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Titles of Veneration of Our Lady

From the "Litany of the Blessed Virgin"
Holy Mary
Holy Mother of God
Most honored of virgins
Chosen Daughter of the Father Mother of Christ
Glory of the Holy Spirit
Virgin Daughter of Zion
Virgin poor and humble
Virgin gentle and obedient
Handmaid of the Lord
Mother of the Lord
Helper of the Redeemed
Full of Grace
Fountain of Beauty
Model of virtue
Finest Fruit of the Redemption
Perfect Disciple of Christ
Untarnished Image of the Church
Woman transformed
Woman Clothed with the Sun
Woman crowned with stars
Gentile Lady
Gracious Lady
Our Lady
Joy of Israel
Splendor of the Church
Pride of the human race
Advocate of grace
Minister of holiness
Champion of God’s people
Queen of Love
Queen of Mercy
Queen of Peace
Queen of Angels
Queen of Patriarchs and Prophets
Queen of Apostles and Martyrs
Queen of Confessors and Virgins
Queen of all Saints
Queen conceived without Original Sin
Queen Assumed into Heaven
Queen of all Earth
Queen of Heaven
Queen of the Universe
From the "Litany of Loreto"
Mother of the Church
Mother of Divine Grace
Mother most pure
Mother of Chaste Love
Mother and Virgin
Sinless Mother
Dearest of Mothers
Model of Motherhood
Mother of Good Counsel
Mother of our Creator
Mother of our Savior
Virgin most wise
Virgin rightly praised
Virgin rightly renowned
Virgin most powerful
Virgin gentle in mercy
Faithful Virgin
Mirror of Justice
Throne of Wisdom
Cause of our Joy
Shrine of the Spirit
Glory of Israel
Vessel of selfless devotion
Mystical Rose
Tower of David
Tower of Ivory
House of Gold
Ark of the covenant
Gate of Heaven
Morning Star
Health of the sick
Refuge of Sinners
Comfort of the troubled
Help of Christians
Queen of the Rosary
Queen of Peace

Morning Star Over America
The Final Colossus
Womb of All Saints
Usher of Light
Lady of the Faithful
Solace of Sufferers
Seamstress of Perfection
Essence of Piety
Procuress of God’s Bounty
Eternal Intercessor
Delight of the Angels
Bearer of Mercy
Blissful Countess
Our Charitable Nourishment
Divine Benefactor
The Splendor of Purity
Ark of the Covenant
Cause of our Joy
Help of Christians
House of Gold
Morning Star
Mother of Good Counsel
Mother Most Merciful
Mother of the Church
Mystical Rose
Queen Assumed into Heaven
Queen Conceived without Original Sin
Queen of Confessors
Queen of Most Holy Rosary
Queen of Patriarchs
Queen of Peace
Refuge of Sinners
Seat of Wisdom
Tower of David
Tower of Ivory
Vessel of Singular Devotion