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On June 7, 1993, the Most Blessed Virgin charged Timothy and William with initiating a charism of devotion in honor of Jesus Christ who is truly present under the appearances of bread and wine as the Most Blessed Sacrament from the Altar of the Roman Catholic Church.  This Most Blessed Sacrament is the authentic Bread of Life brought to us at the words of our humble priests at the Moment of Conscecration during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

The Eucharistic Fidellites witness to the world that the authentic Bread of Life spoken of in Sacred Scripture is the One Loaf received from One Table of Faith. Our Lady is testifying Her desire that humankind find solidariy in the Faith that flows from the Church of Rome where reside the Keys of the Kingdom. All other communions are imitations which do not fulfill the scriptural admonition, "Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man, and drink His Blood, you will not have life in you."

Monday, June 7, 1993
       "My loving little praying ones, I have come to you again as promised, and have brought My Love as you have asked.  It is with great joy that I respond to your prayers of love.  Thank you for being My little lights of peace.  It is so nice to see you with such great patience and understanding for the will of God in your hearts.  Tonight, I wish to give you another term, another symbol, another word, that will help you to understand the movement of My children to the Eucharist, toward the Blessed Sacrament, toward Jesus as He lives in the Tabernacle.  The word is "fidellite." Yes, it is derived from the word "fidelity." You and your brother are the ones I am charging with founding this movement.  One who is a "Fidellite" responds to and represents Love.  Those who have great fidelity in Love, those who love Jesus, and those who honor and adore Him in the Blessed Sacrament are Eucharistic Fidellites.  I wish for My Eucharistic Fidellites to honor all of My places of intercession throughout the world.  That is the second role of a Fidellite, the first being the movement toward the Holy Eucharist.  And, in that second role, I expect a Fidellite to maintain fidelity in My call for the prayer of the Rosary, Confession, penance, conversion, prayer, fasting, faith, and peace.  Third, I wish those of fidelity to live in perpetual expectation, which I have previously explained to you.  This means constant prayer and peace and the realization of the Wisdom gained through confidence in Jesus, in Love.  I have told you about the Wisdom that comes in prayer, which is given as a gift, like faith, by the Holy Spirit.  Through Wisdom, you are able to contemplate how Jesus expects you to behave and to respond.  The standard is always Love. And the Word, who is Jesus, is alive through the Holy Scripture.  The fourth charge of those who are Fidellites is that they also understand Jesus as I have presented and described Him in your Diary..."

Movement toward full communion with the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Honor all places of the Holy Virgin's intercession throughout the world.

Live in perpetual expectation of Jesus' Coming in Glory.

Seek to understand Christ as described in "Morning Star Over America."