your brother are unaware. This is why I am still here. I am trying to tell you something.

I am asking you to believe that the dailiness of your lives and the sacrifices you are making mean something greater than the sum of their parts. They are initiating and facilitating the victory of the Cross, the hope of the ages, the gold in the cup, the winds from the west. Your love for God is life and light; it is the food for the paupers everywhere who need the Father more than they need food in their stomachs. This is My message for this day. Your friend Michael is in Heaven with all the Saints; today would have been his birthday. And, you are aware of the tremendous surge of power that you are given every time you pray the Most Holy Rosary.

I ask you to remind your brother that he should rest when he can and work when he must. He is stronger than he was a year ago. You both have vision and perseverance from the first days of My messages. My gratitude is strong, and its evidence is unfolding as we speak. I see that your bronchitis is nearly gone. This is because you are covering your mouth when you go outside into the cold air. Please remember to pray for all who are far from God, for the millions who will come to know the deficits in their faith that will be filled by their realization that they have yet far to travel. They will see soon; they will undergo an epiphany of their own that will take them deeply into the land of suffering. I promise, however, that Creation has a happy ending.”