Why Pray the Holy Rosary?

"I pray the Rosary because this is what Our Lady asks.  Neither She nor the Church need submit any other justifications to me.   Even if She had promised nothing, and its strains convoked no signs, graces, strengths, or even a scent of recognizable benefit to me or anyone else in this life, I would still pray the Rosary because the Queen of Heaven Herself appears and asks us to do so.  Requiring any other explanation or justification before tendering our obedience to Her is pride.   This is why the Rosary is powerful.  Jesus Christ responds to this offering of our submission with plenteous beatitude in as many different dimensions as can be contemplated, simply because our littleness and our humility before Him is proven through our obedience to His Mother.    It is 'Fiat Maximus!'"   -  William

Why pray the Holy Rosary?  Quite simply, prayer of the Most Holy Rosary changes who we are.  It blossoms holiness in the soul; it makes Saints of sinners which is the sole reason for our lives here in this world.  More specifically, during the moments of our communion with its mysteries, the contemplative nature of the Rosary wipes away this world and opens our eyes to the concrete dimensions of our hopes that are fulfilled in the Promises of Our Lord.  In the Rosary, spirit meets Spirit and is consumed and changed by a divinity which eclipses every sense, both physical and spiritual, that a human being could possess.

When one commences the Rosary, the realms of Heaven expand from within and transcend the exilic veil to consume man in his mortal existence.   The Heavenly Hosts take notice; the Angels and Saints turn their attention toward the world with renewed intensity, and all assistance and succor descend the ladders of Heaven through the heirarchies of Creation, seen and unseen, to reach mankind in his need.   This is grace; the human person animated by the greatness of the beatific realms of Divine Love flowing from the Sacrifice of the Lamb of God.   As we contemplate the magnificence of the Son of God's presence in human flesh, the sheer brilliance of God is manifested within our interior vision.   We see with the eyes of angels and experience with new senses the highlights of a Kingdom which is coming again with the clouds and thunder of Heaven.

The Rosary possesses transforming power because it establishes, cultivates, and nurtures an authentic beatific relationship with the Virgin Mary who was recognized as the Matriarch of Creation by Her Son while He hung on the Cross. It purifies, focuses, and unites our purposes and sentiments with the perfect intentions of the Mother of God which opens and inaugurates the flourishing power of God within us. There is a difference in the nature of a soul which prays the Rosary compared to one who does not. The magnitude and breadth of sanctity is augmented to degrees unattainable without the interior spiritual guidance of Our Lady.   The soul receives spiritual gifts of enlightenment and assistance that it will not receive anywhere else.   That is a part of heaven's gift to those who respond.   For example, the soul which refuses to respond to Our Lady's request to pray the Rosary will never feel the glowing warmth of Her appreciation for doing so.   This mystical sense alone is enough to secure Salvation from the faith of any creature at the Throne of God.   That is why the praying of the Rosary is a great sign of predestination in the spiritual life of any person.   Our personal prayers do not possess such standing in heaven because they are often as imperfect as we are.   We "ask wrongly" and petition for our "passions."

We remember the Apostles asking Jesus how they should pray.   Our Lady has been teaching the Church how to pray from centuries ago through the Saints who advanced the Rosary into its present form.   Pontiffs and priests have acclaimed the spiritual merits and the salvific fruits of the Holy Rosary into the Church whole.   The Rosary is our opportunity to perform a request in the service of Heaven which possesses the definitive certainty of its approbation by virtue of the miraculous intercession of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.   Heaven asked, we respond.  This is the perfect order of Creation; to do the will of God.   The recitation of the Rosary is our proof to Jesus Christ that we will respond in the testing moment; we will tender our allegiance at the calling of the ages, and we will submit our lives to the yoke that will identify us as His heroic brothers and sisters who accompanied Him in the squalls where human Redemption played-out its most beautiful spectacle.

No other personal prayer possesses such synchronous perfection with the Communions and Dominions of Heaven.   The mind of Heaven resonates the mysteries of the Rosary, and every knee bends to its Fruit.