Message from the Most Blessed Virgin Mary
regarding the Terrorist Attacks in the United States of America
Sunday, September 16, 2001 - 3:56 p.m.

"My dearly beloved little children, I ask you to remember at this time in your Nation's history that the conversion of humanity often comes at great cost, and is not so much in what God wills to happen, but rather in what He allows so that all races of people will realize how far they truly are away from the perfect transformation toward perfection which is discovered in the depths of the Holy Cross.  

All suffering, agony, desperation, and realization are profoundly placed in perspective from the purview of Mount Calvary.  Therefore, it is only through the Love of the Almighty Father that you are placed inside the Being of Jesus, and He in you, and the Kingdom of Heaven is glorified not by your error, but in the Truth that you are all being slowly taken there on the wings of those who have been chosen to be His instruments of peace and destruction, alike.  

I am the Patron Saint of this great American Nation; and I have seen the essence of suffering and horror from the highest pinnacle of human existence.

It is you who are participating in it now, for it is you who are loved; and it is your Creator on High who has placed you in His favor, even to the point that you are worthy to be among those who are given an allotted portion to agonize for those who will only turn their backs and run.

If you wonder whether it is God who has wrought these terrible things upon your Country, do not be tempted to blame Him for the error of sinful man.

It is He who mitigates all that is yet ill in the mortal world, through His own mysterious ways. While there are so many ironies that surround the meaning of human existence upon the Earth, and so many other paradoxes that seem to take your hearts to despair, please remember that nothing in the material world is worthy of transfer across the chasm of the ages into the incorporeal universe and onward to the celestial heights.

Why has Jesus ordained such a pathway where your steps are so intrepid and dark to the tone? Because it is He who has tread there before you; it is His Sacred Heart who is now providing you Light; and it is His liberty which is setting you free; not the flames and smouldering rubble that seem so poignant to your sight, not the rushing scenes and blaring sirens, and not the watery eyes of the New Colossus who stands so prettily in the harbor, helpless to do anything more than she has been capable of doing since her arm was first raised there so many generations ago.

Therefore, I tell My children and My Country to rise again, to be lifted past the angst which is pulling your hearts aside, to remember those who have fought to their deaths for the righteousness which has set you free, and to call upon the Sacred Mysteries of the Trinity of God for consolation, renewal, resolve, and strength.

This is not the time for war, there is no time for war between men when only their political sovereignty is at stake.  The true battle that matters before God was begun twenty centuries ago when He asked you to be not unlike His only begotten Son, He who has been Crucified to take away the sins and the effects of the transgressions that you are seeing to this modern day, He who is still your Shield and Help in time of trouble.

My children, the events of this past week did not begin in the hours, weeks, months, or years before they occurred; they began the moment that the Son of Man asked you to be perfect as He is perfect; and proclaimed that anything short of that Divine perfection would result in certain devastation and annihilation.

You are seeing history repeat itself inside a mortal parameter where good men continue to be silent about the Christian Gospel, and then call for the use of weapons of mass destruction in the wake of the awful effects of their own indifference.

There are no comprehensible words that can truly mend the hearts of My children who have been so afflicted by the loss of those they love, only to know that they are now in the presence of the Creator of the universe, and to move ever so swiftly toward the Sacraments which will again make them whole.

There is nothing in human grief that is of a lateral accord, other than to share it with your brothers and sisters, because such grief is always of the vertical elevation that belongs to the Heavens.  

Hereafter, your Nation will forever be closer to the Paradise which engulfs the entire globe and clothes you in its Grace. Millions of people will hear My words of this day only long after I have given them, and another war has been commenced; only beyond the terrible explosions of new conflagrations and the counting of increasing tolls of casualties who will be numbered as being among the dead.

I again tell you that there is no war short of dying for the Son of God that is worth the waging, for anything less than this is only vengeance, or the lion who will chase the flea who has bitten him and left a swelling mark on his flesh.

There is only a false nature in the unity which springs from patriotism because constitutions and waving banners cannot take you to the pinnacles of holiness; they are only distractions along the way to divert you from the true Will of God to remake the face of the Earth into the authentic likeness of the Holy Gospel through the Messiah who has redeemed you.

Once the terrible years before you have passed into expiration, you will see that My words here today are the true orations which should have been lifted, along with the proper Requiem Masses which are already being offered in reflection of the commendation of the dead into the Holy Arms of God.

Please seek your solace there, in your awareness that their battles are through, that their souls are now facing the Light, that they now number in the thousands among those who are praying for you from the other side of life.

List not those offenses that you will count among many for which you will seek justice, for Justice is a gift which only God can dispense, and you are a part of the Peace from which Justice is grown.

Be the seeds of hope from which forgiveness may blossom; turn your other cheek and be the noble ones who must now have a newer sense of purpose in the Passion of Jesus Christ; and go not backward in revenge, but only forward to the meaningful reunion that all humankind will find in the Glory and compassion of His Sacred Heart someday.

Thereupon, I pray for your consolation during these times of distress; I seek you to bask only in the happiness that you are all worthy in sharing the power of the Cross; and I call upon you to remember the meekness and determination of the Lamb of God Who has taken away the sins of the world by bowing in Grace before His persecutors and reminding them that, outside of time, they have already been defeated.  

This is not the moment for a shameless search delving into the portals of time-honored hatred or a reason to reclaim the limelight before the nations of the world.

The American society, the sublime purposes of democracy, and your national pride have not been shamed by the events of this week; but only glorified and taken closer to the Throne of God.

Let not your hearts be troubled by thoughts of retribution, lest you become equally as dark as the wretches who have brought you to tears.

This is the age of the Resurrection of Jesus from the Grave, and it means for you to turn to Him instead of your arsenals of war. This is a testing moment when your hearts are shaking, rather than the underground where the detonation of other bombs would otherwise make the Earth to tremble by mistake.

Wear your wounds of battle proudly for God, and know that He is your Peace. Come to Me, instead, all who are torn apart by the throes of human life, and I will truly take you to the Doorway of Heaven where the Prince of Peace will give you every sensation of Love for which you have yearned since you were only little children swinging on the playgrounds of your fathers' homes.

Let this be your remembrance of this awful time! Call not upon your response to the hatred which has befallen you, for it has already been defeated by the Messiah on the Cross. Go forward in the confidence that Jesus is the Providence of God who has chosen you, too, as His worthy Nation of many races to be united in Him once again.

My dear Special son, I hope that you will transfer these words of consolation to your suffering people someday. They will be consoled both retroactively and in absentia for, by then, they will all accept that I began speaking to you on February 22, 1991. Please know that all of your thoughts about the terrible destruction in America being a portion of the conversion of humankind are true.  God does not wish for death and horror to befall His people, but you can also see how many are only now coming to know Him from the first. I will cease speaking to you now in reverence for those who have passed into Jesus through My intercession. This message is yours to use as you please. This is My holy blessing for you now, to be passed along to every soul who is alive in your Country today."